Title What do you see when you look at me?
Author lonelywhisperz
Genre Romance/General
Rating 18+ (So no suing me if you are a minor! XD Duh!)
Disclaimer Naruto and all of the characters of Naruto belong to Masashi Kishimoto! Duh! I am not profiting at all by publishing this piece of fiction. I am writing and 'publishing' this work of fan fiction for my pleasure and the pleasure of other Naruto fans! Besides… It isn't worth suing me because I don't own anything but some old smelly socks and some unidentified gooey stuff under my bed. So… Yeah.
Summary A mission has been assigned for her team and him to undertake… Where is it going to lead to?
Chapter Eight Situation…

She wanted to run so badly.

To him.

But her head overruled her instinct.


Gaara simply stared at her stone faced.

Hinata swallowed hard wondering if the flash in his eye she had sworn was there a moment ago had been no more than her imagination.

Your mine…

Breathing was a necessity Hinata forced herself to remember.

"I-I am only… only…"

"You want to leave."

The finality of his words dropped into the silence like a bomb.

Gaara didn't know why the fact he stated angered him so much. She was not the first person to ever wish to leave his presence nor would she be the last.

And he has not cared for many years as he watched the people around him distance themselves. It served no purpose.

But this was the first time in so many years he did not want a person to leave him.

No. Not just a person.


But he wasn't about to admit that he wanted… no, needed her presence. He wasn't sure why yet but it didn't matter.

He continued to stay silent.

Hinata grasped for self-control trying to come up with a plausible excuse to leave the room. She could almost feel her eyes tear up as she found herself unable to come up with anything. Not only that, she was still fighting the clashing emotions inside her chest threatening to burst.

Then she spotted her birthday gifts littering the corner of the small kitchen.

"Ahhh… I-I just need to put my p-presents away."

Quickly she gathered the various items in her arms avoiding looking at him lest he realize the excuse was nothing more than a front to leave the room and compose herself.

"Su-sumimasen! I will be back s-soon."

--- o O o ---

Gaara watched as the girl rushed out of the room.

He had felt the monster inside him roar at him to restrain her physically. To draw blood if necessary…


After 18 years of tormenting his mind and soul it knew exactly how to incite him. Shukaku could feel exactly what Gaara was feeling and took advantage of it. The slightest annoyance or bitterness was multiplied hundredfold as the monster attempted to get him to lose control.

However, Gaara had learned iron self-control and discipline over the years as well. It was fortunate for the Hyuuga girl that he had done exactly that. Otherwise…

He would have destroyed her already.

She had retreated into the room across the kitchen. He knew she hadn't attempted to flee the building as he was fully aware of her carefully maintained chakra. It appears that the little slip of a woman merely wanted to compose herself.

He could bring himself to allow her that much.

Taking his time, Gaara studied the kitchen and everything in it. It was sparse and very clean. No personal objects had been added to add warmth to the place yet. The girl had probably only just moved in recently.

He stopped abruptly when he noticed a small wrapped item in the corner of the kitchen where the presents previously were.

She must have dropped it in her hurry to leave.

The sand picked up the object and proceeded to bring it right in front of him. He studied it from all angles noting the clumsy wrapping of brown paper. Carelessly and without a single thought of Hinata's privacy the sand disposed of the paper wrapping in an instant.

Gaaras brows came together in confusion as he saw the book.

"The Kama Sutra Year: 52 Sensational Positions for Erotic Pleasure" (?????)

The book was opened by the sand and he flipped through the pages. Very quickly he understood what the book was for. Horrified he felt his face heat up at the images it presented.

"What are you holding?!"

Gaara's head snapped up to the door of the kitchen. He had been so shocked at the contents of the book that he had not noticed the Hyuuga girls return.

He was unable to say anything. All he could do was watch her expression change from confused interest to realization to sheer horror.

Oh no…

--- o O o ---

He… he… he was reading…


In her kitchen!!!

Hinata felt the blood rush to her head and the heat made her dizzy as she made out the picture on the cover of the book he was holding.


"NO!!! You… you…" There were no words to describe the emotions she felt. She shut her eyes and clenched her teeth as she tried to shut out the unbelievable situation she was facing.


Did she just scream that?

Hinata opened her eyes in disbelief at herself and watched Gaara's face turn from the beautiful stone carved expression he always had to an expression of embarrassment and shock. She would swear on her life that she could she slight pink dashes across his cheeks.

"This is not mine."

"W-what? Your reading it! Whose else could it be?"


"WHAT??? I d-don't own anything of the sort! W-why would I-"

"It is yours." He cut of her denial calmly. Or so it seemed. She could tell he was speaking through gritted teeth.


"It was on the floor. You dropped it in your rush to leave."

Why would it-

Then it hit Hinata.

Kakashi passed her a small package which he said would be best opened when she was in the privacy of her own room.

Hinata groaned as the memory filtered through all the misunderstanding she had formed of Gaara in a split second.

"I am soooo sorry Gaara-sama! That guy is such a trouble maker…" Hinata couldn't help groaning again at the thought of Kakashi-sensei handing her the book with his poker face.

Hinata turned to Gaara with every intention of bowing and begging for forgiveness until her back broke at the effort.

She froze at what she saw.

Hinata turned and ran for the balcony.

She couldn't remember ever seeing a sight as frightening as the look on Gaara's face.

--- o O o ---

His sand caught her arms and legs swiftly.

He fought the urge to crush the delicate limbs.

Gaara felt his head pounding. His temple were about to burst from the force which he couldn't differentiate between his own anger and Shukaku's interference.

That guy is such a trouble maker…

A man had given her that book. A man had offered her those explicit images. A man had offered her erotic material that can only be interpreted as an invitation to taste such perverse physical pleasures with him.

The only thing Gaara could see was red.

Slowly he stalked out of the kitchen and walked towards the Hyuuga unsure of what his intention was.

To force an explanation.

To make her admit to the conclusion he had arrived at.

Or to crush her.

To watch her blood seep from her pale porcelain skin.

She had her eyes shut, tears streaming rivers down the side of her cheeks.

Her entire body was trembling.

She was afraid of him now.

She should have felt afraid of him sooner.

Now she would learn.

He lifted the book in his hand until it was precisely in front of her eyes.

"A man gifted this to you?"

Still she remained quiet in her quivering form.

"Answer me Hyuuga. You accepted this from another man? You took this obscene book to learn of these things with him?"


She looked straight at him. He wanted to pierce her glittering eyes with his sand.

He waited for her to explain.

"P-please let me g-go… Y-your sand is h-hurting me." She seemed so small with the sand engulfing her upper arms and knees.

Threateningly he made the sand swirl around her slim swan like neck.

"Explain. And be quick about it."

She sniffed pathetically trying push the sand into a more comfortable position. He tightened his grasp on her further.

The gasp that escaped her lips struck a nerve in his chest but he ignored it.

He didn't understand it.

He couldn't understand any of it.

Before he realized it, the sand had released her into a weeping heap on the floor.

He reached down for her and took her into his arms.

--- o O o ---

Hinata held on to him for dear life.

She didn't care that he had been the cause of her heartbreaking tears. She just needed someone to hold on to.

All the events leading up until that moment, every emotion she had bottled up inside, all the tears, sorrows and frustrations she had held close to her heart which no one ever saw burst against her will.

And the only thing she could do now was hold on to the man who made her cry.

"I-I didn't know what it was. I didn't know. It was a g-gift for my birthday. A g-g-gag gift. I would n-never accept something like t-that knowingly. I'm s-sorry for calling you a subeke." Hinata sobbed into his chest some more unable to control herself. "Please understand… Why don't any of you unders-stand… I don't mean t-to hurt anyone. Understand… P-please understand…"

The words trailed off as she began to feel fatigue overcome her body. The last several days have been too taxing on her frail form. She fell asleep in Gaara's arms whispering incoherently over and over how sorry she was and begging understanding from him and those he knew naught of.

Gently, far more gently than he ever thought he was capable of, he rearranged them until they were lying on the floor more comfortably with pillows (the sand had brought) beneath their heads and blankets covering them both. Hinata held on to the front of his shirt the entire time as though afraid that he may take off as she slept.

Of course, he could not sleep. But he did not want to sleep.

He only wanted to watch her.

Nevermind that she will probably wake up horrified to find him beside her and distance herself further from him. In the harsh morning light he could accept anything the world threw at him.

For now, he only wanted to bask in the warmth of her closeness and savor the feel of her skin beneath his touch. Lightly, he traced the drying tears path and wiped them slowly away.


Heartbreaking tears…

The tears and cries of this fragile woman who would be nothing more than a puddle of blood and rotting flesh if he chose to destroy her had managed to calm the beast just minutes ago ready- no… eager to see blood spill.

Her blood…

Yet… the sight of her breaking down had tamed the raging demon inside. Had forced the anger to ebb away into nothingness. She had been able to wake him from drowning in the ravaging red haze of blood lust he abhorred yet craved.

Her presence soothed his demons and made him feel more like the man she claimed to see him as than the demon others quacked from.


How is it you are able to do this to me…

Gaara laced his fingers through her hair relishing the smooth silky mane sliding through his fingers.

She looked as though she were dead.

But she was so achingly beautiful in the moonlight.

He couldn't take his eyes away from her even if he had wanted to.

Her hair shone like the silk it felt like, her skin was almost a translucent white, her lips a soft light pink shade and tears like diamonds glittered on her lashes that were so long they nearly brushed her cheek.

He didn't deserve to be so close to someone like her let alone touch her.

She walks in beauty…

And he had made her cry.

Silently, in the dead of the night with the sliver of the moon as the only witness, he prayed to the Gods he had never had faith in and asked for forgiveness for making the angel they had forgotten in his arms cry.

He breathed in her scent and savored the feel of her breathing gently in his arms, ignoring the sunset that dawned ever closer to drag him back into the hell only he knew he deserved for the sins he had committed.

Can you tame me Hyuuga? Can you see into my soul and tame this raging beast? Sooth the demons that refuse to leave me be? Would you? If I asked you to… would you?

--- o O o ---

Hinata's eyelids fluttered as the tapping on the window forced her to awaken to the morning light shining brightly.

The initial disorientation she suffered as she woke began to clear. After several seconds she realized that she was not sleeping on her bed but on her living room floor. More disconcerting, she was not alone.

She stared in front of her at her hands that were holding on to a person's shirt.

A man's shirt.

The events of the night before stumbled through her mind until she paled at the realization of whom it was she had spent the night with.

Oh My God…

Deliberately taking her time, she lifted her head to meet the eyes of the only man she had ever spent a night alone with (missions don't count.).

Gaara stared back at her unruffled by the evident embarrassment proven by the blush that painted her entire face pink and the emotion welling up in her eyes.

They both stared at one another for a full 10 seconds before Hinata got up the courage to say something.

"O-ohayo…" Her whisper was barely loud enough to be heard but Gaara did not miss it.


Strangely, despite herself, Hinata did not want to move away from him. She felt oddly… secure in his arms.

He was warm…

The tapping that had woken her up suddenly increased intensity and she couldn't ignore it any longer. Hinata forced herself to disentangle from Gaara.

She hurried to the balcony trying not to notice the emptiness she felt or the feeling of loss by being away from Gaara.

For goodness sake, she hardly knew him…

"Nani?" She pushed the balcony window wide open and stepped back as a pigeon swooped in and landed beside her. It used its beak to immediately ruffle through a tiny bag it carried on it leg.

Hinata waited patiently, intently concentrating on the bird suddenly relieved at having an excuse not to look straight at Gaara.

After a few seconds, the pigeon extracted a small slip of paper from the bag and dropped it at her feet. Hinata bent down to pick it up.




That was all that was written. Nothing more was required. She had been summoned to see the Hokage at her office at 9 this morning for something urgent. No doubt an A or B mission for her team to undertake.

She frowned slightly to herself. It wasn't usual to get high leveled missions during this season but nevertheless, the village needed the funds to continue surviving.

She turned to look at the clock on her living room wall. It was 7.48am. She had probably only slept 3 or 4 hours. She couldn't remember what time it was when she had arrived back here with Gaara in tow. Surprisingly, she felt more refreshed than she had in many weeks.

Considering you hardly slept for the last several weeks it isn't surprising…

Ignoring the little voice in her head, Hinata turned to Gaara to excuse herself discreetly. Her eyebrows shot up in surprise to find him accepting a small slip himself from the pigeon which immediately left after delivering the contents of its bags.

"Ummm… d-did you get summoned by the Hokage as well?"

"Mmm." He inclined his head slightly towards her while his eyes took in the contents of the slip.


She stood there not knowing what to say as she fiddled with her thumbs.

"I should go."

Her head shot up in surprise.


She blinked in surprise at the immediately response that had lipped past her lips unbidden.

"I-I mean, we are going the same way anyway. W-we could go together." The words sounded lame to her ears and she had no doubt Gaara thought she must be a fool to want him to stick around after what had happened the night before.

She had made such a fool of herself.


Hinata couldn't believe what she heard. She looked at him as though he was an apparition.



Gaara looked as daunting as ever with an expressionless look on his face.

"Alright then! Uhm… I-I'm going to shower n- Oh! Un-unless you w-want to shower first! B-but I don't have any c-clothes for you to change into unless- I-I mean…" Hinata swallowed painfully as she made herself stop babbling nonsensical rubbish.

"I am fine."

"Oh… Alright. I-I'll go ahead and shower then." She turned to her room and rushed in glimpsing at the clock as she did so. 7.53am.

"Help yourself to anything in the kitchen!"

Slamming the door behind her, she stripped and jumped into the shower not wanting to waste anymore time.

She scrubbed herself clean all over every inch of skin. The only time she allowed herself to linger was to wash her hair and condition it.

When she came out of her room 15 minutes after she had entered it, Hinata was totally refreshed. Zipping up her jacket before fastening her small fanny pack to her leg she made her way to the kitchen to find Gaara.

He was sitting at the table flipping through the 'ecchi' book.

Willing herself not to turn bright red (but failing miserably) she grabbed it from his hands and threw it from the kitchen door straight into her room with impressive precision.

"I think that book has caused enough trouble." She mumbled to herself. She didn't dare look at Gaara.

"So what would you like to eat?" Hinata peered into her refrigerator trying to think of something she could whip up quickly for him to eat before they went off to the Hokage's office. It would take about 10 to 15 minutes to get there so they didn't have too much time to waste.

"I usually just eat a fruit…" She spoke outloud without realizing until he replied.

"Fruit is fine."

"Eh? I didn't mean that I don't want to make you something if you preferred egg's o-or some meat-"



"Fruit. Will. Be. Fine."

"O-oh… hai."

She took out a couple of apples and quickly sliced them up into 6 evenly chopped pieces each. Putting them on a couple of small plates she placed one in front of Gaara before going to sit across from him.

"Itadakimasu." She whispered before popping one in her mouth relishing the refreshing flavour of the cool apple on her tongue.

As she was about to bite into another she noticed Gaara watching her without making any move to eat his apple slices.

"Umm… Gaara-sama…" Her sentence trailed off as she recalled the simple meal she had cooked for him and had fed him.

Furiously blushing at the memory, she chewed with more force than necessary on the apple slice she pushed past her lips. Swallowing quickly she glanced at Gaara again. He looked straight into her eyes.

"W-would you like me t-to try them before…" She couldn't make herself go on. Without waiting for any confirmation from him Hinata reached out for his plate and nibbled quickly on each sliced apple before depositing the plate back in front of him.

She didn't look at him again until the rest of her own apples had been devoured. Finally she looked at his plate and was pleasantly surprised to find all the apples gone. Blushing slightly she picked up both plates and placed them in her kitchen sink with the increasing number of dishes she would need to wash later.

Pouring some water into a couple glasses she sipped some from each glass before handing one to Gaara. He took it without hesitation, his fingers lightly brushing hers as he grasped the glass.

Hinata pulled away as though she had been scorched by the contact.

His eyes danced on her face as though he knew the reason why for a brief second before turning into stone once more.

She must have been imagining things again. Next chance she got, she must force herself to get a full nights sleep she promised silently.

Clearing her throat she gestured that it was time to leave by looking at the door with her eyes.

He got up obediently and went to the living room to gather his gourd. She waited at the door for him.

She glanced at the clock once more before closing her apartment door behind her. Good. They still had 22 minutes.

She shut the door with a faint thud.

--- o O o ---

Gaara wondered why he hadn't left the Hyuuga girl before she had risen.

He should have.

It would have been less complicated.

They would have gone back to pretending to not knowing one another. Would have eventually drifted on to their separate paths.

Nothing would have needed to be questioned had he left.

But instead of doing so, he had stayed with her all through her slumber, soothing her when she became restless and drank in every inch of her with his eyes.

The awkwardness she portrayed while she was conscious did nothing to lessen her beauty in his eyes.

And that irked him.

He had wanted to imagine that the night before had been part of his subconscious fantasy and not reality. That this girl was nothing more than a clumsy ninja incapable of holding his interest for more than a few encounters.

He was finding it not to be so.

Even at that very moment as they both trailed slowly down the wear worn roads of the village, he could smell her freshly shampooed hair and imagine her down cast eyes not noticing the men secretly glancing at her as she passed by.

She was difficult to ignore.

And every moment spent with her only seemed to cement the fact.

Gaara felt Shukaku laugh at him and his weakness for the woman, taunting him further. Ignoring the creature in the shadow of his mind, he wondered if he was ever going to be able to free himself from the bewitching creature whom he had unwittingly chained himself to…

And more pressingly, did he even want to?

--- o O o ---

Hinata stood in front of the Hokage's office and wondered if she ought to wait for the next two minutes to pass before she entered.

She looked at Gaara out of the corner of her eyes and wondered what he was thinking staring out the window.

"Ummm… I will go in first okay?"

He nodded his head, his back towards her.

Knocking lightly, she opened the creaking door timidly and peeked inside.


"Ahh Hinata is here! Come in. Come in." She waved at the girl to enter.

She smiled at Shino who was un-surprisingly early.

Kiba was almost always late.

Even as she thought of that, she could here the pounding of his heavy footsteps running down the corridor towards Tsunade-sama's office in an effort to be early.

"YOSH!!!!" He barreled into the office before coming to complete stop right in front of her desk. Hinata had wisely backed up against the wall to avoid any possible collision with her team member.

"YAHA! I'm on time!" Tsunade lifted her head to look at him and looked at her watch.

"Nope. You are 12 seconds late."

"NANI?! The clock in the corridor gave me another minute at least!!!"

"Well in here we use my watch" The Hokage gave him an evil smile as she stated the fact.

Quietly, Gaara entered and stood at the back of the room seemingly content to go unnoticed as Kiba argued uselessly with Tsunade.

When the Hokage noticed the man standing there she got up and pointed at him. "YOU!!!"

Hinata looked bewilderedly from one to the other wondering what was going on. Even Kiba shut his mouth when he realized Tsunade wasn't pointing at him.

Gaara just quirked one of his brows in response.

"You ran off yesterday after I graciously offered to show you around the bazaar and festivities yesterday!!! How ungrateful!"

Gaara literally scowled at her.

"You were using me as an excuse to run away from your little secretary and her pet pig in a obvious attempt to avoid your paperwork. I had told you over and over that the bazaar and your village's little festivities did not interest me."

Tsunade looked less than impressed with his little monologue. "Well! You should have helped me out! Besides! You are suppose to try and blend in and assimilate with the rest of the village since you are going to be here indefinitely!"

Hinata swore she saw his lips quirk. "Me? Blend in?" His drawl had no expression yet anyone hearing it would be able to tell that sarcasm bled from every syllable.

"Hmph! Anyway, thanks to you I have a weeks worth of paperwork to finish up in 3 days."

"You shouldn't have chased me and searched for me for so many hours then."

It occurred to Hinata then that that must have been the reason why he had gone to the river. He was hiding from Tsunade-sama. She stifled the giggle threatening to burst.

"Now, since your all here," Tsunade continued as she felt the conversation with the sand-nin was going nowhere. "I have a mission for you all to undertake."

Kiba took the scroll out of her hand and flipped it open. Hinata and Shino looked over his shoulder to read it too.

"As you can see this is a B ranked mission. You have to go and acquire a scroll that has been stolen from one of our convoys 2 days ago. It contains confidential information that is highly sought by those in power. When we got word that our convoy had been attacked and wiped out while the scroll was missing, we also fortunately managed to find out the perpetrator."

Tsunade gestured at the scroll with her chin. "A rich and greedy man by the name of Godoki Shou who we believe is the middle man for the actual person wishing to acquire the scroll. Our client had entrusted us to transport the scroll safely back to him from his relatives but now with the setback, we need to immediately set out and get it back."

"What does any of this have to do with me?" Gaara interrupted Tsunade's explanation of the situation.

"I am getting to that. You are the only team that I believe is able to carry out this mission successfully."

"Ne? But why?" Hinata couldn't help asking.

"Why? Because of you."

Hinata looked at her with a dumbfounded look on her face. "E-excuse me?"

"Allow to introduce the man who is going to assist us. Tomiya-san, please come in!"

All of them turned to the door to see a small stooped man enter the room.

"Everyone, meet Tomiya Hideki. He is the man who owns a troupe of exotic dancers that has been hired by Godoki Shou for a show tomorrow evening."

"But what's that got to do with anything???" Kiba was obviously confused and not happy about it.

"Hinata is going to go undercover as a dancer to infiltrate Godoki's home." It was Shino who answered. Although Hinata had come to the same conclusion she couldn't believe it was true.

She turned to the Hokage for verification. She nodded. Hinata felt faint.

"What sort of an idea is that???" Kiba obviously wasn't happy about the idea.

"Look! We can't infiltrate it otherwise as we have ascertained that there are high class ninja's from the sound village there. It will take too much time and possible bloodshed even if we send our jounins or Anbu members which mind you I do not have the luxury of calling on since most are away on long term missions. This will be the fastest and least likely way of detection. Hinata is going to go as the main dancer of the evening with the goal of catching Godoki Shou's eye. It shouldn't be difficult since Tomiya-san has kindly agreed to assist us and let Hinata be the lead dancer. Godoki is known to have a weakness for young exotic dancers and often singles one out for an evening."

"That isn't safe!!!"

Tsunade glared at Kiba. "She happens to be a capable chuunin like yourself. I have no doubt she will be able to put Godoki out like a light once they are alone together. Plus, with her byakuugan it will take her considerably less time and effort to find the scroll than another ninja."

"Send Neji then!"

Tsunade smirked at him. "He wouldn't fit in any dress Tomiya-san has I'm afraid. Anyway, this is an order! Hinata!"


"You shall infiltrate the enemy's home and reclaim the scroll! Shino! Kiba!"

"Hai!" Hinata couldn't help but smile at how even Kiba couldn't resist the authority Tsunade's voice held.

"You shall position yourself as a lookout for Hinata and ensure the safety of the scroll! Gaara!"

He looked at her without so much as a quirk of his brow.

"You shall assist by constantly watching and scanning the surrounding area of the enemy's home and deal with any problems that may be faced by the rest! Shino! You shall be in charge of the mission!" Tsunade's gaze swept across all of them. "Understood?"


"Alright then. Hinata, you shall meet Tomiya-san regarding your role in more detail later at noon. Get the address from him before you go to prepare for your departure at 1800 hours."

Hinata scurried to the kind looking old man and quickly got the address from him promising to meet him there at noon sharp. Her head was still reeling from the fact that she was supposed to go undercover as a dancer to retrieve a scroll AND that Gaara was going to be present and assisting them during the mission.

She left the Hokage's office only to be faced with her team mates creating a solid wall obviously meant to stop her.

"Hinata." She couldn't see Shino's eyes through his glasses but she got the feeling that this was not going to be a very pleasant conversation.

"Yes…?" She answered tentatively.

"We need to speak to you regarding you and your clan." Kiba tried to look very stern as he said it but his eyes gave away his concern and worry for the small girl they had naturally come to care for dearly.

Hinata stifled the groan that wanted to escape and simply nodded at them both.

She glanced around looking for something which she wasn't entirely sure was. Then she realized she was trying to find Gaara.

Cursing her stupidity, she went off with Shino and Kiba mentally preparing herself to explain to them what had occurred between her family and herself.

She wondered how this mission was going to go… A dancer… And Gaara…

What a situation I am in…

--- o O o ---

Gaara watched her take off with her team mates stifling the urge to follow her.

"I don't see why you don't want to go Gaara-san. It is a good opportunity for you to see leaf-nins on a mission and you would be doing me a favour."

"I don't see the point of my being there. They seem more than capable of handling themselves. Besides, I an outsider to their team. We may not work well together."

"Ahhhhh!" Tsunade smiled at him wickedly. "Your shy! Don't you want to go out and make new friends Gaara-san? Anyway, I am rejecting your request. You will go and assist the team on this mission. It may seem trivial to you but every mission is an important one to me and the village. So be a dear and just bloody help would you? If for nothing else then for the sake of the alliance between our villages hmm?"

Gaara kept silent. He didn't want to argue with the woman that he felt no inclination of helping for the sake of the alliance between their villages since he didn't care either way for it.

However, the chance to spend some more time watching the Hyuuga appealed to him. With his mind made up, Gaara made his way out of the office.

"I'll take that as an A-OKAY alright? And when you come back you are darn well going to the bazaar whether or not you like it!"

Gaara cringed inwardly at the thought of having to socialize with the woman. At a festival bazaar no less. If it was someone else it would probably not seem so much like undeserved punishment. Especially if the someone in question was the Hyuuga girl…

He snapped out of his thoughts abruptly, unable to help feeling more than a little annoyed and shocked at himself for becoming more and more entwined in the little witche's spell.

What a situation I am in…

Authors Note

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