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Lego Star Wars: Go to the Movies

It was a sunny a bright day on the planet of Naboo where all the freaks and Jedi where now coming together to watch a movie the movie was some thing old yet new what was nobody knew. That morning was a bright and sunny day with the plants growing and the Gungans crying. The entire Jedi council and all the sith had arrived this was to be a hit be what in Gods name where the going to see.

They both where going to see the same movie so Obi and Yoda where chosen to pick for the Jedi and for the Sith General Grievous and Darth Maul. Maul and Grievous both chose a love movie starring Jabba the Hutt but Yoda and Obi where at a disagreement. Obi wanted the Jedi to see a Horror flick about the Jedi dying of order 6754 and Yoda wanted them to see the love story of two frogs and how they came to be.

But then out of the blue came a little boy who poked to see the movie starring himself (why bile me) it was little Anakin Skywalker. This little boy chose something very interesting it was Lego Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Block. With the little boy choosing his movie the council and the Sith joined together to watch the movie that the boy had chosen.