A/N: This is a new story that is in fact completely finished. It just needs to be checked by my new beta: redneckpatriot (hope I spelled it right). She finished the prologue and chapter one. The story will be 21 chapters long. The title comes from a book I once read, I don't know if the title is entirely correct, nor do I know who wrote the book, but it was beautifull.

Of course Harry Potter and co. don't belong to me, so don't be angry. I know this plot has been used before, but I hope to have put some original things into it. I am very proud of my first (long) finished story (I have some shorter ones), and hope you will all enjoy it too!

The Start

A Year and a Half Before Harry's 11th Birthday:

Smiling, a young boy with very short red hair, and green eyes looked up at the taller woman next to him. They were walking from the doctor's office to the elevator.

"I'm so glad that it's gone now. No more feeling so awfully tired all the time, no more being sick from chemo, and best of all: no hospital for a little while!"

The woman smiled at the younger boy. "Yes, but don't forget, you will have check ups every so often. We don't want the cancer to come back, now do we?"

The boy shook his head. He sure didn't want that to happen.

Nearing the elevator, the woman suddenly pulled on the boy's hand and pulled him in a smaller room. She closed the door.

"Harry, remember what I told you about the relationship between your mother and me?" Harry nodded. It certainly was a story to remember.


Petunia and Lily were as close as twins, until Lily had to go to Hogwarts, and Petunia had to go to the local high school. This however was no reason for them to grow apart. They wrote often and during the holidays, Lily always returned home to Petunia and their parents. Things went wonderful like that, until both Lily and Petunia got into serious relationships; Lily with James and Petunia with Vernon. Both men didn't like each other. Vernon thought magic was freaky and unwanted. He didn't want to have anything to do with it and neither should Petunia, according to him.

James didn't like the fact that his beautiful Lily had such a taint as to come from a muggle family. So he made sure they broke contact with each other. Before the two sisters saw it coming, they had been separated from each other and there was no turning back, for they did love their men.

After the death of Lily and James, Petunia was glad to have Harry in her home. Her husband, Vernon, had other ideas and made sure to act upon them. Petunia was helpless, for Vernon threatened to divorce from her, and never let her see Dudley ever again. And Petunia didn't want to risk that. After all Dudley had only been a toddler, and there was no way Petunia would let her son go. So she put up with Vernon's awful treatment of her nephew.

This year, when Harry had become rather ill and bruised very easily, she had taken him to the doctor's after much arguing with Vernon. The diagnosis was hard: leukaemia. At first Vernon had refused to pay for his treatment, but when the doctor told them Harry would be given an experimental treatment which would be for free, Vernon agreed. It had taken Harry several months of difficult treatment to receive the good news of today. For now the cancer was beaten, but there was always the chance of it returning.

End of Story

Back in the room with Harry

"Good. It's lucky for us that Vernon hasn't been to see you even once in the hospital, so he doesn't know that you look more like your mother than like your father now. Remember about doing magic and how you will probably go to Hogwarts in a few years?"

Again Harry nodded. He had changed indeed. His black and unruly hair had fallen out because of the chemo, and now his hair returned, but in a red colour. It looked as if his hair was going to be slightly curly as well. Petunia had told him he resembled his mother very much in combination with his green eyes.

"You must concentrate on how you looked before. It's important that you look a lot like your father. You see, people expect it from you. From what I learned your father came from a powerful family. As far as anyone could tell you have his black hair. If you were to turn up with red hair, I don't know what would happen. It will be to troublesome to explain the cancer to them so don't. I also think we should purchase you glasses, since your father wore them as well. I know your eye sight is as good as Lily's had been, but still. We have to try and keep a low profile, although your scar will probably stand out in the wizarding world."

Harry sighed. He had rather liked looking more like his mum, even more after hearing about how his mum and aunt had drifted apart. Concentrating he willed his hair to be unruly and black again. After feeling a bit of tingling, he knew it had worked. The hair was still short, but that was what uncle Vernon would expect, so it was safe to do so.

"Aunt Petunia?" he decided to ask the question that had been bugging him for a little while.

"Yes Harry?"

"Will we have to go back to behaving as usual? I rather liked how we could behave here in the hospital."

Petunia sighed. She knew what she had to do to keep Harry safe both from wizards possibly still out there to kill him and from Vernon, who would not hesitate too much in hurting both of them.

"Yes Harry, we will have to go back to acting as though we severely dislike each other. However, every time we go to the hospital for your check up, we can behave as we'd like."

Harry smiled, and after a last hug from his aunt, they made their way to the elevator, out of the hospital and back to Privet Drive.