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Chapter Twenty-One: A New Year at Hogwarts

Draco, Ron and Hermione are heading towards the Great Hall, at the beginning of their final year at Hogwarts. They wonder what this year will have in store for them, and miss their best friend dearly. They stop at the wonderful sight that greets them though, and they aren't the only ones. A circle of students has formed around the sight in the middle of the Great Hall.

It is a statue of a rising Phoenix, in the middle of the Great Hall, and a plaque is underneath it, dedicating it to the memories of Harry James Potter-Evans-Lupin, unitor of Hogwarts.

The teachers usher the students into their seats, and the first years enter the Great Hall looking around in wonder. There's a small boy present, with unruly hair, and crooked glasses, and the sight nearly makes Hermione cry again, as it makes her recall memories of the little boy Harry, who had been so impressed to see magic in his life. But this little boy has blond hair, and blue eyes, and doesn't look very much like Harry after all, so she composes herself and pays attention to the Sorting.

The Sorting Hat sings about being united, about friends, family and love. It hardly touches upon the differences between the houses, and they all recognize the tribute to Harry.

When all students are sorted (there were twenty-two) Dumbledore rises. He smiles slightly, though not as happily as last year, and says, "as you all know, or soon will know, magic is a wonderful thing. Not always can we use magic, as we have all experienced last year, but this year it does a wonderful thing. I can tell you are all surprised by the statue that is now gracing this Hall, but believe me, so were we. It appears that Hogwarts herself, and yes, Hogwarts has her own personality up to a certain height, provided this statue. It was suddenly here last week. Apparently not only we humans will miss him, but the castle herself will miss him. This also explains why he was able to get away out after curfew, seeing as how Hogwarts helped him. (This earned snickers from many students and teachers) I ask you now to rise, and to toast to Harry James Potter-Evans-Lupin."

Everyone rose, and they toasted on Harry. Then something else quite startling happened. From the feet of the statue a small column of smoke appeared and then flames erupted. From the flames rose a magnificent Phoenix. This one wasn't red and gold like Fawkes, but was somehow a mix of house colours. The eyes a startling green, feathers red, gold, black, silver and blue. The Phoenix shook its head and looked around as well. Then Fawkes appeared in the Hall and together they started flying around the Great Hall several times, singing a hopeful and beautiful song, which made everyone feel so much lighter and happier.

Then Fawkes flew towards Albus and sat on his shoulder, while the other Phoenix flew to the statue and landed there. Cocking its head, it thrilled one more time, and then went silent.

Nobody really knew what to do, although Dumbledore wanted to say something. But before he could the castle started to creak and move and a light connected with the Phoenix. Everyone was startled, but the Phoenix just sang softly.

When the light vanished,Dumbledore smiled and started to explain. "Students and teachers. I believe I know what has happened. A Phoenix hardly ever comes into existence any more, as you have to be pure of heart and mind to call one to you. Apparently this Phoenix has come to honour the thought of Harry and has now bonded with Hogwarts herself. This means that all inhabitants of Hogwarts can expect help from this Phoenix, but also that you need this Phoenix with a good heart or it will fly away again." The Phoenix nodded at the story, except for being called an 'it'.

Dumbledore chuckled and asked "Well then, are you a lady then?" The Phoenix nodded.

Dumbledore spoke up once more: "I believe this is one of the greatest gifts Harry could have given us, and even without ever knowing it himself. Thank you my dear boy." He muttered that last part.

Everyone just sat quietly in amazement. The Phoenix raised her head, and flew a last round before sitting on the statue and start eating the food that had appeared.

Chuckling Dumbledore clapped in his hands, and the food for the students appeared. And so started another year at Hogwarts, which would never be the same again.

From above green eyes were looking down. Laughing slightly Harry turned towards the red haired woman. "Ha, you should have seen it mum. Dumbledore is wrong on one part though. Me not knowing what happened. I bloody well sent the Phoenix down there to cheer them up."

Then he took a good look at his mother's face, and took a run for it, a large black dog running with him, barking wildly, while they were followed by the shouts of his mother: "Harry James Potter-Evans-Lupin! Don't you dare use such a word anymore! And why did you have to make your name so long! Come back here right now young man!"

Laughing they faded away, knowing their family would eventually find their way up to them...