Author's Note:

I'd especially love to thank my editor, classmate, fellow Phantom of the Opera Phantic, and great, if not best, friend, Victoria! Luckily I have her for correcting my bad wording and grammar. . She's the greatest! Let me tell you a bit about her. Victoria is the best. She's...a genius. 0.0 Vikki is also a Phantom Of The Opera obsessed. She loves Gerard Butler. I love Ben Affleck, who is so better than Gerard. (She'll get mad at me for that last comment hehehe) So, anyway, I think I am going to go eat's 10:10AM, but that's not bad right? Ahh! Double digit time! Make a wish-closes my eyes and makes a wish- Okay, so anyways thanks for reading this. I apologize for the slo–no I'm not telling you what I wished for! Let me speak! Where was I? Ah, yes, I apologize for the slow up dates I've been quite busy lately. coughJohncough (Only Vikki B. knows what I'm talking about) So, again, thank you readers; thank you Victoria! Peace out, Girl Scouts...and boys?