Heh, this is my newest story idea. It just came to me so I decided to try it. This is just for fun so there won't be much of a plot, but that'll be nice. After all the heavy stuff I've been working on lately, it'll be nice to have something I don't have to think too much for.

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Well, I hope you enjoy.

Chapter 1

Kurama sighed as he logged on to the chat room he frequently visited. It was disappointing, it used to be highly popular, there were always people to talk about, plenty of people who could have a decent conversation. It had been something he enjoyed doing, going and spending hours talking. Now, though…

Every once in a while someone would come on, but it wasn't very often. Might as well find some place else to go. Guess this would be the last time he logged on. Just as the red-head was about to sign off and close his laptop there was a ping as someone entered the room.

Surprised, Kurama looked up to see if they were going to do anything or just leave. There was a ping as a message came in.

DarkMagician: Wow, not many people is there?

TheSpiritFox: There used to be more. It's kind of gone down hill.

DarkMagician: Too bad.

DarkMagician: I wonder if any of my friends want to chat…

TheSpiritFox: Heh, I couldn't drag my friends near a computer even if our very lives were on the line.

"I resent that," a voice said from behind Kurama. He spun around to see Hiei glaring at him.

"You would never go on a computer, they're human creations, remember?" Kurama reminded him.

"I wouldn't be so foolish as to die just to avoid it."

"Are you saying you want to go on?" Kurama asked, sounding amused. Just as Hiei was about to snap an answer at him, Kurama cut him off, "Because, I don't think you could run a computer even if your life did depend on it."

Hiei growled angrily. He seemed to be trying to decide something.

"I have another computer," Kurama told him. He got up and started the computer that was at his desk and quickly got Hiei to the point where he could choose a screen name. While the fire demon was doing that, he turned his attention back to the screen.

TheSpiritFox: Sorry about that…

DarkMagician: It's okay, where were you? If you don't mind my asking…

TheSpiritFox: A friend of mine read what I said about not going near a computer and is determined to prove me wrong.

DarkMagician: Lol. I have know some people like that.

TheSpiritFox: I honestly didn't know he knew how to use a computer. I didn't even know he could type.

MasteroftheDragon has signed on

TheSpiritFox: Should have guessed.

DarkMagician: nice name

MasteroftheDragon: Hn. You happy, fox? I went on the stupid thing.

TheSpiritFox: Very happy.

MasteroftheDragon: If you tell the fool, I will make sure you die a horrible, bloody, and painful death.

DarkMagician: wince

TheSpiritFox: He's kidding. He's really a very nice person.

TheSpiritFox: he would never ;lalkhg7q3409853


TheSpiritFox: He just tried to throw a chair at me.

MasteroftheDragon: You're lucky, stupid fox…

TheSpiritFox: You didn't have to throw a chair at me.

MasteroftheDragon: You were asked for it.


Yugi smiled as he watched the two argue back and forth. He'd just signed up on this recently, but hadn't really been able to talk to anyone until now. TheSpiritFox seemed nice, though MasteroftheDragon sounded like he had a short temper and might be someone to be careful around. But Yugi was used to Kaiba, so he knew how to act.

The door to his room opened and Yugi looked up to see Yami walk into the room.

"Aibou, I'm bored," Yami sighed, sitting down heavily on the bed.

"You can't find anything to do?" Yugi asked him. Normally there was always something the Pharaoh could find to entertain himself with.

"They kicked me out of the arcade," Yami grumbled. "Kaiba's told the security guards not to let me into his little dueling arena thing. And!" the Pharaoh exclaimed, "the stupid Playstation broke!"

Yugi laughed, "You broke it."

"I didn't mean to."

"I told you, you were hitting the buttons too fast. Winning doesn't matter if you go and break the game system."

"I know," Yami groaned, laying back on the bed and glaring at the ceiling.

Yugi looked up at the computer when it announced MasteroftheDragon had left.

DarkMagician: What happened?

TheSpiritFox: Don't ask. I'm just glad he didn't break my computer.

DarkMagician: ….

TheSpiritFox: …So, do you have any hobbies or anything?

DarkMagician: I play Duel Monsters a lot…

TheSpiritFox: I've heard of that before, I've never tried playing myself. Is it any good?

DarkMagician: It's great! You can really get into once you get the hang of it and there are so many different ways a game can turn out. My friends and I all play it, though, me and my friend Joey probably have the most practice. Well, I have a friend named Kaiba and he's amazing too….

"What are you doing aibou?" Yami asked him, sitting up.

"I'm talking to someone online," Yugi answered. He glanced at the screen. TheSpiritFox had asked him how to play. Yugi began explaining the basics as he said, "It's a pretty abandoned chat room, but this person seems nice."

"Would it be more interesting than sitting around doing nothing?"

"It would be. Want to come on?"

"I suppose…"

"Okay," Yugi told Yami to go get on the computer downstairs and briefly explained how to log on. The Pharaoh left to do just that.

TheSpiritFox: You still there?

Dark Magician: Yeah, sorry. You might get to meet one of my friends once he figures out how to log on. So, do you think you get it now?

TheSpiritFox: I think so…I'd have to read up on it more and maybe see it played, but it sounds fun.

DarkMagician: Hm, you'd probably enjoy it, it's a great game once you get into it. So, do you have any hobbies?

TheSpiritFox: Not too many. I tend to focus on school a lot…I guess…

Yugi got the feeling that there was more to it than that, but didn't press him. Whatever, if he didn't want to talk about it, that was okay. After all, there were some things Yugi knew he couldn't tell him.

Pharaoh has signed on

Pharaoh: Hey, aibou, I tried calling myself Dark Magician, but it wouldn't let me. Did I do something wrong?

DarkMagician: …

TheSpiritFox: lol

DarkMagician: Yami, I called myself DarkMagician. Didn't you see the screen?

Pharaoh: …oh…

DarkMagician: Sorry. Um, anyways, SpiritFox, this is my friend Yami.

TheSpiritFox: Nice to meet you.

Pharaoh: Same here.

TheSpiritFox: …

DarkMagician: …

TheSpiritFox: …

DarkMagician: …

Pharaoh: O.O …?

Pharaoh: What are you doing?

TheSpiritFox: No one was saying anything. Dramatic pause…

DarkMagician: Or awkward silence…

Pharaoh: …alright…

TheSpiritFox: sigh most conversations I have here end up this way. It used to be more popular…

DarkMagician: We could probably revive it if you want… I mean if we can get some of our friends to come on and you can get yours…

TheSpiritFox: I'll try… Thanks for the offer, I really appreciate it.

Pharaoh: Don't tell Kaiba.

DarkMagician: That was rather abrupt, why not?

Pharaoh: Because, Kaiba, would find a way to destroy the chat room.

DarkMagician: Kaiba wouldn't do that.

Pharaoh: … -- …

DarkMagician: Okay, he might. I doubt it though…he'd consider it a waist of his time…

TheSpiritFox: Who? Could he really destroy a chat room?

Pharaoh: The bastard is a genius when it comes to computers.

DarkMagician: What's got you so mad? You're usually the one standing up for him.

Pharaoh: I told you, the bastard told his guards not to let me in.

DarkMagician: So did the arcade people…

TheSpiritFox: Why? You're not like…

DarkMagician: He's too good at games, no one wants to play against him…

TheSpiritFox: Lol. Both a blessing and a curse?

Pharaoh: Yes! …Bastard…

DarkMagician: …

AN: Alright, what'd you think? Opinions on screen names for other characters are welcome. Especially Yusuke, I seriously can't think of anything that sounds right.