This is a short and hopefully humorous fic based on the ending of
the second Card Captor Sakura movie. Standard disclaimers and
stuff apply.

This is a *joke*. It does not fit in with any of my other
stories, and isn't meant to be taken seriously. It contains
SPOILERS for the movie and the end of the anime. It's a good
movie, by the way. See it if you get a chance.

Strongest Feeling
A Card Captor Sakura the Movie 2 fanfic
by Michelle Thatcher

She couldn't remember a time when she'd been so happy. Love
was like that, she knew. It was like the joyous look her father
sometimes got these days that told her that her mother's spirit
was in the room. It was like Yukito-san's quiet contentment
since he and her brother had talked seriously about their
'friendship.' When you knew the one you love loved you back, it
made you all bright and happy and goofy inside. It filled your
life with an ecstatic rhythm that made you want to dance
everywhere you went, but only because flying would draw unwanted

And Syaoran loved her.

It had been months since he'd told her so. Months that
they'd mostly been apart. She'd had plenty of time to consider
his words; his offer; her own feelings. When she knew her own
heart, it had still taken her a long time to tell him that she
felt the same way. First it was because she wanted to see him in
person, then because they were interupted often by Kero-chan, or
by her brother, or by the strange magical disasters she'd
believed wouldn't bother her any more.

But yesterday, she'd told him. Trembling and frightened
that he no longer wanted her answer, afraid that his love had
been erased from his mind; sacrificed for her victory over Clow's
most powerful card. Eaten by The Void. That terrible, selfish
card had chosen him. Eriol had warned her about this. He'd
said that it would pick the person with the strongest magical
power, and erase their strongest feeling. The thought of losing
her own love for Syaoran had terrified her, but in the end, she
had not been Void's target. Syaoran had.

Even as her mind cried out that it was useless to confess
her feelings now, she'd told him. She'd needed to tell him that
even if he didn't love her any more, that she loved him and
always would.

He'd smiled then, and had set her fears to rest. His
feelings hadn't changed. He still loved her more than anyone
else in the world.

Today was their official first date. Tomoyo, of course, had
dressed her in something contemporary and smart, Meiling had
gushed about movies, dinners, and other date activities that she
approved of, Onii-chan had glared darkly, and now as they walked
down the quiet Sunday streets, she felt Syaoran stiffly take her
hand in his as he pulled her into one of the local dessert shops.
They were seated near the window, and the hostess handed them
menus. The official beginning of what she felt sure would be an
epic romance.

They sat in pleasant silence occasionally catching one
anothers' eyes and blushing furiously. Sakura was grateful when
a girl in an apron finally approached and asked for their order.
Syaoran glanced at her, and she blushed again. "Um ... I'd like
a slice of the strawberry cheesecake and a glass of milk."

The waitress turned to Syaoran. He looked thoughtful. "And
I'll take the lemon ice."

Sakura blinked. "Um ... Syaoran?"


"They have very good chocolate cake here?"

He looked at her in mild puzzlement. "What's wrong with
lemon ice?"

"Um ... nothing. They have a hot fudge sundae that's very
good too."

"That's alright. I don't really like chocolate. Maybe I'll
have the strawberry milkshake."

"But ... Syaoran ..." She was a little confused. In all
the time he'd known him, he'd never missed a chance to eat
chocolate. Why, it was his favorite thing in ...

Masaka ...

A terrible suspicion was forming in her mind. Was it
possible that ... "So ... you don't like chocolate ... at

The mild distaste in his expression confirmed her worst
fears. She tried to stay calm, but it was just too much for her
to bear. "Waaaaaaaaaaah! He doesn't like chocolate!"

He reached across the table and grabbed her arm in distress.
"Calm down!" he pleaded. "What's wrong, Sakura! I'll eat it if
it's that important to you, just stop crying!"

"Waaaaaaaaaaaah! My boyfriend liked chocolate more than he
liked me! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!"

"What are you talking about? I know I used to like
chocolate, but now for some reason I-"

Syaoron paused beginning to catch on. Everything had turned
out for the best, but he knew that if he were Sakura, he'd be a
little upset by this revelation too. There was no help for it.
He'd just have to throw himself on her mercy and take his
punishment like a man. It occurred to him as she stomped over to
his side of the table that he was about to learn the true meaning
of pain.

"Syaoron..." she growled.

He attempted for a moment to hide behind his menu, then
sighed. "It's a fair cop."

Much violence ensued.


Well, that's it. My first non-serious Sakura fic. Please let me
know what you think. Is it too vague what's going on? I didn't
want to be *too* blatant, but I don't want it to cause much head
scratching either.

Does Syaoron really love chocolate? I've seen reference to it
many many times in fanfiction, but I don't think they say
anything about it in the manga. I've only seen to the end of the
first half in the anime, and this is anime/movie based, so, I
thought I'd ask. Either way, it works well for this story. ^-^

That's all. Enjoy.