Summary: a strange new jutsu has transported Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruto into their pasts. To be more precise, to the time when their supposed to be 6 years old. What will happen? How will things change when they manage to get back? If they get back? (SasuNaruSaku: ages 16)

Parings: between major characters, there are none, I'm trying to keep this as a close friendship fic. There might be a few minor pairings

Rating: hmm… I'm going to rate T to M or something because there will be mentions of rapes throughout the story.

Side notes: I do need a beta for Japanese; I am Canadian, I know no Japanese only a few words. So if someone is willing to help me out with translations I would really appreciate it (and any reviewers that know the proper spellings of words please let me know), thank you. Also: if anyone wants to beta the my horrible grammar and punctuation that would also be welcomed

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or anything to do with naruto other than this story which all ideas and plot twists have been of my own creation (unless specified, where as certain ideas will have credit given due)


"Sasuke!" came a scream. A body was tossed carelessly backwards into a pink haired shinobi. The girl in question threw herself in his path to prevent further damage. Helping the boy kneel, Sasuke halted on all fours, coughing up blood, his hand clutching his stomach.

"Sasuke-kun…" The pink haired girl looked up fearfully at the approaching figure and tried to find her courage.

"kuso..." Sasuke muttered, leaning back on his haunches and surveying the man with the same amount of fear Sakura, his companion, was displaying. This man… was inhuman. He had to be, with strength that made Tsunade-sama look puny in comparison. Sasuke felt himself shaking with suppressed rage. Sakura was injured; somewhere further back there was a body with shoulder length spiky blond hair that now look red with blood. Naruto. He couldn't get up. For the first time since Sasuke had really known Naruto, the blond couldn't get up.

He turned his gaze back to the approaching figure, a man with red hair and black eyes blazing with killer intent. Not good. Not good. This wasn't good. Any minute now. Said man was raising his katana. Sasuke closed his eyes. 'MOVE!' he shook, he could hear the whistle of metal through air. He used his body to shield Sakura…


A Spray of blood.

Sakura and Sasuke slowly opened their eyes to see the body of a black and pale-orange clad boy their own age with a sword part way through slicing into his left shoulder. Narrowly missing his heart, Naruto grinned a sick insane grin that both his companions knew well.

"M… masaka (no way)" Sakura muttered. Sasuke blinked in utter shock as Naruto brought up a single hand and made an unknown, one handed seal…. He couldn't move his left hand thus he was stuck with his right.


"eeeeehhhh? What's this? Sasuke! Naruto! Come take a look!" the two boys turned their heads to Sakura who was rifting through the remains of a burnt down home while Naruto and Sasuke paid their respects to the dead family they had come across. They slowly made their way to Sakura who was crouching over a scroll with strange symbols on it.

"Do you know what it says?" Sakura shook her head

"Tsunade-sama taught me some symbols similar to these, but these look older somehow. What do you make of it?"

"Lets open it and find out!"

"Chata(wait) Naruto!" Sakura and Sasuke prepared to be blasted away as Naruto opened the scroll only to find themselves sadly disappointed. Sasuke tsked and sakura looked over Naruto's shoulder.

"EHHH!" she cried. "There's nothing on it! What the hell!" Sasuke raised an eyebrow and looked at it, realizing she was right. But Naruto's eyes seemed highly intrigued.

"Wait, so you guys can't see what's on it?"

"You can?"

"Hai." Naruto looked puzzled. Sasuke tried a dispel technique used for some illusions, with no such luck.

"Well! I guess I'll learn it and then show you guys later!" Naruto tied the scroll back together and left back to finish the graves, leaving Sasuke and Sakura to cast worried glances at him.


"Oi! I think I got part of it!"

Sasuke sighed. "Part of what, Dobe?" But Naruto brushed Sasuke's insult by, something he wouldn't have done if it wasn't really important. Sakura perked up and yawned, stretching a bit in the morning air and settling by the small fire Sasuke had made before she woke.

"Well Naru-kun?" Sakura asked, yawning again. "Show us." Even Sasuke was curious.

"heheh… well I still don't know what it does really, but apparently the technique uses one handed seals."

"Technique, Dobe? You wouldn't happen to be talking about that scroll?" Sasuke asked, feeling very unsure about this. And by Sakura's frown, she wasn't sure about it either. Naruto was nodding enthusiastically. Sakura and Sasuke sighed heavily.

"Naruto, perhaps its best to leave it be for now. Akastuki is still after us, Orochimaru isn't exactly happy Sasuke left, Konoha isn't happy we left, Tsunade-sama is probably worried sick about us. Let's just concentrate on running for now. We'll come up with a plan later. Okay? Now there's a river not far from here, will you go get some breakfast?" Sakura asked, always the diplomat.

Naruto sighed, got up and left without a word. Ever since he had gotten that scroll only he could read, Naruto had been acting strange. Even the Kyuubi, to whom Sasuke and Sakura also knew and had met, seemed oddly quiet.

End Flashback

"N-Naruto!" Sasuke called out.

"heheh… well I still don't know what it does really, but apparently the technique uses one handed seals."

One handed seals. Sakura caught on and her eyes widened. In a mutual decision they latched onto Naruto. Sakura was trying to make him stop. Unknown jutsu's were dangerous. Very dangerous.

"Naruto! Don't use it!" Naruto didn't hear them, and started forming the seals. The Red haired and black eyed man seemed to think that whatever the blond gaki was doing, wasn't good, and tried to get his sword out of his shoulder. Naruto winced as the blade started to slide out, only to stop and get caught on bone. The Abomination of an opponent abandoned his sword in Naruto and got a good 50 meters of space between him and his prey.

Naruto was panting heavily. He needed juice for this. 'just a little. Please. Just a little more.' And then he, Sasuke, and Sakura were engulfed on red flame as Naruto finished the final one handed seal.


"..nii-san… w-will you help me work on my aim tomorrow?" a timid and shy 6 year old Sasuke asked. Itachi smiled at his brother.

"can't you do that on your own?" Sasuke pouted.

"but you're better." Itachi chuckled and ruffled his brothers hair

"Sure. But first dinner."


"neeee! Sa-kura! I'll see you tomooroooo!" little Ino waved goodbye as she headed to her home.

"B-bye Ino-chan" Sakura waved and went inside her home, taking her shoes off, her feet made soft noise on the wooden floor. She passed the kitchen and into the dinning room where dinner was waiting for her. She blushed and apologised for being late, which her parents didn't care much for really, and sat down. Sakura recounted her day with Ino, and how Ino had given her a red ribbon to put into her hair.



"I can't believe they let him live."

"Don't want filth like that hanging 'round here"


"Disgusting" "vile" "monster" "demon"

"You! Get out of here!" a fist connected to the face of a pale blond haired boy with whiskers. The kid flew backwards, further away from the angry mob and into a dingy alleyway that was too dark to see anything. They all grumbled about demons and monsters before going about their merry way.

But no sooner had they left that there was a suddenly heavy, fearful and powerful chakra coming from the alleyway. Blood red in a spherical shape pulsed like a heartbeat before dispersing as if it never existed. Villagers gaped, no one could move. They heard footsteps slowly coming towards them. Several backed away. One woman screamed at the sight.

There stood a boy, hardly any older that 16 with a Katana blade sticking out of his chest, as if he had sliced through. Blood was dripping down from all sorts of places. The kid had pale skin (likely from blood loss) and blazing azure blue eyes. His hair was incredibly spiky, running to his shoulders making him look like a young Yondaime. His clothing was tattered beyond repair, one could almost make out what he had been wearing; a navy pullover with a dark orange shirt now red and baggy pants what must have once upon a time been navy with an orange stripe down the sides.

"Take….. me…… to…. A….. hos-pi…ta..l.." the strange boy fell over to his side before the frightened throng of people.


Before little Sakura could get to the red ribbon part though, she was unexplainably surrounded by a blood red chakra. Her parents tried to get close to her, but the strange, demonic Chakra pushed them back. It pulsed in a spherical shape around their daughter before stopping and leaving as suddenly as it had come. Sitting where the Haruno daughter used too, was a 16 year old looking shinobi.

"Who are you? What have you done with our daughter!" Sakura's mother yelled franticly. The girl just looked at them with weary surprise. She struggled to stand as the Haruno's realized how injured this young Shinobi was. There were various Kunai and Senbon needles sticking out of her arms and legs. Blood caked her around her wounds. Her red dress was badly frayed and tattered and her hair was matted with blood.

The older Sakura did the only thing she could.

"…. p…please." Before fainting.


Dinner at the Uchiha residence wasn't a usually fun affair. It was usually quiet and somewhat strained.

"So, Itachi, how was you're last mission?" Itachi 'humed' and thought before answering his mother's seemingly innocent question. His father glared menacingly at him.

"well-" he was cut off by a pulse of evil chakra coming from his brother. All the Uchiha's got up and grabbed kunai staring in shock as little Sasuke became consumed in a sphere of blood red chakra, swirling with demonic energy before unexplainably leaving.

There, standing where their ignored little son used to be, was a boy that was possibly 16 years old. He wore a black shirt that was in rags around his frame. His right arm looked to be broken, hanging so limply at his side. There was a dried river of blood on his leg, stemming from a gut wound and there was a strange mark on his neck that no Uchiha had seen before.

Without question, the Uchiha head family member, Sasuke's father, fired a kunai at him. Sasuke grabbed it out of the air before doubling over and coughing up blood over his mothers wonderful cooking still untouched on the table.

"Where's my son." Came a surprising voice of one calm mother, who was eyeing the boy as though she were trying to unravel a puzzle. She had her hand out to prevent her husband and her older son from attacking the injured young man before then. Sasuke's eyes widened a fraction before mentally cursing Naruto.

"I need a healer." He said, before the shock became too much and he fainted.


First chapter. I hope you liked it. Erm, I'm not a very good writer but at least I tried.