Alis volat propiis

"She flies with her own wings"

Ex cearulo

"Out of the blue"

The town of Safford would never be the same.

It was like that with most towns when the Cowboys decided to occupy it for a time. The once quite district was now a wild and boisterous place, with the sound of frequent gunfire echoing into the night. The townspeople cowered in their homes, praying that the rowdy bunch would leave as quickly as they had appeared. But unfortunately, the Cowboys seemed to enjoy Safford, and Curly Bill Brocious, the leader of the crowd, did not have relocating on his mind. Honestly, he found Safford to be to his liking. It had a large saloon, gambling hall, and a bordello not far from there. What more could he possibly ask for? And the boys, all forty or so of them, enjoyed it also.

Curly Bill sat at the occupied bar, watching mildly as the bartender sprinted from one end of the row to the other, filling orders from the pistol holding customers. A look of pure fear was plastered on his pale, sweaty face, and Brocious had already witnessed him drop countless bottles with his trembling hands. It amused him. As he continued his observations of the bartender, he barely noticed a man slip beside him and place himself at the bar. Gradually, he turned his head to the right to bring the man into focus, and was shocked to see Johnny Ringo sitting beside him.

"Well Johnny, what brings you into this fine establishment?" he asked, turning himself to face John. Ringo remained silent, and just stared into an abyss, arms folded on the bar.

"I heard there was a fine poker table here." He finally replied, still no meeting Brocious' gaze. "What about yourself?"

Brocious smiled, turning his head abruptly to the sound of breaking glass and a wave of laughter. Ringo smirked and shook his head, focusing on a single spot in the wooded bar top.

"I'm waiting for Luke. He said he'd come this way if he found the time…told him I'd meet him."

Ringo nodded. "He's been away for some time now, hasn't he?" Luke Rayls was a long time member of the Cowboys and one of Curly Bill's closest friends. He'd left about a month previously, to visit his family in Missouri. Johnny had almost forgotten about him.

"I wouldn't be surprised if he showed. Barnes saw him in Dodge, told him about our plans to come here," Curly Bill motioned his hand in a long arc, smiling broadly "And I'm sure he was already on his way."

Johnny nodded, and resumed his focus on the table. He wasn't much of a socialite and didn't find the loud crowds and lively music to his taste. Contrary, it annoyed him greatly. But for anomalous reason, Ringo found himself right in the center of it all.

"Rayls!" Brocious' booming voice filled the room, causing its inhabitants to silence immediately and turn towards the greeted. In the doorway stood a man, close to 6' in height but slender in build, with short, wavy brown hair tucked underneath his tan hat. His clothes were a simple cowman's, with a pair of sixes on his hips. He had a toothy grin on his face as he plodded up to the now erect Brocious and clapped his hand into his.

"Long time Bill, long time!" the man said. His voice was jovial, and Ringo remembered how strange it had appeared when the man had killed an innocent miner in Las Vegas, New Mexico. Looks were deceiving. The two Cowboys began a pleasant conversation, taking time to report fresh news. They took a seat by Ringo, and Johnny listened to them inaudibly.

Their conversation continued on, and the room returned to its original functions of dancing, gambling, and drinking. "Oh shit! Wait here Bill, I forgot something." Luke acknowledged after some time, quickly rising from his seat and sauntering out the doors. Brocious turned back to the bar and ordered two whiskeys, but stopped as his eyes befell on Ringo. "Want one?" Ringo shook his head slowly and turned to watch the piano player in the corner.

Ringo knew that something had happened when the room fell dead silent once again. Everyone's head had turned towards the doors and their mouths were opened. Ringo swiveled in his chair to face the door. What met his eyes almost made him plummet to the floor.

Luke Rayls had returned, but not alone. Standing beside him was the most peculiar woman Johnny Ringo had ever laid eyes on. She was diminutive compared to Luke, with long, blonde hair tied into a non-fashionable ponytail, a black hat, and a decent pair of black trousers with a white cotton shirt covered with a black vest. A single pistol hung loosely on her tiny waist. She had stunning, azure eyes, which held a look of purity and fault at the same time.

Luke continued forward as if nothing had happened, the girl following him a few steps behind. A pin drop could have been heard in the hall; no one made a sound as the girl walked forward to stand beside Luke. "Brocious, this is Nola. Nola, this is Curly Bill, the King of the Cowboys."

Nola nodded to Brocious, whose mouth was partially open, his eyes full of wonder. Ringo was still in a bewildered state. Luke only smiled and clapped Brocious on the back and motioned towards Nola. "Ain't she something? I tell ya, this girl wants to be a Cowboy. I met her in Dodge after Barnes left; she caught sight of the sash," he gently picked up the crimson sash wound around his middle. "…and asked me to get her in."

Curly Bill, seeming to have regained a touch of reality, blinked repeatedly and smiled quickly. "So Ms. Nola, why do you want to be a Cowboy?" Brocious inquired with a sarcastic tone.

The girl stared him directly in the eyes. "I have nowhere else to go."

Murmurs began to float around the hall, and Curly Bill flicked his eyes around. "What do you mean by that?"

Nola smirked. "I heard you were an outlaw band. I'm an outlaw, and no matter where I go I'm wanted by someone...figured this was my last chance."

Laughs suddenly filled the hall, and Ringo watched, as sparks flew into his eyes.

Nola turned towards the laughing crowd, and placed her eyes on the table that had four whiskey glasses placed about it. As rapidly as Ringo himself could have completed it, she whipped out her .45 revolver and shattered the glasses into small shards.

The laughing ceased.

"If you were to give me but one chance, Mr. Brocious, I believe you would see things my way." Nola stated calmly over her shoulder as she slipped with pistol back into its holster.

Curly Bill smiled. He always liked a girl with spunk. "What do you say boys, should we give Ms. Nola a chance?"

The room exploded into applauds and cat calls. Nola ignored them and met Brocious' gaze.

"I promise you, I will not fail."

"I'll remember you said that." Curly Bill told her, smiling again.

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