( )-Translations
This means thoughts
" " Speaking

It was just a regular day in the Pokemon world where Pikachu, Togepi & all the other pokemon were just relaxing temporarily for the day since Ash & his friends decided to give them a day off. All of their pokemon couldn't wait to get started!

They were all walking down the forest, taking in everything in sight. Togepi asked Pikachu a VERY innocent yet dirty question at the same time, ( Pikachu-kun, ) Togepi began, ( Yes? ) Pikachu asked, ( Where do babies come from? )

Pikachu fell over in shock, Onix stopped abruptly, Pigeotto & Zubat bumped into Onix behind one by onelike dominoes & all the others just blanked out. ( Ummmm... ) Pikachu looked at the others for help, but the others gave a look that said, ' You're on your own, pal. '

Pikachu in turn, gave them all a look that plainly said, ' TRAITORS. I'M GOING TO KILL YOU ALL AFTER THIS. '

Togepi asked, ( Well? Are you going to tell me or what? )

( Ummm... how do I start this? It's... kinda hard to explain you see... ) Pikachu sweatdropped. Where is Ash when you need him? Charizard had some... THOUGHTS right now if you know what I mean...

( A/N;I don't know if Pokemon are perverted necessarily but bear with me, okay? )

Charizard began, ( Well young one, it all starts when you grab the female by the behind and- ) He was but short by a blow to the head by Onix with its tail,knocking him head first into the ground, meeting Digletts & Dugtrio as Charzard's head collided with the ground.

Everybody but Togepi thanked Onix mentally &Pigeotto decided to help, ( You see, a Pelipper drops a pouch from the sky & in the pouch is a baby pokemon! But it takes a total of 9 months which sucks about it.. )

Everybody but Togepi sweatdropped but was relieved. Corny solution but ANYthing to answer the EMBARRASSING question! Togepi just shrugged & they all sighed in relief. They all found a place to relax & soon everybody was doing their own thing.

Suddenly, Togepi found... an interesting object...

Pikachu heard Togepi's call & found Togepi holding... A PAD & TAMPON.

I'm sorry about th short chapter but at least let me know what you all think, okay? Thanks! I'm sorry about the news but I'll try as hard as I can so PLEASE put up with me ok people?