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Blood Mates

Chapter 1

Blood lines and Mate

(Harrry's POV)

Today was the final day of our three day project in Potions class. We had been working on a blood lines poison for three whole days and finally it was coming to an end. All I have is two words, THANK YOU! It's finally over and I couldn't be happier. We had been working on this blood line potion for three days and now all I had to do was go up to Professor Snape and add my blood to the potion so he could write down my results. The potion, when brewed properly, is supposed to shoot out numbers in different colors. The number is a percent out of 100 and the colors indicate any magical or non-magical creature in your blood. Usually people only had a small amount of magical creature in them, if any. I seriously doubted I would have any, since my mother was muggle born. According to Professor Snape the largest number ever recorded was 150 years ago when a student was 35 percent vela. And that was extremely rare!

Hesitantly I walked up to the table with my potion in hand. Feeling resigned I handed it to Professor Snape and rolled up the sleeve on my left arm slightly so that he could draw a small cut across my palm without the blood getting on my robes. With a scowl Snape took hold of my hand and drew a line across it with a dagger. Crimson blood bloomed up and dripped into the potion that promptly started hissing.

"Well Mister Potter lets see if you have any Troll in you," Snape drawled as he picked up a quill and waited patently to see if the potion begin to admit any colors.

"I certainly, hope not Sir" I said brightly. Snape replied with a mere "We'll see". Second's latter colored numbers shot out of the cauldron. I stood there in shock as I watched, white, black, violet, pink, gray, light blue, emerald green, yellow, gold, red, brown, orange, dark blue, peach, and blue-green shoot out of the cauldron. Snape wasted no time in writing it all down before yelling out "Class is dismissed! Potter! Follow me!" and briskly walking off. It took a few minutes for my brain to process the command and I had to hurry to catch up.

We walked to the Headmasters office where Snape muttered the password (Crunch bar) and walked inside. Following steadily my mind was on over drive, 'Was I even Human?'

As we entered the office we were greeted by Dumbledore as usual "Ah Severus" He gave a small nod in his direction, "Harry" a nod in my direction "What can I do for you my boys?"

(Severus POV)

Frowning immensely I looked at the Headmaster 'I hate it when he says boys!' "Yes Albus there is, may we sit?" I asked resigned. "Of course my dear boy! Tea?" I shook my head as did Potter. "Well, what can I do for you then?" He asked with his eyes twinkling. 'Damn that twinkle!' "Yes Albus there is, we were finishing up the blood line potion today and it was Potters turn." Throughout this explanation Albus nodded repeatedly in response. I paused here to choose my words carefully, "Potters results were…startling." At this I handed the headmaster the sheet of parchment that had Potters results. He read through them quietly before handing it back and looking at me through his half moon spectacles. "You are positive the potion was brewed correctly, are you not?" I nodded, "For once Potter was able to brew a potion correctly. Yes" I sneered. At this Potter flushed much to my amusement.

The Headmaster then turned to Potter and began to speak, "Harry, Severus is going to give you the list and you're going to have to read through it." He stopped for a moment thinking. "You are sixteen are you not?" he asked cryptically. 'Now what is that old coot up to?'

"Yes" Potter answered sounding confused. "Well, Harry as I'm sure you've guessed you have very little human blood in you." At this Potter nodded, 'Where is he going with this?' I wondered as I watched Albus continue to speak. "You see Harry most magical creatures have mates and they usually find them in their sixteenth year." At this I frowned 'Albus is not thinking about what I think he is, is he?' I continued to scrutinize Albus' words as I glared daggers at him. "If they don't find their mates by the time they turn seventeen they go, well, insane. It is also after they found their mates that they begin to come into their inheritance." At this Potter inquired quizzically "inheritance, sir?"

"Ah, yes! It's like going through puberty, you gain better hearing, better sight, what ever is in your genes. Now normally you would have this from the beginning but since you, Harry, have so many different magical creatures blood in you and most of them are at least somewhat human you look and act human until you reach to age of sixteen and find your mate. Then you will go through a transformation similar to puberty and gain the different properties of your ancestors." At this he my frown deepened and I had to restrain from rolling my eyes. "So I have to find my mate or I go insane and once I find my mate I will go through these, uh changes?" He asked hesitantly.

"Exactly my boy! Now normally I would let you find your mate but seeing as you are so powerful-" 'He is! Dear God he's thinking what I think he is!' "-your mate may not be at Hogwarts or is in a different part of the country. So I am afraid I'm going to have you look into the Mirror of Eros. It will show you the person who is destined to be your mate. Do you understand Harry?" Potter looked obviously deep in thought as ('Wait a minute Potter deep in thought? The world must be ending!') he said softly "Yes sir I do. May I uh see what magical creatures I am now, please?" Albus nodded, "Severus if you would" reluctantly I held out the parchment for Potter to take.

(Harry POV)

Felling dread I reached out and took the parchment I was offered. Filled with dread I began to read. 'Please let me not be Troll or dwarf or some other awful thing!'

The parchment read:

Harry Potter:

Aerial- 35

Incubus- 15

Vela- 10

Dragon- 10

Vampire- 8

Siren- 5

Phoenix- 3

Mermaid- 2

Werewolf- 2

Fairy- 2

Elf- 2

Griffon- 2

Basilisk- 2

Cat- 1

Human- 1

'Cat? I have cat blood in me?' "Harry….Harry!…..HARRY!" I jerked to look at Dumbledore "Hu?"

"As I was saying, do you have any questions before you look in the mirror?" I looked back down at the paper "I know what all of these are except two, what is an Aerial and what is an Incubus?" (1)

(Severus POV)

'Can the boy really be that naive? He lives at Hogwarts and he doesn't know what an Incubus is? An Incubus! I could understand an Aerial but an Incubus? He's a sixteen year old boy and he doesn't know what an Incubus is? Oh the hell with it!'

"Potter an Aerial is a magical creature that is basically what a muggle would call an angel. They are deeply intoned to the earth and each Aerial has its own element. Such as fire, water, air, earth, and death. The type of element determines the color of wings the Aerial has. For instance an Aerial with the element fire will have red wings and control the element fire. The purer the hue of the wings the stronger the power of the Aerial. There can also be Aerials that are a mix because their parents were two different elements such as water and air. A child of an air Aerial and a water Aerial would then have green wings because water Aerials have blue and air Aerials have yellow. The most common Aerial has white wings and a combination of all the elements. The white winged Aerials are usually very week and have only mild control of the elements. On the other hand, a black winged Aerial is the opposite. A black winged Aerial has complete control over all the elements and is therefore the strongest, most powerful, and rarest. There is only one Black winged Aerial a century."

I posed hear to look at his reaction, 'insolent brat!'. "An Incubus is a male demon who has incredible stamina and strength. They usually have more than one mate and are very…sexually active." At this I watched in satisfaction as Potter blushed 'Point to me!'. "Understand?"

Still blushing profusely he nodded. "Well now my boy are you ready to look into the Mirror of Eros?" Albus asked as his eyes twinkled mercurially 'Damn that twinkle! He's up to something I Kkknnnooow it!' Potter nodded and we all stood up. Albus walked to the side of the room and pulled out the mirror. Their was canvas covering it but the minute Albus was in front of Harry he removed the canvas to reveal a elegant silver mirror imbued with jewels and precious gems.

(Harry POV)

As we all stood up and Dumbledore moved to get the mirror, a dozen thoughts went through my head. I would have to protect my mate at all costs. I wasn't stupid I new that if they died I would either die as well or go insane. I also knew that my mate would most likely be male. Thinking back to what Snape said about incubuses I also decided there may be more than one 'Mate'. I new it was also very likely that my mates were on the other side of the war and I was prepared to change sides. 'Not that I was ever on a side!' Everyone always assumed I was on the lights side because I was the 'Boy-who-lived' the 'Golden Boy!' but in reality I was always neutral. Sure I was against Voldemort but I didn't hate him or his side. All I did was try and stay alive as he attacked me. If he ever asked me which side I was on I would have told him neutral, but did he bother to ask? No! Not that I blame him. As I was going over the possibility of changing sides Dumbledore pulled off the canvas of the mirror, stirring me out of my thoughts.

At first I didn't see anything in the mirror but as I looked images blurred and before me stood three figures. Three figures I knew all too well. I was slightly stunned at whom my mates were but it did make sence and they were rather hot. I made a decision right then and there as I stared into the faces of my mates. Harry James Potter was no longer neutral. I new Albus was using me and that I was just a pawn. I also new there had to be changes in the wizarding world, the ministry was corrupt. I was probably going to join Voldemort after I graduated, next year. I had been considering it since Sirius's near death experience. (2) Sirius was thinking about changing too. So was Remus and Ginny. I had talked with them about the possibility and they were ok with it. I wasn't sure about Ron and Hermione yet but I knew I had Bill, Charley, Fred, George, Draco, Blaze, Seamus, and Dean's approval. Pansy probably wouldn't mind either I mused. The last two years I had befriended quite a few Slytherin's in secrets and told them I was Neutral. That's probably why Voldemort wrote me to say he would call an armistice and set his sights on Dumbledore instead.

Deciding I had been looking into the mirror for a little to long I stepped back and sat down. Dumbledore promptly put the mirror away and sat down as well. "I suppose you've found your mate then?" he asked. I merely nodded and waited for him to continue, 'The bastard would probably love to know who it is so he can announce it to the world.'

"Harry, did you recognize her then?" I thought for a minute on this, 'The old coot doesn't even know I'm gay!' "That I did sir, but I don't know her name. I only saw her once in Hogsmed on a weekend. I'll try and track her down and meet with her as soon as I can." Dumbledore nodded in understanding and Snape gave me a look that had 'Why the heck didn't you tell him you're gay!' and 'You don't seriously think he would believe that' written all over it, when the Headmaster closed his eyes to think. I merely gave Snape my best 'I'm innocent' smile and shrugged. I could tell he almost chuckled at this. He new very well that I knew exactly what that look meant. Despite our hatred for one another we did seem to get along pretty well even if he would never admit it.

Dumbledore finally opened his eyes, wished me well, told me that if I needed help finding 'her' he would be there, and ushered us out. Once out side Snape glanced at me quickly before saying quietly "Nice show Potter I'm sure he bought that completely even if I didn't." I snickered "You know Professor we get along pretty well when we need to." Giving me a look of pure disgust Snape said "I'm sure you would like that, wouldn't you Mister Potter?" Still smiling I just shook my head. "However I am interested why didn't you tell the Headmaster you were gay?" I looked at him from the corner of my eye considering how much to tell him "I didn't think he would approve of who my mate is sir." Giving me a look of disgust Snape replied "I don't even think I want to know who he is Potter!" Coming to the hall where we split I gave my potions Professor a huge grin "goodnight sir!" before turning left and leaving.

Late at night after much thought I decided that I would need Snape's help in more ways than one to get in touch with my mates. And since I was in no mood for meeting him with students to over hear I decided to talk to him now. 'He should still be awake it's only 11:34' After some quick thought of how I was going to find Snape's quarters since they are unplotable (3) and therefore not on the marauders map I called out "Dobby?" and waited. Seconds later there was a small pop and a squeaky voice saying "What is Dobby being able to do for Harry Potter sir?" Smiling widely I looked down at the small elf and asked him softly so as not to wake up the other boys in the dorm. "Can you take me to professor Snape's quarters?" Dobby nodded ecstatically "Oh! Yes Harry Potter Sir, Dobby cans sir!" Still smiling I said "That's great Dobby. Can you bring me their now?" Once again Dobby nodded as he grabbed my hand. Seconds later we were standing in a hallway facing a solid wall that changed before us into a door. "Dobby got Master Potter sir inside the wards so that Harry Potter could see the door sir!" I smiled "Thanks Dobby that's all." With a quick nod and a small pop he was gone.

Feeling slightly nervous I walked to the door and knocked firmly. Minutes later the door opened and there stood Professor Snape. Giving him a weak smile I said "Hello Professor" Snape scowled. "How did you get here Potter?" Then, as if as an after thought he added "Why are you here?" Still smiling slightly I looked at him and said timidly "I uh, was here about my mate." Snape glared and knitted his eyebrows together for a minute before a look of pure horror appeared on his face. "That mirror didn't…I'm not.." He stammered as he stood back to let me in. I chuckled "That's not exactly why I'm hear but that's part of it. Still frowning Snape lead me to his sitting room and sat down in an armchair. "Then why are you here Mister Potter?" Sitting down as well I looked at Snape sincerely "You see sir I have more than one Mate, and I need your help contacting two of the three." During the first half of my explanation Snape nodded but towards the end he glared and a scowl appeared on his lips once more. 'Damn! I'd just gotten him to stop frowning and now he's at it again! Oh well.'

"I suspected someone with your heritage and your power would have more than one mate but why do you only need me to help you contact them? Why me and not Albus? And further more why only two, not all three?" I hesitated before answering "I can't have the Headmaster contact them because they are, well not on the lights side of the war. That's one reason I need you and as to the reason I only need you to contact two is because-" At this I took a deep breath and said very quietly "Youseesiryouaremyothermate!" Raising an eyebrow he looked at me and said "Excuse me?" Grimacing I took a deep breath I said quietly but slower this time "you are my third mate, sir." I was staring at the ground the whole time until now. Now I was looking at Snape to see his reaction. Moaning he got up and poured himself some scotch. "Great, just great" He muttered to himself as he sat back down. "Tell me Mister Potter who are our other two mates that you want me to get in touch with?" Smiling sheepishly I looked back down at the ground.

"I think it would be best if I told them sir. I just need you to get me to their, uh, home." Snape nodded before asking in a voice of resigned resignation "So tell me Mister Potter who are our mates?" Still looking at the floor I said shyly "uh, Lucius Malfoy and uh, Tom Riddle." I didn't feel like saying Lord Voldemort and I was pretty sure Snape would know what I meant. Staring at me as if I had grown another head Snape opened his mouth, closed it, opened it again and said "I'm mated to Lucius Malfoy and the Dark Lord?" Smiling shyly I looked up and nodded. Still in shock Snape just sat there for a while not saying anything. After a while I began to fidget. Noticing my discomfort Snape looked at me and asked in a voice that had no emotion at all "And what are you going to do about this Pot-Harry." Still not wanting to speak I looked at him for a while before saying "I never was on the side of the light if that's what you mean. I have been neutral for years. Dumbledore is to manipulative and the ministry is corrupt. As for Voldemort he's not that bad. When he learned I was neutral 2 years ago he called off the deatheaters and started in after Dumbledore. I'm all for switching sides if you will." He seemed to consider this for a while before asking when I wanted to meet 'Tom' and Lucius.

For the next hour we went over details concerning the meeting of our other two mates. We decided to go this weekend since it was a Hogsmed Weekend. I would tell Ron and Hermione that I was going to work on homework and I would tell everyone else I was at Hogsmed. If by some odd chance someone figured out I was not in the Castle or at Hogsmed and went to Dumbledore I'd just tell him I was trying to track down my mate and needed to think.

I would be wearing a dark cloak and hood when we go to meet 'Tom'. Sna-Severus would tell 'Tom' I was his mate but not who I was. I would then tell Tom in person who I was and that Severus was also his mate. Last we would meet Lucius and Tom would hopefully tell him about the whole mate thing. That was the plan at least.

How can you honestly be a seventeen year old boy at HOGWARTS! And not know what an Incubus is? Can you really be that naive? (Don't answer me I'm just ranting at myself, Again!)

Sirius did not die in this version but he almost did!

did I spell that write? To lazy to look it up, sorry!

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