Blood Mates

Chapter 2


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Harry's POV

Come Saturday everyone was merry and smiling with the first Hogsmed weekend about to begin. Ron and Hermione were upset that I had decided to work on homework instead of go to Hogsmead with them although Hermione was glad I was getting it done, she had continually reminded me about how I shouldn't have put it off so late.

As I left Hogwarts, on my way to Hogsmed, I made sure I was several paces behind the rest of the students. This was so that if asked about my ware bouts they could honestly say they didn't know; however, I did make sure that at least one of the teachers had witnessed my departure so that if Albus asked where I could be found the other teachers would tell Albus that I was in Hogsmed, thus unreachable at the time.

Once past the gates of Hogwarts I strayed off the path that stretched over the gently rolling hills and sat down under an old oak tree. I hadn't sat down for more than a few minutes, when I looked up to find Severus offering me his hand. Taking it, I sprung to my feet and we apperated to Snape Castle.

Tom was staying in an old and extravagant castle named "Ravens Castle" which served as his, and several of his deatheaters home as well as his headquarters. The castle was located in southern England and sat on a rocky cliff viewing the ocean. The castle was completely safe. It was unplotable and had stronger wards and defensive magic than Hogwarts and the Ministry combined. It had once belonged to an old wizarding family that constantly updated the wards keeping it up to date. The only way to get in was to floo in and only if the wards recognize your magical signature. So from Snape Castle we flooed to Castle Raven. Tom had not registered my magical signature with the wards since he didn't, as of yet, know who I was. Severus had only told him he would be bringing someone of great interest. To get past the wards of the castle, Severus gave me a special necklace given to him by the Dark Lord, the only one in existence.

With a roar of flames we arrived in a lavishly decorated throne room. There were chairs and other pieces of furniture made of dark mahogany or ebony and lush dark green or black velvet throughout the room. Beautiful pieces of silk were hung from the ceiling and were draped over and around couches, tables, chairs, pedestals, and iron rods in every color of green, silver, gray, dark crimson, and black. Rugs made of the finest material where placed strategically around the room and candles floated in the air to illuminate the dark, crimson walls. The floor was made of dark slate and the ceiling was high and arched to make the mural depicted on it look all the more realistic. The mural showed demons and angels locked in an epic battle in the heaves, mortal earth, and finally hell. The walls contained pictures of battles carried out by men on mortal earth with rustic silver picture frames. The pictures weren't moving so I assumed they were muggle. Glancing at one (with my slightly sharper than normal vision) I made out the name of the artist, Tom Marvolo Riddle. 'Well that's interesting; I never knew Tom was an artist. Interesting past time for a dark lord.' I snickered slightly at this (1), which made Severus give me a sharp look, before we both turned to look at the Dark Lord.

Tom was posed aristocratically in a 'throne' of green and silver iron that wound its way around the throne like snakes. Walking at a quick but study pace we approached the throne that was on the other side of the exquisite room. Severus drooped to the floor to kneel before his Lord as I bowed respectfully. "I have brought a guest my lord" Severus murmured quickly before looking up into Tom's drop dead gorgeous face.

Since his resurrection Tom had changed dramatically, although still pale he was no longer paper white and his skin had creamy tones that made it look smooth and soft. His eyes were still blood red but they had warmth and vitality that made it so much more than just red. His hair had grown back and now were long ebony locks that although were not long enough to tie back were anything but short. He had somehow regained lips that were now an angelic shade of pink as well as a nose. His figure was strong with hard toned muscles and yet still lean and slim. To top it off he looked no older than 30 and was clocked in a lush velvet cape over a white silk shirt with the top buttons unbuttoned and hip hugging black pants. (2)

I gulped 'man is he hot!' Tom then looked to me and seemed to be sizing what little of me he could up. "And you are?" he asked clearly unperturbed that he could see nothing of my face or if I was holding a wand or weapon underneath my heavy, almost black cloak. My cloak was so thick and bulky that my own trim figure was concealed perfectly. In a deeper than normal voice I replied "That is little of your concern, however you must have something to call me until I deem it time for you to know my true identity. For now you may refer to me as Defiance." Rising his eyebrows Tom said in a clearly amused voice "Defiance indeed."

I chuckled at this 'You have no idea'.

"Alas this is not a place for discussions we must adjourn to a more comfortable room." Tom said standing from the throne. Severus who had yet to speak stepped back to let Tom threw with a slight bow. Following suit I bowed to Tom and said amused "Lead on Lord of Darkness". Smiling he lead us to a side room that although much smaller was cozy.

'Lord Voldemort smiling? I never thought I'd live to see the day!'

Sitting down in two of the three armchairs, Severus and I admired yet another extravagant room. Pouring scotch Tom handed us each a glass before taking a sip of his own. "Now tell me Defiance what brings you to me on this beautiful day." Knowing well that this was the talk made when negotiating alliances, since no dark lord in his right mind would call any day beautiful 'let alone Tom!' I decided to play along and speak in the painstaking and very round about, although polite, way that powerful and usually dark wizards used when negotiating. 'Although that's probably the point, to not let anything get done!' I mussed quietly to myself. "Much, Lord of Darkness for I have news concerning you that is of the utmost importance and may change the tides of war." Leaning back in his chair he took another sip of the scotch "Indeed" Tom said in an almost board tone.

"I happen to know the identity of your life mate." Looking amused he sat back up and asked "And who might this be?" Taking a sip from my glass of scotch I began casually "To be frank you have three mates and if it is not too bold, I am one of them." Looking as if he expected as much and had heard the same many times before 'which he probably had' the dark lord chuckled darkly before saying "and why should I believe you when a dozen or so before you have said the same to be proven false?"

'Yep! Good going Harry now what? How can I prove that I am his true mate?'

I thought for a few minutes frantically before smirking behind my dark cloak I leaned back casually and said "Even if this is a lie, you would benefit greatly from our union. Also being part incubus and part vampire on your father's side, you should know instantly if I was not should you taste my blood."

At this a look of shock flashed across his face as he nearly spit out his scotch. "And how is it that you know what I am? Not even Dumbledore knew that my dad came from a long line of squibs that were descendants of Roane Ravenclaw!" Grinning madly at my quick wit I simply took another sip before saying cryptically "muggles have a unique saying that goes something like 'each can smell there own' and it's not hard to find out you're a vampire when you still look no older than 30." Exhaling deeply he leaned all the way back in his chair this time before replying simply "True" in a tone of deep resignation.

Severus had still not spoken since he was playing the 'good but stupid follower that did little more then sit in negotiations and battle strategies. Since that was indeed the role he was playing, sitting there with his head bowed slightly in submission to his master's wishes.' I almost laughed at this. Severus Snape feared potions master was pretending to be a stupid deatheater reduced to the status of nothing more than a follower that was trying to impress his master. Of course, I knew Severus was anything but stupid and a wonderful war strategist and negotiator. 'Why on earth is he trying to pretend he was so ignorant of the courtesies of war talks? I mentally shrugged for I knew Voldemort thought him invaluable in negotiations. It is of coarse possible that Tom had instructed him to act this way so as not to bring attention to the fact that his deatheaters, which are believed to have very low IQ's by much of the wizarding world, were an intelligent force. 'Oh well this is not the time for this. I'll have to ask him later!'

"And I presume Severus is my other mate?" Tom said pulling me out of my musings. "He and Lucius Malfoy" I said with a meaningful nod. "And if you are my mate does this mean you what? Join my side as my consort and have Severus and Lucius as consorts as well? Give them the same power as I among the ranks? Have you and them be my equal?"

I scowled 'Like you would ever let three people be your equal Tom! That would only show weakness and you know it!' I looked at Tom considering my answer before speaking "Now that I'm not too sure about. You may appear weak by have so many consorts and all at once. The deatheaters may think your losing your touch and are letting just anyone in, not to mention that Severus and Lucius are in a sense overpowering you. For this reason they would get the same respect as you and title of your consort but not as high of rank as me, assuming, it's alright with them." At this I looked to Severus who nodded "That would be acceptable and I'm sure Lucius will agree to it."

At this the dark lord looked thoughtful as if he was seriously considering that I was telling the truth. "Very well then, may I have your arm?" He asked as he put his drink down and held out his left hand.

Rolling up my sleeve I offered him my right arm which he then proceeded to bring to his lips before biting down hard and drinking a small amount of my blood. Instantly shock waves ran threw my body as the most unbelievable feeling wound its way through my body. After a few seconds 'it seemed like minutes' he pulled back with once again a look of utter shock on his face.

Smiling I waved my other hand over the wound to heal it before leaning back in the chair. "Well Defiance I believe I have been mistaken." Tom said puzzled. I almost snickered at the look on his face.

"Indeed you have, however now that you are aware of the situation would you like to know who I am before or after we meet with Lucius?" Tom appeared to consider this to my great shock before giving his answer "Yes, of course. I would rather prefer to know who you are when we meet with Lucius." I nodded, saying "That's acceptable." I stood and unclasped my cloak, before slowly lowering my hood. I then proceeded to take of the cloak and drape it over the end of the chair. Tom stiffened and blinked twice "Harry?"

I sat down again "Hello Tom"

Tom smirked slightly, barely containing his amusement "Interesting name you chose 'Defiance' ….it suits you well"

I smiled "Thank you" and turned to Severus "That went well didn't it?"

He merely snorted amusement clear in his eyes. 'Probably thinking I went to unbelievable lengths to keep Tom from knowing who I was for no reason at all since Tom and I are on a first name basis.' "So tell me how you found out this 'matter of grave importance' and tides of war changing as you put it, information." Tom asked as he watched the fire, no longer on edge. For the next half an hour or so we explained the potion and the 'interesting' results. As we talked I watched Severus and Tom closely 'Both of them have come to except this! That's good!'

When we finished our conversation Tom fire called Lucius who said he would be arriving in about 10 minutes. Lucius, being Tom's right hand man knew about our 'truce' of sorts two years ago and was one of the main negotiators in our 'alliances'. He had divorced Narcissa just last year. I remember it well because Draco was so happy that his father was finally free.

Ten minutes later Lucius arrived slightly shocked to see both Severus and I casually standing in the room with the dark lord. He looked confused for a minute or two as he tried to figure out who I was before realization dawned on him. I have to give him credit for figuring it out so fast. After all I was no longer wearing glasses 'Thank you magic for that!' and had grown my hair out longer. Tom and Severus were the only people before now who had seen my new look.

Tom then proceeded to explain to Lucius the situation as well as my newly discovered heritage. When Tom finished talking Lucius had his mouth wide open and was opening and closing it in a very un Malfoyish way. I giggled quietly and stole a glance at Severus whose eyes were glistening with mirth. Tom wasn't even trying to hide his amusement any more after failing miserably and was now chuckling uncontrollably.

(1)- I just had to do it! Couldn't resist! I happen to enjoy art a lot and Lord Voldemort doing something so unlordish, time consuming, and, at least in my opinion, calming is just too funny! Plus he painted all of those pictures the muggle way! LOL! Not to mention they must be huge if they are the only things on the walls! (It must have taken ssssoooo long!) "Awe! Poor Tommy!" sighs It also sooooo doesn't fit the profile as heartless and evil! Kinda ruins the whole dark lord and evil git reputation he has going doesn't it?

(2) You didn't actually think I'd leave him all ugly, old, decrepit, and snakey did you? And no don't say he was hot before because he was NOT! shakes head Harry would never even think of touching him (or looking at him!) if he was so ugly! YES HE WAS UGLY!



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