Summer Quinn looked from her lifeguard post into the water. Not many swimmers were out there today since it had rained the night before and the water was cold. She took out her binoculars and looked into the water again when something caught her eyes. She took out her CB caller. "This is Quinn at Post 6, we got a possible body out there, need immediate backup." she said grabbing her can, jumped down post and ran into the water. She saw some of her fellow lifeguards following behind as she dived into the water towards the body. She swam quickly towards the body and flipped him over. CJ Parker swam up next to her. "Come on, let's get him in." she said as they grabbed his arms and swam in. Mitch Buchannon, Matthew Brody, and Stephanie Holden ran towards them. "Lay him down." Mitch said as CJ and Summer did as they were told.

Summer looked at the guys face, "Oh my god it's Jimmy."

"What?" Matt asked looking. "It is Slade."

"Look what I found." Lt. Holden said bringing up a badly damaged surfboard.

"He must have gotten caught in a riptide." CJ said. "But I didn't see any surfers out there."

"Neither did I." Summer said.

They heard coughing and sputtering as Mitch leaned Slade over and he spit out the water. "You okay?"

"Yeah, I think so" he said.

"What happened?" CJ asked him.

"I was just out surfing and this major wave came crashing into me." he said looking up and saw a worried, yet familiar face. "Summer?"

"Are you okay, Jimmy?" she asked holding his hand.

Yea, I'm fine." he said squeezing her hand and smiled at her.

Matt frowned as he saw Slade holding his sort-of girlfriends hand. "Well why were you surfing out here in the first place?"

"There's a new surfing competition coming and I wanted to practice." he said glaring at Matt.

"Come on inside." Stephanie said still holding his board. "We'll put out the red flag. "Summer? Matt?"

"We got it." Matt said helping Summer to her feet.

Mitch helped Slade into the office room so he could sit down and take a breather or two. "So you need anything?" he asked.

Slade shook his head. "No it's okay."

Matt looked at Summer when she reached to put the red flag on the last pole. she couldn't reach it. He chuckled and walked over to help her. "Need some help?"

"Why do you ask that?" she asked standing on her tiptoes to reach and still couldn't.

Matt shook his head, took the flag and put it up. "See it helps being taller.

Summer stuck her tongue out at Matt. "Thanks."

"Any time." he said wrapping his arms around her. "So are we still on for our date tonight?"

"Depends on what you had in mind."

"I was thinking dinner and a romantic walk on the beach." he said.

"It defiantly is a hard offer to turn down." she said smiling up at him.

"I'll pick you up at seven?"

"You bet." she said as he leaned over and kissed her on the lips.

"Hey..." CJ said. "Oops, sorry, didn't mean to interrupt.

"It's okay." Matt said as he and Summer moved kind of away from each other. "What you need CJ?"

"Oh, I just came to tell you that Mitch is calling a meeting."

"We're coming." Summer said still blushing as the three of them walked to the office.

"Well, good you're all here." Mitch said as CJ, Matt, and Summer walked in. He noticed Matt and Summer were both a little bit red in the cheeks and chuckled softly to himself thinking CJ must have caught them kissing. "Have a seat." he said as they all sat down.

Summer took an empty seat next to Slade and Matt sat on the cushion of the couch so he was next to Summer. "Well, I must advise you all to wear sun block out there, especially Summer and Matt. They look sunburned already."

Summer and Matt looked at the ground as CJ smiled. Slade moved his legs over to give Summer some more room to sit so she wasn't so close to Matt too. By the way she and Matt looked they were blushing instead of being sunburned.