"That was Summer." Mitch told Garner as they drove quickly to Slade's van in time to see some guys on bikes ride off with Summer. "Where's Slade?"

"There." Garner said as he grabbed the first aide kit and ran out of the truck. "Slade, man can you hear me?"

Slade moaned softly. "Summer..."

"We'll get her back." Mitch said.

Stephanie had almost all lifeguards looking out for the bikers and yet still didn't see anything. "Stephanie!" She heard and turned. "Summer?!"

She saw a herd of bikers drive past with Summer on one of the bikes. "Crap," she said grabbing her CB. "Mitch, they're heading south on the port."

"That bridge is out." Garner said.

"Let's go." Mitch said putting Slade into the truck with help from Matt and Garner and hurried off to the bridge.

Stephanie radioed all patrolling lifeguards of a warning and keep they're eyes on the beach and near the torn down bridge. "I see them." CJ said. "They're going too fast to so though."

"Stop are you crazy!" Summer gasped.

"Keep quiet."

"But the bridge it out."


"The bridge!"

They all looked and saw that she was right, not being able to stop they all went over. Mitch stopped the truck as they ran towards the edge of the bridge. "Summer!" Matt yelled.

Garner grabbed his radio. "I want all immediate backup to the old bridge, including all lifeguards on call."

"Matt what are you doing?" Mitch asked.

"I'm going after her." he said taking off his shirt and dived into the water.

"Jesus, Garner stay here." Mitch said diving in after him.

Summer quickly swam to the surface gasping for breath. "Matt!"

"Summer!" Matt said swimming towards her. "Are you okay?"

"I think so." she said coughing. "They're still under."

"As a lifeguard no matter what we still have to rescue them." Mitch said seeing Stephanie coming towards them on a water-ski, CJ driving a Scarab and the others. "Let's go under." he said.

CJ stopped the Scarab and dived into the water followed by the fellow lifeguards and by Stephanie too. In ten minutes time they had managed to get all the bikers onto the two Scarabs and made they're way back to the beach. The bikers were then put into ambulance for lack of oxygen and afterwards arrested. "Hey we seemed to have made the front page of the paper again." CJ said passing it around.

"But who took the picture of me and those bikers going over the bridge?" Summer asked.

"A local reporter was at the beach snapping pictures trying to get some good footage and he was extremely pleased to catch that. He also got a picture of Matt jumped in followed by Mitch." Stephanie said.

Mitch chuckled. "I must say my picture looks better then yours Matt."

"No, I think Summer's does." he said wrapping his arms around her.

"Forget it. That is one memory I don't wish to remember nor relive." she said shaking her head.

"Hey, is this a private party or can anyone join in?"

"Slade." Summer said getting up and gave him a hug. "Are you okay?"

"Nothing a couple of bandages won't help." he said smiling returning her hug. "Matt your girlfriend is a very dangerous person."

"I know." he said smiling. "I know."

Summer faced Matt and smiled. "Did you want to finish our date?"

"Thought you would never ask." he said smiling as the two of them walked out of the station hand in hand.

The others just smiled and laughed. "Nothing can separate those two, at this moment." CJ said.