One-shot. On a certain boy and how they admitted their love. Lemon.

Disclaimer: I own Harry Potter and all the characters in my dreams.

A boy around the age of 17 with messy ebony hair and hazel eyes awoke to a dreary grey winters morning to the sound of his favourite and only playthings voice screaming something about classes, responsibility and how he ever became Head Boy. Of course he ignored this as she did it every morning, so he just pretended to be asleep.

The girl was Head Girl and due to a bet she made James Potters plaything. She'd been screaming at him for half an hour with no response from him before she straddled him pressing her naked body against his making him groan. She smiled and pressed her lips against his moaning his name as he demanded entrance which she gave willingly.

Suddenly he switched positions with her moving his hand down to her lower lips slipping his fingers inside finding her wet and ready for him. When he started rubbing her she arched into his hand and moaned in utter delight and completely forgetting why she'd been screaming and why she pretended to hate him so much. Then all thoughts but of how good his fingers felt inside her flew from her mind as he kissed his way down to her breast taking the nipple into his mouth and sucking and biting it while he toyed with the other one.

Lily writhed underneath him and pulled his head up to hers and kissed him passionately begging him to hurry up and fuck her already. James hearing how much she needed him and because he wanted her so much he thought that if he didn't have her he surely must die pulled his fingers out of her and thrust in.

Lily wrapped her legs around his hips to give them both infinite pleasure. James thrust harder and faster when he felt Lily begin to lose control and convulse around him he switched again and pulled her on top of him letting her take control. At the peak of her orgasm he spilt his seed into her and pushed them both over the edge into oblivion.

In the hazy aftermath James lovingly pushed the hair off her face and said the words he'd been saying everyday for nearly four years without getting any response "I love you Lily," and in that moment Lily finally admitted what she'd known for years now by saying, "I love you too James."

Then they kissed. A kiss filled with mutual love before getting up and dressing going to first class potions.

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