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Chapter 4: Endings and Possible Beginnings

Clark's POV

After Chloe had dressed, she, Lex, and I sat in Lex's dining room and drank coffee. I decided to speak first. "Chloe, why are you involved in magic?"

She looked at me surprised. "To help Lana," she replied as if it was obvious.

"But it's dangerous," I insisted.

"So is fire," she countered, "but you can't blame the fire for what the arsonist did."

I contemplated this for a moment. "This is different," I persisted.

"No it's not," she answered, completely calm. "Magic isn't good or evil. It all depends on the person who uses it."

Lex spoke up, "She has a point." I was flabbergasted. They were ganging up on me. I frowned, but didn't push the issue.

"Don't worry, Clark," Chloe said. "I'll be careful." I reluctantly nodded.

"So," Lex said, trying to destroy the awkward silence. "What's in that book that Brandon wanted so badly?" I perked up at this.

Chloe frowned. "I don't know. He said it was supposed to have information on possession, but who knows if that's true."

"Well, I could have it translated for you," Lex suggested.

Chloe smiled, "That would be great."

I had to smile too. Although I was worried about Chloe using magic, I was excited about the prospect of helping Lana. Something occurred to me, though. "Oh," I exclaimed. "What about your spell on the book?"

"I'll take it off," Chloe said nonchalantly. "Where is it?"

I thought for a moment before saying, "Out in the car. I'll go get it." I jumped up from my seat and exited the dining room. I walked through the halls of Luthor Manor until I reached the front doors.

I searched the car and found the heavy tome (though it wasn't heavy for me), and headed back into the house. As I walked back to the dining room, I could hear Chloe's laughter echoing through the halls. I opened the door, and Lex and Chloe turned their smiling faces to me. "What were you talking about?" I asked.

Lex and Chloe just smirked. I had the sneaking suspicion that they were talking about me, but maybe I'm just paranoid. I placed the book in front of Chloe. Chloe waved her hand over the book. Golden light sprinkled down from her hand and rested on the volume, making it golden for a minute. Then the light dissipated and Chloe said, "Done."

"That's it?" I asked incredulously.

"That's it."

The next day:

Lex's POV

I was walking through the front hall when I heard a knock. Because it would be the easiest for me to answer the door, I did just that. When I opened the door, I saw Chloe standing in front of me. I smirked. A large wrapped gift was in her arms.

"Well," Chloe said, "aren't you going to invite me in?" My smirk widened, and I invited her in with a grand gesture. Chloe laughed. I led her to my study where we sat on the cushy leather couch.

"Who's the gift for?" I asked, slightly hopeful.

Chloe flashed her full-watt smile. "It's for you!" She pushed the box into my arms. I chuckled. Carefully, I pulled off the lid of the decorative box. A tiny creature sat in the bottom. Her eyes were bright yellow and her black fur was soft and shiny. Chloe had gotten me a kitten. I lifted the tiny cat from the box and held her in my arms. "It's Lana," Chloe said.

I looked back over to Chloe. I guess my surprised expression was humorous because Chloe burst out laughing. "Just kidding!" she assured me.

I plastered my smirk back on my face and said, "What's her name?"

"Don't know," she answered thoughtfully. "I suppose it's up to you."

"Chloe," I began. "Why did you get me a kitten?"

"Well," she replied, "you seemed lonely, and I just can't stand it when my friends are lonely."

I actually smiled. That's true. She always does take care of her friends.

Chloe's POV

The End. I suppose your waiting for some sort of moral to pop out at you. If you must have one, I suppose it's this: have your friends memorize your eyes. That would simple up life so much. Oh and the book was basically useless in helping Lana. It was just full of a bunch of dark magic and spells, so now it is locked away in my closet. Not the safest place, but come on, who would think to look there for it?

So that's it, the denouement of our story, but of course, Clark would say it was the beginning of so many more. Then again, he's a hopeless romantic.