(Just so you know Rin and Jaken are still alive. Rin is 12 and is currently staying at Lord Sesshomaru's palace with Jaken.)

Sesshomaru opened the door to the cave and went in. "What do you want Aku?" he said to the old female demon who was sitting on the floor.

"Why Lord Sesshomaru! I haven't seen you since you were up to my knee! It's been what almost 800 years since I last saw you I really didn't think you would come when I summoned you!"

"Just state your business I, Sesshomaru, am very busy."

"Your always straight to the point just like your father! Very well I summoned you here to tell you that I realized that you are getting older and you have yet to produce an heir."

"I, Sesshomaru, will live forever thus I don't need an heir."

"Ahh but won't it eternity get lonely when you don't have a mate?"

"I have no need of such."

"Of course you do! No one can live with out any company! Besides Sesshomaru there are many female demons that would love to be your mate."

"I don't need any of them," said Sesshomaru and he got up and left the cave to go back to his castle and Rin.

In a low murmur Aku said, "Ahh, Lord Sesshomaru if only you could see the error in your ways I shall give you a gift." She then began looking on the floor for something and found a long silver hair on the floor that the dog demon had left behind. She picked it up and held it close to her and she said, "Now I can put my curse on him!"