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Jaken left Rin by herself in her room. Rin looked around to see that lying on her bed was the most beautiful kimono she had ever seen. It was long and white and the tie on it was a deep blue. (I know I suck at describing clothes! But just as long as you know that it's a very beautiful kimono then all will be well!) Rin then went to her door, she opened it and looked out, no one was there, and Rin then quickly made her way to the bathhouse.

'Jaken obviously does not know the first thing about a bride preparing for her wedding!' Rin thought to herself as she slipped into the hot water of the bath. When Rin was done washing herself she got out and put a robe on and then made her way to her room. On her way she met up with Aku who walking absent mindedly around the corridors.

"Aku, may I ask you for help with something?" Rin asked.

"What do you want Rin?" Aku asked.

"Could you fix my hair? I want it to look nice for the wedding."


"Alright come with me," Rin said grabbing Aku's hand and then running off to her room.

After they got in Rin's room, Rin put the dress on (It had matching shoes too!) then she sat down in front of her mirror with Aku standing behind her. Aku began fixing Rin's hair and it was easy to tell that Aku was not very good at fixing hair.

After a few minutes of doing nothing but ratting Rin's hair, Aku said, "That's it I give up! Rin take your necklace off, I am going to put a spell on your hair so it will look nice!"

Rin took her necklace off and Aku put her hands over Rin's head and muttered a chant and suddenly Rin's hair started curling and going up to the top of her head. (Yeah I suck at details, but what you need to know is: Rin's hair looks really pretty, it is in curls but most of them are on the top of her head with a few curls hanging down around her neck.)

Rin put the necklace back on and examined her hair, "Why didn't you just do that earlier?" she asked Aku.

"Because I wanted to see if I could do it without magic. But obviously I can't. Why do you think I always wear my hair down and straight?"

"Because that's how it naturally is, and you don't do anything to it?"

"Exactly, now then you have to put some make-up on!"

Rin then put her some makeup on which had been placed on the top of her dresser for her. (She had Aku's help because Rin has never worn make up before.) When they were finished there was a knock on the door.

"Come in," Rin said.

The door opened and Sesshomaru walked in.

"Huh! Lord Sesshomaru!" Rin said and quickly stood up and gave him a slight bow, but as soon as she had seen him the necklace that she was wearing started glowing and gave her the same strange feeling that it had before. Her hand went straight to the stone, "Lord Sesshomaru, what does this mean?" she asked.

"Rin, it is because of the curse placed on myself, do not take the necklace off just yet."

"Yes, Lord Sesshomaru,"

"I'll leave you two alone for now," Aku said, then she quietly walked out the door behind Sesshomaru and closed the door behind her.

"Rin, I am sure that you have been informed about the events that will be taking place today.

"Yes, I did Lord Sesshomaru," Rin said looking at the floor so she could hide the blush that had crept onto her face. She then heard Sesshomaru taking the few steps across the room until he was standing right in front of her.

She felt his clawed hand tilt her chin up so she was looking directly in his face, "I hope that you were happy to hear about them."

"Oh yes I was very happy to hea-," she wasn't able to say any more because Sesshomaru had brought his lips down on hers and was now kissing her very passionately. At first she didn't know what to do (this was her first kiss after all!) then she started kissing him back and that only encouraged him. His hand dropped from her chin and wrapped itself around her waist and brought her closer to him.

Sesshomaru had been craving to do this since he had first seen Rin in her sixteen year old form, and now that he was, it was everything he had expected it to be, but better. Because their bodies where pressed together he could feel the aura coming off the stone that was around her neck.

It was then that he pulled away, he hadn't wanted to and he could tell that Rin hadn't wanted to either (even though she was really out of breath). "Rin, a servant will come and get you when it is time,"

"Alright, Lord Sesshomaru," Rin said.

Sesshomaru then turned around and opened the door and then Aku (who had been listening to them) fell into the room she quickly got up.

"Oh, here's that ear ring that fell out of my ear!" she said holding her hand up so it looked like she was holding something between her fingers (but on in a world we call reality she wasn't holding anything!)

"Eaves Dropping, Aku?"

"Sesshomaru! Where ever would you get that idea? I am offended that you would even think that about me! And I was just about to give you your wedding present! It's was really good too!

"A wedding present?" Sesshomaru asked out of curiosity.

"Yes, but I'm not sure if I want to give it to you now that you have insulted me of eaves dropping!"

"Aku, just give it to him," Rin said.

"Fine, I'll do it but only because Rin told me to! First Sesshomaru I need you to pull down your sleeve on your left arm." (FYI Sesshomaru isn't wearing his armor, although he does have Tenseiga and Tokijin at his side.)

Sesshomaru knew what she was going to do so he calmly lowered his sleeve allowing half of his chest to show. (HE HE HE! I can picture it! It's sooo sexy!)

"Now I will need one of your hairs," Aku said walking closer to Sesshomaru and grabbing one of his long silver hairs from his head and with a quick yank it was out.

Aku then cupped the hair in her hands and started chanting, when she was done Sesshomaru felt the end of his left arm start to tingle. Then he saw a bone extend from (Okay I find this mean but I'm just going to call it his stump. DON'T HURT ME!) the stump and then a hand grew from the end of the bone. Then muscle and veins came from the end of the stump and covered the bone. Then a layer of skin covered that. (Complete with demon markings and everything!)

"Aku, I… appreciate this," Sesshomaru said flexing his new hand. He then put his shirt back on all the way and left.

"So Aku, what was the point of having him take his shirt half way off?" Rin asked him.

"Two reasons. One: I wanted to see him with his shirt of and I was pretty sure you wanted to, too," Rin then lowered her head and blushed, 'She's right!' "And two: when the new arm was in the muscley veiny stage and in it's sleeve then it would have dirtied his sleeve!"

"Oh, well that makes sense," Rin said.

"So Rin, you got your first kiss just know when I was out of the room didn't you?" Aku asked.

Rin's face turned bright red, "Yes," she said.

Aku then went and sat on Rin's bed and motioned for Rin to sit down next to her, which Rin did. Then Aku got a strange look in her eyes and looked at Rin and said, "So how was it?"


"I wanna know if Sesshomaru is a good kisser! So did you like it?"

"Yeah," Rin said her face now even redder than before, "Why would you want to know if he's a good kisser? You're married!"


"But you-," Rin was interrupted by knock on the door.

"Come in,"

The door opened and Jaken walked in, "My Lady, it is time for the wedding."

"Master Jaken why are you using such formalities with me?" Rin asked as she got off the bed and walked over to Jaken. Aku then got up and followed her.

"Because soon you will soon be in a higher station than my own and I will have to talk to you with terms of respect." Jaken grumbled.

"Imp, don't sound so excited about it," Aku said to him.

"Why you!" Jaken said waving his staff at her.

"How dare you brandish that stick at me, Aku, the greatest caster of spells and potions. I will see that your Lady punishes you dearly."

"Yes Jaken you wouldn't want me to punish you would you?" Rin said to him.

"No, my Lady, now please come with me." Jaken said walking out the door with Rin and Aku following behind him. They went downstairs and soon they were standing in front of a room Rin had never been in or near before.

"Aku you will go in through this door and be seated with the other guests." Aku then opened the door and went inside without letting Rin sneak a peak on what was inside the room. Jaken then took Rin around a corner and they stood infront of yet another door.

"Rin you will go in through this door."

"Then what do I do?" Rin asked.

"Then you will walk up towards the altar where Sesshomaru is and then you will be informed of what do to next."

"Alright, thank you Jaken." Rin said and then she opened the door.

Her first thought was to bring her hand up to her eyes to shield them from the light. But she didn't do it; she just kept her hands down at her sides. The walls and the ceiling of the room were pure white. She looked to her left and saw a lot of male demon's (and Aku) standing there in a crowd watching her. She then looked to her front again and was Sesshomaru standing at what must have been the altar Jaken was talking about with all his two handed glory. She then walked up to him and stood across from him.

(Okay now then I am really very very sorry about this but I have no idea how a wedding ceremony for demon's goes so basically they were standing at his altar thing and then they had a ceremony and then they were married. Oh, and yes they did kiss at the end of the ceremony.)

(Taking place after the wedding. Mingling with the guests.)

After the ceremony was over everyone left that room and went to the ballroom where drinks were being past around. Sesshomaru held Rin around the waist with his left arm. (I love typing that!) As they talked with guests.

"So Sesshomaru, I never thought you would have married a human!" a demon Lord, Rin had yet to learn the name of, said.

"Ha! I never thought he was capable of love!" Another quest shouted.

"Yes, well when I did realize that I did love her, it was simply a matter of her growing up faster." Sesshomaru said coldly to the demons but when Rin looked up at him she could see that he had a small smile on his face.

Then an older demon came and clapped his hand on Sesshomaru's right shoulder. "So where did you get the left arm? We're going to miss calling you Tripod."

"Yes, and I will miss killing everyone who says that." (FYI: If you don't get why some rude demons were calling him Tripod it's because whenever he turned into his dog form he only had three legs so and tripod means three feet so yeah there's your explanation.)

"Ha ha ha! So where did you get the arm from?" the demon asked again.

"Why do you want to know?" Sesshomaru asked coldly.

'Why are you being so stubborn!" the demon asked his temper now very close to his boiling point.

Rin felt Sesshomaru's grip tighten around her, and she was suddenly afraid her wedding day would turn into a brawl which would result in a war was about to say something when Aku cut in.

"It was a wedding gift from myself. Now then if you will excuse these two," Aku said nodding her head in Sesshomaru and Rin's direction, "I believe they would like to retire for the night."

Sesshomaru and Rin then headed out of the room and Sesshomaru called for Jaken, "Jaken make sure they do not get out of hand," Sesshomaru said then he took Rin and headed to 'their' room.

Jaken wanted to call after his Lord and say, 'But none of them will listen to me!' but instead he went into the room where all the now drunken demons were.

When Rin and Sesshomaru had made it to Sesshomaru's room Sesshomaru closed the door and locked it behind him, then he walked over to Rin and was about to take her necklace off.

"What are you doing, Lord Sesshomaru? If you take the necklace off I will fall madly in love with you!" (The stone had been glowing like crazy every time she saw Sesshomaru)

"And you are not already?" he asked raising an eyebrow.

"Well yes I am, but you still haven't broken the spell yet."

"Rin, we are about to break the spell now," he said calmly then he took the necklace off and he threw it on the near by dresser. When he turned his face back to Rin's he saw love and passion in her eyes, greater than he had ever seen before.

He then lowered his head and kissed her and she kissed back. He then succeeded in kissing her all the way to the bed and then as her feet hit the bed (She was walking backwards) she fell backwards onto the bed bringing him down on top of her.

In the morning when Rin woke up she was lying with her head on his chest again. Just like that night that had just happened a few days ago, but now it felt like it had been ages ago. The only difference was that then when she woke up they were both fully clothed, but now… things were a 'little' different.

As soon as Rin realized she had been sleeping in a bed, naked, with her Lord, she sat straight up, allowing the sheet that had been covering her to slip down and expose her chest, she quickly grabbed the sheet and pulled it to cover up her chest again. She then felt a hand on her shoulder pull her back down on top of him again.

Rin gasped and then said, "Sesshomaru!"

"You are making too much noise allow me to sleep, or we will repeat what we did last night."

Rin looked up at his face, his eyes where still closed and he looked like he was asleep. Rin then brought her face to his and kissed him.

Sesshomaru then gave a small growl and rolled over so he was now on top of her. He began kissing her and just as things were getting really good there was a knock on the door.

Sesshomaru groaned their perfect moment was ruined because of this unwanted interference he then rolled off of Rin and just lied next to her, "What do you want?" he asked.

"Sesshomaru, the other demon Lords are demanding that their wives be allowed in now. Have you gotten rid of the curse yet?" Aku asked him.

"Yes, let them in!" Sesshomaru said. He could hear Aku's footsteps leaving the door but he called after her, "Aku!"

Aku then turned around and went back to standing by the door. "Yes?" she patiently asked him.

"Make sure that no one comes into this wing until Rin and I leave it! And that includes you!"

"Yes, Sesshomaru," Aku said quickly walking away from the room.

Sesshomaru then looked at Rin, "Now then do you wish to pick up where we left off?"

"Yes, Sesshomaru," she said with a seductive smile.

Sesshomaru then rolled over so he was on top of her again. And they did 'pick up where they left off.'


Since it was the day after the wedding InuYasha and his group came to Sesshomaru's castle, where they were greeted by Aku.

"Hello, InuYasha," Aku said, "and hello… the rest of you. InuYasha I am glad that you were able to come here, the day after your brother was married.

"Yeah well I only came to call him a hypocrite and to laugh at him."

"Aren't you a caring brother? Well I apologize but Sesshomaru and Lady Rin will not be taking any visitors just yet."

"What do you mean? I want to see… Sesshomaru that's who it was! I want to see Sesshomaru!" Kagome said.

"Kagome, the spell was broken stop saying what you think you should be saying." Aku said to her.

"Well I still want to make fun of my brother! Where is he that he isn't taking visitors?"

"He and Lady Rin are still in bed," Aku said.

"Hey Miroku. It's almost noon! Why would Sesshomaru and Rin still be in bed?" Shippo asked him.

"Delighted you asked!" Miroku said to Shippo.

"Miroku! Don't! He may look as old as you, but he's only 13!" Sango snapped at him.

"So? Rin's just a twelve-year-old girl in a sixteen-year-old's body!" Miroku said.

"Come on we're leaving! The curse was broken and I can make fun of Sesshomaru later." InuYasha said. Then he started leaving and everyone else followed.


Later when Aku was at home by her self she pulled a book off a shelf and opened to a page. On each page were just names of demons. She put a check mark next to Sesshomaru's name and then looked at the nextname on the list, "Hmm… InuYasha... it is time for you to choose. The dead or the living."


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