The Curse 0-6

The Curse 0-6

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House in Ireland 1753

"Waaahhh" cries a newborn baby.

"The child is born" announces the midwife handing the baby to the mother.

The mother looks disdainfully at the newborn baby girl and says "I don'a wan the devil child. Take it away." she hands the child back to the midwife uttering "Curse her sire. May she be like'im."

The dark eyed baby looks up at the midwife her dark eyes glittering with confusion and sadness. "She's an angel" sighs the midwife instantly captured by the child's beauty.

don'a wan' it here." screams the mother in anger.

The midwife looks at the mother and sees her extreme hate for the child. She senses a presence in the room. Turning to the doorway she sees a short reddish haired man looking at the child in interest.

"Who're you" demands the midwife holding the child close to her in fear.

"I've come for the child" he announces entering the room.

"For what she is not but a child' remarks the midwife.

"Aye but a child in danger" the man says looking her in the eyes he exerts his will upon her. "You shall give me the child and forget of her birth"

The lady looks at him about to object when she feels the urge to give him the child, "Aye sir I shall forget the child" she hands over the child to the man.

Taking the child the man watches as the midwife leaves. Looking down at the mother on the bed who is staring up at him in fear he says "Forget all about the child. She does not exist"

The mother is about to say something when her mind is blanked out. Knowing the two women will never remember the birth of the child he his satisfied with his work. Looking down at the newborn he says "Well little one it is time for us to leave."

Chapter 1/?

1999 Sunnydale High School Library

"Hey guys" greets a petite blonde entering the library., "So Giles any new prophecies cause I had a wiggen dream last night." she asks seeing the man dressed in tweed reading a book.

"Uh hello Buffy" he greets distractedly. He looks up at the girl, "You had a dream last night?"

"Oh yes do tell" pleads a dark haired young man.

Rolling her eyes at her best friend Willow Buffy replies, "It wasn't about you Xander. It was about a girl a couple years older than me. She had power and strength. She seemed so familiar yet so different." she tells them in confusion and awe.

"Was she a vampire" asks the red haired girl named Willow in fear.

"I don't know. It was like she was...but wasn't" Buffy admits.

"I'll check and see if there are any prophecies of that nature" the British librarian replies heading into the library stacks.

"So Buffy how did your date with Angel go last night" Willow asks in interest.

Smiling secretively she replies, "Its was great." Buffy thinks back to the night before with her boyfriend.

"So how is Dead Boy" quips Xander.

"Xander don't call him that" growls Buffy thinking of her soulled vampire boyfriend with affection.

"Xander if you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all" Willow says angrily staring at her best friend. Turning to Buffy she asks "How is Angel doing" she asks reluctantly wincing at the memory of his reverting to Angelus.

Buffy shrugs "Fine I guess. Angel and I don't talk about it much" she says thinking of her boyfriends killing spree with sadness. "He and I haven't gotten on that subject yet" she admits sadly.

"What do you expect? I mean he went psycho" points out Xander.

"Xander" groans Willow shooting a look of disdain at him while glancing at her other best bud with concern.

"I've got to go to class" Buffy announces standing up she leaves the room.

"Xander how could you" hisses Willow following Buffy out the door.

"What? Its true" he replies hurrying after them.

******Meanwhile across town at the mansion

A tall darkly gorgeous young looking man just recently awake heads to the refrigerator grabs a blood bag. His face morphing he quickly drains the blood from the bag and tosses it into the garbage can. He senses the presence of someone, turning he finds the demon Whistler standing there "What are you doing here Whistler" he growls.

Whistler joins the vampire the kitchen to opening the refrigerator to find something to eat. Reaching into the refrigerator he grabs a Coke. "Morning Angel" Whistler replies ignoring the anger in the vampires growl opening the Coke he asks, "So did you hear about the new vamp in town?"

Curious Angel shrugs nonchalantly, "I heard about it from Willie"

"What did he tell you?" asks Whistler.

"A new vampire named Liena is in town. Okay she's not new but she is younger than me" he remarks,

"What about her did he say" Whistler asks.

"Willie couldn't tell me much all he knows is that she is powerful. He also said something about her being a hunter of some kind. He didn't know much about her."

"Keep an eye out this vamp is very important Angel" the demon says

"Important for what?" asks Angel suspiciously.

"The end of the world. Your future. Your past." Whistler says airily

Sensing an underlying story Angel asks, "What do you mean?" He feels a strange sense of danger.

Whistler looks at the vampire and smiling secretively he replies "You'll see just be careful Angel" he warns. Angel looks away momentarily then when he looks back at Whistler he finds the annoying demon gone, "I hate it when he does that" he groans. Looking at the clock Angel sees that its 2:30 and realizes that Buffy is done with classes. "Well if Whistler came to visit then something is up. I better go see if there are any new prophecies." he sighs getting dressed quickly he heads to the sewer tunnel entrance.

Chapter 2/?- The Library

"Hey G-man how's it going" asks Xander bouncing into the room in his hyper active way.

"Xander how many times have I told you not to call me that" replies the frazzled librarian frowning at the hyper teen. He returns to his reading ignoring the teenager.

"Giles have you found anything to explain my freaky dream" demands the Slayer entering the room in a hurry with Willow following behind.

Giles looks up at them and replies "Not really I found reference to one they say is bonded by a curse who will appear to ask for help of some type. I'm having a hard time deciphering it. Its all jumbled up." he frowns returning to his research.

"Giles is in research mode" sighs Xander in disgust.

Just then Buffy senses two vampires entering the library through the sewer entrance. Looking towards the entrance she smiles to see her favorite vampire Angel. "Hey what are you doing out its daylight' she asks in mock anger.

Smiling at his girlfriend Angel replies "I have some news that might interest Giles." The vampire greets everyone else.

"So Angel what news do you have" asks Giles removing his glasses he wipes them with a handkerchief while watching the soulled vampire.

"Willie told me that there is a new vampire in town named Liena. He said that she's here for something. Then Whistler just confirmed it with some other weird news " Angel informs them sitting down.

"Liena? Who is Liena? " asks Xander looking at them confused.

Angel shrugs "Never heard of her" he replies feeling a moment of fear that he rarely feels he hugs his girlfriend to him.

"Giles said that the dream you had Buffy refers to a person bonded by a curse" reminds Willow

"And Liena means a bond" muses Angel thoughtfully. Looking at Giles he asks "Is it possible that Buffy's dream and the new vampire are connected somehow?"

Suddenly the Library door flies open and a body goes flying through the doors and hits the wall with a thud. Angel shrinks back into the shadows feeling the presence of a vampire and to avoid the sunlight. Looking around in confusion Buffy grabs a stake as the being enters.

Walking over to the body on the floor the new library occupant picks him up and growls angrily "Tell whoever sent you that if they threaten the Slayer and her friends or family I will tear you and them limb from limb." the figure carries the figure to the door and throws the person out closing the doors behind her. Turning around the figure sees the Slayer and friends staring in confusion.

"Who are you?" demands the Slayer in total defense mode holding the stake ready to attack.

The figure removes the hood to reveal dark brown hair "My name is Liena." she announces to the shock of the room. Looking around she says "You can come out now" she watches in amusement as a vampire appear in total fight mode. "I am no threat to you" she says her eyes glittering in amusement then shock as the vampire returns to his human form.

"Liena!" yells a male voice in the hallway.

Overcoming her shock she calls "I am in here" she awaits the entrance of her lover. :

"Liena don't do that anymore you had me worried" the man says rushing into the room stopping in his tracks at the sight of the vampire. "OH my God" he says in shock staring at the vampire.

Noticing the look of surprise between the two newcomers the Slayer demands in confusion "OKAY care to fill us in" Looking at the girl in surprise she says "You're the girl in my dreams. Who are you?"

"It can't be" Willow looks at the girl in shock. Turning to her best friend she says "Buffy Look at her! Who does she remind you of"

"What are you" growls Angel in confusion. He recognizes the girl but can't remember from where.

"Liena are you OK' asks the man beside her concerned.

"Yes Luca I'm fine." she replies.

"Who are you" demands the vampire advancing towards the girl.

"Angel somehow I don't think she is a threat to us" calls the Slayer putting her hand on his arm to restrain him.

"My name is Catherine Liena-- they call me Liena. I was born in 1753 in Ireland. My mother was Cassandra O'Riley from Galaway" she tells them looking directly at Angel as if to will him to remember.

Hearing that name Angel pales as much as a vampire can. Seeing the look on her boyfriends face Buffy asks "Angel are you okay"

Ignoring his girlfriend Angel asks fearfully "Who is your father"

Looking at him Liena feels her features morph momentarily. Sighing warily she replies feeling Luca take her hand and squeeze it comfortingly, "You are my father Liam or should I say....Angelus" stunning the whole entire room

Chapter 3/?

"That's impossible." stutters Giles. "There is no mention of you in any of the Angelus chronicles"

Smiling slightly at the Watcher Liena replies "Sorry but its true." shaking her head Liena replies, "There isn't any mention of me because he never knew I existed. No one other than my guardians knew I existed"

"Uh excuse me but how is it possible for no one to know you existed? I mean someone had to give birth to you" retorts Xander.

Looking at the mortal Liena replies, "She uh never remembered being pregnant or giving birth to me. My guardian erased all memories of me" She looks at Angel as he is absorbing the knowledge.

"Uh why did someone else raise you" asks a confused Willow

"She was born after I changed" Angel finally says stunned.

Liena nods "Yes I was. It was another two months before you found her..." she trails off.

"And changed her" he sighs regretfully

"Still that doesn't explain why they took you away from your mother" Buffy remarks sadly looking at her boyfriend she takes his hand.

Squeezing Luca's hand to reassure herself Liena replies sadly looking at them "She cursed me for existing. From what I have been told she cursed me to live the same existence that Liam by then known as Angelus was living. She set the curse to be fulfilled at the same exact age that she was when everything she loved was ended. They knew that with that curse if I would to be brought over to be a full vampire I would be even worse than any that are recorded. I was taken to my mortal guardians until the curse was set. On the exact day 18 years later that' Liena says looking sadly at Angel, 'you left her the curse began to be fulfilled On the exact same day eighteen years after you became Angelus the curse was final.' looking around the room she finishes, 'In the end I became a vampire."

"But your out during daylight" stammers Giles

Liena looks at him sadly, "I became a different breed of vampire. I was cursed to be a vampire yet somehow I was cursed to be also human. I am both human and vampire." she tells the stunned group.

"So your a soulled vamp like Angel?" asks Buffy

Shaking her head "No I am neither vampire nor human." :

Finally Luca enters the conversation hugging his girlfriend/charge he replies "Liena unlike a human cannot age. Unlike a vampire she can be outside during the day. She has to occasionally feed unlike most vampires she only needs to feed when she loses blood or gets angry. She has all the vampire senses. Yet she's technically not dead"

"Amazing a vampire who isn't technically a vampire" muses Giles, "That has never been recorded"

"Uh what about Angel is a soulled vampire so technically he has a human characteristic other vampires don't have" points out Willow.

"Yes but I'm the first ever to be cursed as one. I was never officially brought over. I just live the existence of one" she sighs sadly.

A dark haired girl named Cordelia is watching them with interest when she enters the conversation, "If I may ask how old are you and Luca" she asks curiously.

"Liena is 241 and I am 300. Give or take a couple years." Luca says shrugging.

"241 Damn" whistles Xander

Liena growls at him angrily, "Its not much fun" her eyes flashing at memories her age brought about..

"Buffy tell her to stop" whines Xander

"Look don't threaten my friends. Even if you are related to Angel I won't hesitate to kill you" she threatens her with the stake.

"You have no worries Liena is just hungry. When she's hungry she gets angry. And worried." Luca says diffusing the situation by stepping in-between the Slayer and Liena.

"Willow go get the blood packs from the fridge in my office" Giles orders the red head.

Liena shakes her head at Luca. "Mr. Giles its not necessary" Luca says reaching into his pocket he retrieves a knife. "excuse us a moment" he says taking her hand he leads her into the stacks.

They all look at each other in shock. Looking over at Angel Giles asks "Is she your daughter"

Looking at the Watcher sadly he mutely nods then sighs "Its possible."

A few moments later Luca exits the stacks alone holding a Kleenex to his neck. "She's resting" he tells them walking to the floor. Seeing the look of confusion on their faces he explains "Liena refuses to feed off mortals as long as she can avoid to. She has this major guilt trip going whenever she does feed off a mortal or any form of a mortal."

"Uh aren't you mortal" asks Willow in confusion.

Luca looks at the redhead smiling slightly he shakes his head, "No I'm not I am her guardian. I was given the ability to watch over her centuries before her birth or yours" he says looking over at Angel. "I was the only one capable to be her guardian...Before I was a mortal on a destructive path they gave me a choice be her guardian or die the most painful death a human could endure."

:"And you picked the former" states Buffy

"Yes I know that seems somewhat selfish but it was something that I knew was needed"

"So you have been taking care of her for over 200 years?" asks Giles.

"No more along the line of the last 150 years. Her original guardian was a demon who had to train her to survive. After she was capable of surviving I was brought in to make sure she didn't lose control...again." he tells them warily.

"Again?" asks Buffy

"Yes when the curse first set in she was captured by a group of elders. They held her until her hunger was out of control" he sighs sadly, "At that time she had a mortal guardian since then only immortals have been caring for her."

"And she killed because of that hunger" Angel replies sadly.

"Yes she did." Luca sighs warily, "Since then she has only feed off immortals"

"She feed off other immortals?!" Giles says nervously glancing at the vampire/friend.

Catching that look and tone Luca grins "Don't worry Mr. Giles she only does if they either allow it or if she is attacked by another. Usually I am her food source. Since she just fed it will be awhile before she needs to...unless someone becomes a threat to her." Luca explains

Suddenly Angel and Buffy are on alert sensing the presence of other vampires when the library door slams open and a bunch of vampires enter ready to attack.

"Well well the betrayer and the Slayer" snarls the bigger vampire. "I get the Slayer" he announces laughingly.

"Don't count on it" growls Angel morphing into his demon facade stepping between his girlfriend and the other vampire.

The vampires laughs at the protective nature of Angel towards the Slayer. "You won't stop me old man." the vampire growls angrily.

Up in the stacks Liena awakes to feel a familiar presence in the library. Standing up she listens as the vampires threaten the Slayer. Regaining her strength Liena walks out of the stacks and coldly responds, "Yes but I can" she stands on the balcony looking down on an old friend.

The group looks up to see Liena calmly standing and watching them

The head vampire looks up momentarily stunned regaining his composure he growls "You!"

Glancing at the angry vampire Liena smiles coldly and growls 'Miss me David" she does a flip off the balcony landing gracefully on the floor she slowly walks to the first vampire and snaps his neck quickly.

"Not as much as you have missed the hunt I see" he smiles cruelly

Flinching momentarily Liena responds coldly, "I don't miss the hunt...I need to feed soon. Might as well have one who is of no concern to me" she shrugs then cruelly replies "Too bad I can't take out the one I hate most." she stares at him calmly.

"Come on you don't hate me that much' he grins, 'Oh wait its not me your talking about is it"

"No but you'll do for now" she growls morphing she grabs him and throws him across the room. He gets up and rushes her. The other vampires rush Angel, Luca, and Buffy. "Keep one around" Liena growls, "I need information" she continues her battle with David.

"Still fighting your nature I see" he remarks kicking at her head.

Shaking off the blow she growls angrily "And your still as arrogant as always" she snaps off a chair leg and the two circle each other warily. Liena senses the battle between the others has reached an end. Angel gets ready to advance to help her finish off David. Liena senses his plan and glaring at him momentarily her eyes flash angrily as she growls "He's mine" Flinching at the sound of her anger he nods and steps back.

"So Liena you ready to finish this off?" he growls at her, "To finish off one of your own kind?" he asks mockingly.

Staring at him sadly she growls "I'm not one of you" her eyes flashing she returns to her human form.

"Tsk tsk you gonna fight me in your weakest form"

"Who said its my weakest" she asks grinning coldly. She ducks out of the way when his foot comes to the vicinity of her ribs. Grabbing his foot she yanks him to the floor standing over the stunned vampire her features morph. Grinning at him she growls ":See its not my weakest form" she exposes his neck and sinks her fangs into his jugular. So involved in her activity she doesn't realize that he's grabbed the fallen stake.

"Liena look out" yells Luca as he notices David grab the stake. A second later he watches in horror as David seeks his target Liena.

Through her feeding she feels the stake enter her ribs narrowly missing her heart. The pain erupts in her head and side with an incredible burst she increases her feeding to kill the vampire before she alerts him to her pain. She feels the final drain of his life as he becomes dust.

"Oh my God" whispers Willow in horror as she witnesses the destruction of one vampire by the feeding of another.

Giles senses Buffy's revulsion to the sight of a vampire feeding from another. Pulling her too his side he hugs her. Looking over at his Slayers boyfriend he glimpses the sadness on his face as he watches his new found daughter feed.

They all watch in horror stunned by what they are witnessing. They become more horrified as they see the vampire David slams the stake in Liena's side.

"Holy Shit" whispers Xander as the female finishes off the other vampire before showing any signs of discomfort.

Liena finishes her feeding and the pain makes itself clear as she looks at the concerned Luca she growls as the pain erupts and she falls to the floor with a thud..

Luca rushes to her and kneels looking at the wound he grimaces, "Well I think you've finally found your worst wound yet." Looking up he sees the others watching in concern he says briskly to the Watcher, the vampire and the Slayer, "I'm gonna need your help. Its stuck in deep its not gonna come out without some help" The three nod and advance to help him. "Liena's strength is double the normal vampire. With a wound like this she isn't going to be able to control her strength. Angel your going to need to hold her lower body still. Buffy I'm going to need your help holding her arms still." Looking at Giles he says, "Mr. Giles I hate to ask you this but I'm going need you to pull the stake out." Giles nods kneeling beside the wounded vampire he waits as the others hold her down then he grasps the imbedded stake and quickly pulls it out.

Meanwhile, Liena is quietly observing the whole process as her lover gives the orders. She notices the concerned looks on the vampire and the mortals faces as they hold her legs and arms immobile. The moment the Watcher touches the stake her body tenses in pain and she angrily growls. Luca leans close to her ear and whispers "Control. Keep it" Liena nods. Gritting her teeth against the pain she tries to keep herself in check. Finally after a pain filled second the stake is pulled out and Liena howls at the pain and throws the Slayer loose then passes out. "You can release her now. She should sleep for a while" he says nodding to the others to release her.

Angel heads over to the Slayer and asks, "You okay" he helps her up.

Smiling shakily Buffy nods, "I'm fine. That was amazing I have never had a vampire or any other immortal toss me like was like all I was a lightweight" she winces momentarily as she stands, "Ah hell" she groans, "How am I going explain to Mom why my brand new shirt has blood on it" she turns and much to Angel's surprise and concern Buffy is bleeding from a scrap caused by the table she hit.

Wincing at the sight of his lover bleeding he grins, "I'll buy you a new one she'll never know" he conspires.

Rolling her eyes at him she replies, "You don't know my mother...she notices everything" taking his hand they return to join the rest of the group sitting around the table they all wait expectantly for Luca to return from Giles office after putting the vampire down to rest. They think over all that has happened. Angel moves away from Buffy in an attempt to distract himself grabs the remaining vampire and throws him in the library book cage.

Chapter 4/?

In the office Luca looks down at his charge/lover fondly as he places her on the couch. removing her shoes he pulls a blanket to her chin. Knowing she can hear him in her deep sleep he whispers, "If you need me I'll be right outside" he kisses her forehead and turns off the lights as he leaves the office. "She's sleeping...which is good she hasn't slept in three days" he wearily sits down in a chair. "So ask away" he invites sensing they all have questions.

"Okay does anyone have this weird sense of doom" asks Xander looking around at them. They all glare at him disapprovingly. "What?" he asks innocently, "Hello humans and non there is a vampire who can walk in daylight...doesn't that bother you in the least?"

Looking at her best friend and the door to Giles office where the vampire is resting Willow shakes her head, "Somehow Xander I don't think she is anything threat to us" she looks around the table and they all agree.

Looking at Luca Angel wearily asks "Care to explain this whole thing?" His eyes showing his sadness and worry.

Luca nods settling back in his chair he begins the story, "There was a prophecy of an human born child cursed to be a vampire. Yet the prophecy is so obscure that I doubt that any humans know about it. Anyway when you crossed over' he nods at Angel, ' the heads knew of Cassandra's pregnancy and her extreme hate for you so they took her away the night she was born. She was taken to her mortal guardians where the next seventeen years she lived a mortal life. After the curse set in she was taken into seclusion where she stayed out of sight for twenty more years to train. Forty years after her birth it was discovered that Liena and I could only regain our full mortality by getting Cassandra to recant the curse unfortunately that is harder to do then any expected."

"How is it that both of you would regain your mortality?" asks Giles

"No one really knows they think that it has to do with the bond between a guardian and charge." he shrugs.

Buffy looks at him thoughtfully, "Why did you and Liena come here"

"We came to find the Slayer...but we heard a rumor has it Cassandra's in town" he announces to the stunned group he stands up and heads over to the caged vampire. The vampire stares at Luca with hate filled eyes.

Walking over to the cage Luca says "Cassandra is who we want...' he opens the cage and grabs the vampire by the neck. "Either tell me what I need to know or I will let Liena have at you and trust me its not pleasant to be on her bad side."

The vampire glares at Luca hatefully and growls "I won't tell you anything"

Luca grins at the vampire evilly and pulls out a sharp knife looking at the knife with interest he smiles, "I've been told it really sucks to lose a body part' he takes the vampires hand and says to the group sitting watching him stunned, "My advice to you is to get the kids out of here...its not something they should see"

Sensing the rightness of his words Angel looks at the mortals and says, "He's right go outside We'll call you back in when its over." Seeing that Buffy is about to protest he just gives her this look and says, "You too Buffy" he pushes her and the other mortals out the door.

"Lets see where was I ... Oh yes where is she?" demands Luca, "Are you going to tell me" asks Luca his voice cold

The vampire looks at Luca and lies "I have no clue what your talking about"

Knowing that he's lying Luca takes the vampires hand and says aloud to himself, "Lets see should I take the arm, hand or a finger?' he looks thoughtful then says gleefully, "I'll take a finger" he takes the knife and holding the vampires hand in a death grip he takes the knife and slices off the vampires pinkie.

The vampire howls in pain. Angel smells the blood and tries to keep himself in check.

"So are you going to tell me where Cassandra is" Luca demands coldly.

The vampire looks at him angrily and says "No she'll kill me if I tell"

"Well if you tell me I might let you leave here in one piece its either me, Liena or Cassandra who are you going to trust your worthless hide to? We both know what they will do to you...who are you going to trust?" demands Luca

Knowing that the immortal would allow the immortal girl to drain him and Cassandra would torture him he changes his mind, "All right I'll help you" he agrees

"Good' turning to the vampire he says, 'You can let them back in"

Angel heads to the library door and announces "You can come back in" the mortals follow him in.

Seeing the bleeding vampire with the missing pinkie Buffy looks at them questioningly "what is going on" They all turn to look at Luca who is staring at the vampire hatefully.

Sensing their gazes he ignores them and stares at the vampire and growls, "Where is she?"

The vampire looks at him fearfully as he replies "I'm not really sure I get my orders from someone else"

"From who?" demands Luca

"Someone I don't know his name" replies the vampire

Looking at the vampire Luca grabs him by his shirt and demands "Is there anything you do know?"

"She wants to destroy the Slayer and anyone else who gets in her way" the vampire admits

"How?" growls Angel

Looking at the soulled vampire the stooge replies, "All I know is that she has joined with some powerful people" he says fearful of the anger in Angel's eyes.

Luca demands his voice angrily "Is there anything else I need to know"

The vampire shakes his head. Luca releases him, "Leave now before I change my mind...and if I ever see you again I will kill you"

Knowing the immortal would the vampire nods and heads towards the basement door in a hurry. Luca then has this sudden fear that the vampire would tell all he knows. Picking up his knife he tosses it in the air catching its tip he pivots towards the exiting vampire. With a snap of his wrist he releases the knife and watches as it reaches its intended target....the vampires heart. "Sorry but I don't trust you" he says as he watches the vampire turn to dust.

The room is suddenly quiet. "What the HELL is going on" demands Buffy breaking the silence.

"What were you talking about" demands Angel, "What is going on?"

Resheathing his knife in his ankle holster Luca sighs and as he stands he replies, "The end of the world"

They all stare at him in shock. "End of the world?" stutters Giles.

"Yes" confirms Luca

"Again?!" whines the distressed looking Xander

"Yes again" replies Luca sitting down at the table, "Its a long story"

"It can't be that long" retorts Buffy, "Something bad is going to bring the end of the world AGAIN the end" she sighs

Luca nods in confirmation, "Nice paraphrase."

"I try to keep things simple" grins Buffy

"Please tell me it the end of the world doesn't mean opening of hell" stammers Willow, "Cuz that is bad very bad very bad"

" No its a battle between good and evil on full scale." replies Luca

"What kind of battle?" asks Giles with interest.

"A battle of light and dark, good and evil, two versus one" Liena says tiredly from the doorway.

They all swivel to see the tired looking immortal standing in the doorway of Giles office. "What are you doing up" demands Luca, "You're supposed to sleep!" he says walking over to her a look of concerned affection on his face. Seeing the tired look on her face he becomes alarmed, "What's wrong?"

Smiling sadly at Luca she replies, "Nothing. I just couldn't sleep."

Luca stands up and heads over to his charge, "You feeling better" he asks touching her cheek.

"I'll feel better when this is over" Liena replies leaning her cheek into his hand

He looks at the group remembering where they are and then says to Liena, "I think it is time to give them some answers"

The two return to the conference table Liena begins to talk, "First I owe you an apology Buffy Sorry for tossing you. Also for the feeding incident I know better than to do that in front of mortals- I got a little carried away"

"Its OK we have seen weirder things than that" Buffy responds, "But who was that vampire and what the HELL is going on?" the Slayer demands

Taking a deep breath Liena continues, "Originally we came here to find the Slayer but once we got here we began to hear rumors that Cassandra might be here" cautiously avoiding the question about David.

"Why did you want to see Buffy" asks Giles

Looking at Liena Luca replies "Because the battle has stepped up and not in the good way."

"We were sent to inform you both,' Liena says looking at the Slayer and her Watcher, 'that it is time to step up Buffy's training- you guys are going to have major troubles- very soon"

"Uh are these troubles involving ugly scary things" asks the worried Xander

Glancing at him momentarily Liena replies, "Yes among others"

Chapter 5/?

Liena feels this slight Buzz she notices that Angel and Luca felt it also. Liena looks towards the door and watches as someone walks in holding a sword. Noticing the sword Buffy grabs her own sword. "Duncan good to see you" greets Luca heading over to the tall and darkly handsome man. Liena follows and hugs the immortal "Hello MacLeod its been awhile- You can put the swords down as long as we are here this will be considered holy ground" she stares at Duncan.

"Hello little one" greets Duncan warmly

"Holy ground" asks Buffy still on the defensive, "This is the Hellmouth"

"As long as Luca or I are here with all of you there will be no fighting" Liena says her eyes flashing at her vampire father then at the man beside her. "Got it" she growls. They then feel the buzzing again turning to Duncan Liena asks, "Who else?"

"Amanda, Richie, and Adam" he replies cautiously

Liena nods, "Remember what I said" she reminds.

Three people enter each with drawn swords. "They are no threat to us" Duncan informs them.

The blond woman asks "OK then who the Hell is the immortal other than Luca and Liena" The four newcomers remain tense as Angel comes out from the shadows in his human form.

"Angelus" says the tall lanky British guy in astonishment at the sight of his old friend.

"Methos long time" Angel replies grinning slightly as he steps closer the two immortals briefly hug.

Liena looks at the two immortals stunned then growls demandingly, "Methos did you forget to tell me that you know my father" her foot tapping impatiently.

Seeing the look on the face of the one he saw as the closest he'd ever get to having a child Methos replies, "Uh I guess I did"

"You will have a lot of explaining to do when this is over" she says glaring at him

"Uh does someone care to tell the mortals here what is going on" asks Buffy in confusion watching newcomers closely.

A tall peroxide blond woman walks up to the two Immortals "Hello Luca Liena Its good to see you" she greets hugging the girl

"Hey Amanda Good to see you glad you could come" Liena says.

Amanda nods, "You know me never could resist some fun" she sits down at the table.

"How is it that you have not aged in 200 years?" Angel asks Methos curious

"We are Immortals" replies Duncan surprising the others

"I have read about your kind somewhere" Giles remarks excitedly

"OK so now you are telling me that there are immortals other than vampires" groans Xander, "Please tell me you guys aren't bent on destroying mankind 'cuz if you are I am so out of here"

"Sorry Luv but we do exist but unlike vampires we only kill each other. And no most of us aren't bent on destroying the world" says Amanda.

"Wehw at least I won't have that to worry about" sighs Buffy

"Oh yeah I better introduce everyone. This is Duncan MacLeod, Amanda Montreaux, Richie Ryan and Adam Pierson also known as Methos."

"The first Immortal!" stutters Giles and surprise, "I've heard stories about you"

"Not all of them are true.' grinning at Methos Liena says almost conspiratorially, 'the truth is he's a great big teddy bear."

"Liena you are going to destroy my reputation" whines Methos with a faint grin

"But its true you are a giant teddy bear of an Immortal sure you are a pain in the ass but we love ya anyway.' grins Liena then she continues the introductions, 'Guys this is Angel otherwise known as Angelus, Willow Rosenberg, Cordelia Chase, Xander Harris, Rupert Giles, and the Slayer Buffy Summers." Seeing the look on Amanda's face Liena smoothly says "Amanda I know what you are thinking so stop we don't need you flirting with every guy in this room- its too distracting" she grins at Duncan

"Oh Darling Liena why would I do that?" asks Amanda innocently

"Because you taught me way to well" replies Liena grinning

"Angelus what have you been up to" asks Methos

"They call me Angel" replies the vampire "I was sent here to help Buffy prevent the Harvest"

"You work on the Hellmouth" shudders Amanda "its so dark and dreary ...almost as much as Liena's moods- how can you live here" she asks

Liena growls "I don't have moods Amanda"

"Please you are more depressing then even Methos and he's older" Amanda replies smugly

"Sunnydale isn't quite so bad- it just looks really bad at night" Buffy replies

"If you think she's depressing Dead Boy's worse" Xander quips

"Don't call me Dead Boy" growls Angel his eyes flashing

Seeing the flash in Angel's eyes the Immortals other than Methos become defensive. Seeing that Giles steps in "You have nothing to worry about Angel maybe a vampire but he has a soul" Giles responds, "He helps us out" Giles explains further.

"Vampires with souls?! Great what next werewolves" groans Amanda

The library door opens and in walks a red haired teenager wearing baggy clothes the mortals and the vampire start laughing. "Uh OK someone care to fill me in" asks the teen

"Nothing Oz we were just talking about you" giggles Willow.

"Well I hope its good" he grins

Giles turns to face the immortals and says "Here is your werewolf"

They all look shocked Liena grins at Amanda "Well you did say werewolf." Giles introduces Oz to the guests and upon mentioning that Liena is Angel's daughter Oz remains completely unfazed.

"Yeah well do you have any other surprises for us?" inquires Richie

"I'm a witch' Willow announces proudly. seeing the looks on their faces she adds "A good one"

"We are all proud of you Wills" says Buffy grinning

"That's our good witch Willow" Oz says proudly hugging his girlfriend

"Hey B gonna patrol with me" calls a voice they all turn to the doors to see a dark haired girl. She stops short then says "OK why do we have more hotties in here"

"Faith is the other Slayer.' explains Giles introducing her to everyone

When Giles comes around to introducing Liena, Xander ever the moron says cheerfully to the Slayer, "She's Dead Boy's daughter"

Faith looks at Angel and replies nonchalantly, "Soul Boy has a kid now that is Hellmouth material."

"I'm not a kid" Liena growls in protest

"Uh I wouldn't call her a kid' advises Methos

"Yeah the last guy who did was turned into a punching bag" chimes in Richie

"Yes and you'll be next Richie" replies Liena with barely contained anger

"I told you two no fighting.' reprimands Methos, 'The next sniping comment will end with me killing both of you"

"But Meth it hurts to die" protests Liena

"Yeah especially when you get stabbed" chimes in Richie

"Ok but if you do don't shoot me I hate getting shot" requests Liena

"Then behave" remarks Methos

"Fine Old Dude" snickers Richie

Turning to Buffy and Faith, Giles suggests "Why don't you two go patrol"

"Yes patrol I'm on it' she says,' why do I have to miss all the fun" she mutters, 'Instead I get to have a destiny woo hoo" Everyone laughs at her sarcastic remarks

"I thought only one Slayer is activated" says a confused Richie

"Uh yes but if one dies the other is called" explains Giles

"So you died" states Methos looking at Buffy.

They all look at her. "It was only for a minute' whines Buffy

Angel hugs her briefly, "Well I'm glad it was only for a minute"

"How'd you die" asks Duncan

"I uh went after the Master and drowned. Xander and Angel showed up and I'm back" Buffy answers

Methos looks at her in surprise "Amazing normally if a Slayer did die then its over"

"Are you coming B I am totally itchin' for some action" Faith complains jumping around

"Yeah Yeah I'm coming" she sighs in annoyance, "Enjoy We'll be back in an hour" she getting up kissing Angel on the cheek.

"Be careful Buffy, Faith" cautions Giles as the two Slayers leave the room. Giles removes his glasses and rubs the bridge of his nose as he always does when he's thinking. "So what are we up against" he questions

"Well its a long story" begins Methos

"Is this one of those scary ugly people going to come out and kill us cause if it is can you ask them to wait until after I'm dead" whines Xander

The librarian glares at the boy "Xander do be quiet."

"Methos will have to tell you because he was the one who was around when the prophecy was found" replies Duncan . They all look at Methos.

Chapter 6/?

"It all began over 4 thousand yeas ago with the 4 Horsemen" begins Methos

"Four Horsemen are part of the Apocalypse" says Willow

"I was Death' states Methos sadness evident in his voice, 'I'm reformed so you have nothing to worry about. Anyway we were on a destructive path when we met up with a teller. She told me that one day in my lifetime someone will try to bring together all of the forces of darkness and that it had to be prevented with the help of the Chosen One who died"

"Buffy" mutters Giles

"Yes it would be Buffy' Methos says continuing, 'I was told that the one who destroyed the Master would be the only one to stop this new threat of not only the Hellmouth opening but the destruction of mankind"

Xander glares at Angel and asks, "Uh I think you're a little late on one attempt"

Angel growls at him drawing attention from the other immortals, "Shut up Xander"

"Deadboy here' Xander nods at Angel, "has already tried to open the Hellmouth"

"Yes I know' Methos says looking at the dark-haired vampire then says, 'It was told you would try and not succeed" They all then hear the pounding of footsteps down the hallway.

Seconds later the two Slayers rush in panting "Uh guys we have a major sitch" Buffy says

"Yeah big hottie uglies coming this way" Faith says sensing Buffy's glare at the word hotties. "Come on Buff they were hotties before game face time"

Luca looks at Liena who shrugs, "Fine I'll get rid of them. It'll be great anger therapy that way I won't want to rip someone in here apart when I get really pissed" Her eyes glowing in anticipation grinning almost predatory.

"Duncan tell her to stop that- I hate it when she does that" whines Richie

"Get used to it she's been doing that for centuries- Its annoying as hell but at least you know when to not piss her off" Methos chuckles then returns to the conversation

Liena sits there awaiting the arrival of their new guests, "Hasn't anyone ever told you its not polite to stalk" she sighs in mock boredom

"Screw you" the shortest vampire snarls

Liena looks him over and yawns, "Sorry you could try but your not my type too stupid and definitely too ugly" she stakes him

"Looky girlie" the biggest one snaps

"Ouch I wouldn't call her that" winces Duncan in sympathy

"Don't call me GIRLIE" Liena growls knocking the vamp upside the head, "Don't call me love, babe, honey, sweetheart or any other sick disgusting nicknames only Luca can call me those mushy nicknames" The vamps all rush her at once quickly she throws them off her. "And why is it every time I have having a bad day you rejects from Camp Loco appear. Why can't I once' "OOF!' a vamp says as he hits the wall. "Why can't I once have a totally shitty day without you guys appearing. And why do you always appear when I am having a bad day. Hell a bad week." she slams one vamp into another as she continues her ranting, "He wakes me up a five in the morning and if that isn't bad enough he says we're going to the Hellmouth then I got stabbed AGAIN. I hate the Hellmouth I always have incredibly shitty luck when I'm on one."

"Liena, babe, your ranting" calls Luca

"I am in the mood to rant.' she replies back, 'I deserve to rant. Its your fault I'm ranting." she says taking a hit to the stomach. "You know I hate it when anyone touches me.' she growls staking him. Leaving three left. "You know I really do hate it when you guys give me that look like your about to kick my ass. Please you couldn't kick my ass if I let you" one heads towards her neck. "You know biting me isn't going to help our relationship." she grabs the vamp by the neck and with a well aimed throw she tosses him into a waiting sword. "Thanks Methos" she calls.

He nods and continues the story. "The teller said that the Slayer of Vampires, the long living ones, the undead ones would need to join forces to battle. The beginning I was told was the birth of the cursed...Liena.' he glances over at the fighting girl and calls, 'Liena can you finish it now."

"Come on Meth I'm having have fun kicking ass" she protests her attention on the two remaining vampires.

"Liena' he calls warningly 'your acting like a 5 year old."

"Good at least I finally get to act like a kid' she replies taking a hit

Methos walks over and immediately takes the two vamps heads and watches as they disintegrate, "Its over now go sit down"

She glares at him and begins to grumble calling Methos every bad name she can think of as she stalks over to Luca and sits on his lap

"Your two hundred stop acting like your five" he glares at her

"Shove it Methos I've known you too long to put up with your shit" she growls the two friends momentary enemies glare at each other.

"Uh just how long have you two known each other" asks Giles hesitantly

"234 years" Duncan answers, "that long and they still act like children" he snickers

Looking at her 5000 year old friend Liena grins mischievously, "Are you sure I can't kill him" she asks Methos

Grinning back he replies, "Sorry kid I have first dibs" he chuckles

"Can I have first dibs on Richie" she asks grinning

Richie looks at her shocked then chuckles at the look on their faces.

"OK children can we get back to work. I have way better things to do then be on a Hellmouth" Amanda interrupts

"Don't we all" Buffy asks

Methos returns to his story "Like I said the beginning was Liena's birth. The signs after that were Acathala.' looking at Angel who winces "which you found. The slayers death.' glancing at Buffy, "I'm not really sure what the last sign is. The teller said I'd know when the time was right."

"So you have not clue when all of this is going to happen?" asks Giles wearily

"Not a clue" replies Methos

"So what sort of bad things are going to happen?" asks a nervous Willow

"Since I have heard this story so many times that if I hear it one more time I'll go insane. I am out of here" Liena says kissing Luca on the cheek as she stands up.

"Uh why does she get to leave?" whines Buffy

"I'm older and the fact that I have heard this story way too often." replies Liena, "Besides I have scouting to do"

"Oh right your probably going to go get drunk." retorts Richie

"No she isn't she has school in the morning" replies Luca patiently awaiting a volatile reaction from Liena

"That's right...'she begins then realizes the rest of what he said, "I have WHAT?!?!" she shrieks in surprise.

"School" smirks Richie

Glaring at the blonde haired immortal Liena growls, 'Fuck off Richie' turning her attention back to Luca, Liena asks her voice stuttering slightly, "Did you say school? Me in one? With mortal teens during the daytime?"

"Yes Liena you have school tomorrow with the mortal teens during the day" confirms a straight faced Luca.

"But but I hate school I hate being a teen. I hate the fucking daylight everyone is sickeningly happy it makes me wanna hurl. I don't wanna go" she whines, "I hated being one when I was one why do I have to be one again? I'd rather someone shoot me and tie me to chair and force me to watch every single episode of Baywatch with David Hasselhoff singing without a shirt on" she says shuddering at the thought, 'Bad visual I am so going to have nightmares. Why do I have to go?"

"Because you are the youngest looking one amongst us and you can blend in with Buffy and her friends." answers Luca

Seeing that Luca is set on it, she growls "Have fun sleeping on the couch honey." Then Liena looks at Duncan. "Duncan your older you can overrule" she pouts.

"Sorry I agree" replies the Scot.

Looking at Amanda, Liena pleadingly asks "Please Amanda talk them out of this"

"Hey I am staying out of this one" surrenders Amanda

Turning to Methos, Liena gives him her pleading puppy dog look and whines "Methos buddy pal o' mine, My bestest buddy in the whole world, king of beer drinking help me out here."

"Sorry midget I agree with them" replies Methos smirking.

Seeing Richie is trying to keep himself from laughing Liena comes up with an idea, "You know considering I look the youngest why doesn't the youngest have to go back to school" she asks looking at Richie.

Seeing what she's saying Luca nods, "You know she's right. Richie should go with her. I mean considering the fact that he is the only one of us who went to school- ever- he should go in to keep an eye on Liena."

Paling at the thought Richie begins to protest "But I hated high school I was bad at it. Hell I failed everything but gym' then after a second he continues, 'Wait I did fail gym. Why do I have to go?"

"Liena hasn't ever been to school and interacting with mortals was never her strong suit" responds Methos. "We need you there to keep her from doing any damage"

Seeing that he's not going to win the argument Richie reluctantly agrees. "all right Old Man I'll go but you guys owe me"

"Then its settled tomorrow morning Liena and Richie will be enrolled in high school. Keep an eye out for our kind you know they blend in" says Methos

"Um excuse me but do you realize that they need parents to enroll them unless your going to have them be 18" points out Willow.

"Well Angel can't play dad unless he wants to live in a dustbuster" mutters Xander.

Glaring at the dark haired teen Buffy continues, "Plus the fact he doesn't look old enough to have two teenage kids."

Grinning at the immortals Liena innocently asks "So who's gonna play Mommy and Daddy"

They all look at Amanda who is paying no attention to the conversation going on around her. "What?" she asks uncertainty evident in her voice. Then she hears the words she never thought she'd hear in her whole two thousand years.

"Congratulations Amanda you're a mom" chuckles Duncan awaiting the reaction of his frequent companion.

"Mommy" cries Liena and Richie with grins on their faces.

"No way' protests Amanda, 'I agreed to come to a Hellmouth that doesn't mean I'm gonna play Mom for those two delinquents. Besides I don't look old enough to have teenagers' seeing Methos is about to retort she glares at him, 'One word Methos and you will never live to drink another beer"

"So who's the lucky Dad" asks Liena.

They all look at the two remaining immortals.

"Rock paper scissor?" suggests Methos

"Sure" agrees Duncan. Both hold out their fists "One, two three" they shake their fists. Methos has scissors Mac has paper. "Great now I have to play Dad again" groans Duncan

"Better you than me my friend" chuckles Methos

"Shove it Old Man" retorts Duncan with a glare

"She's looking at me" whines Richie in the attempt to sound like a brother

"He started it" whines Liena

"Shut up you two or I will send both of you to your worst nightmare" threatens Amanda

"I am in mine I'm going back to high school" groans Richie's slumping into his seat

"You think its a nightmare for you?' hisses Liena, 'I have to be outdoors with cheerful people during daytime" she groans shuddering at the thought. "You are oh so sleeping alone" she growls at Luca

Methos chuckles at the humor that his friends are all miserable

Glaring at the immortal Liena her eyes flash yellow momentarily, "Watch it Meth or I will totally nail your ass to the fucking wall"

"Someone needs to go to bed so she's bright eyed and bushy tailed" grins Methos

"And someone needs to remember I know every dirty little secret he has and if he pisses me off right now I will tell everyone in this room about the little incident in 1895 that you declined to mention" Liena says smirking when Methos quickly shuts up.

"What incident?" demands Amanda thinking she has blackmail material close at hand

Glaring at Liena, Methos growls "Nothing Amanda"

Sensing that if they didn't leave soon there would be a battle at hand Luca stands Liena up and stands up behind her and says, "We should get going you two have to go to school in the morning. And I need to get the paper work in order for tomorrow." The immortals all stand up and begin gathering their things.

"We'll meet you at the house" says Duncan as the four immortals head out the door. "Tomorrow we'll get together and plan"

"Yes that we will" replies Giles watching them leave

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