The Curse

The Curse

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Chapter 25/?

******Back at the Library*****

Giles and the others are working frantically to finish the work before they returned with Liena.

The library door opens and in walks Buffy and Angel follows carrying Liena. "We're back" Buffy annouces. The rest of the Scooby Gang enters the library. Spike heads towards Drusilla who is sitting in the corner humming to her dolls. Next Luca, Methos, Amanda, and Duncan enter the library just as Angel is placing Liena in a chair.

"so it went well?" inquires Methos grabbing a set of chains from the weapons cage. Joining Luca and Angel at Liena's side he quickly chains the immortal to the chair.

"We better get started' Kassandra announces, 'We don't have long until she awakes fully. She will soon be awake but in a drugged state. She'll need to drain Spike and Angel first so that when she awakes fully they can get her under control. When done take the blood packs and regain your strength while the others take their turns."

"Hmmm" Liena says sleepily opening her eyes she growls lowly at the sight of the others.

"Spike' Kassandra hands him a knife, 'slit your wrist. Angel you'll need to pull Spike away otherwise he could die.' Angel nods. Spike slits his wrist and growling lowly Liena quickly latches and drinks. Kassandra begins to read the incantation from the book. Angel pulls Spike away and when he does he replaces his wrist. Drusilla kneels beside Spike and feeds him the blood pack.

"Angel' Buffy thinks as she watches Liena feed from Angel, 'Please be safe Angel" she thinks. Her eyes meet Angels over Liena's head. With Angel's comforting gaze she begins to feel reassured. "I love you" she mouths

Luca pulls Angel away from Liena as he falls to the ground Buffy rushes to his side and gives him a blood bag. His face goes vampire as he feeds. Buffy sits beside him and waits for him to finish. After Angel is done he goes back to his human face. "Angel?" Buffy asks hesistantly

Touching her face reassuringly, Angel answers, "I'm fine Buff" he turns his attention to Liena and Luca. He feels the affection and love coming off of Liena and Luca. A few moments later Duncan pulls Luca away and Richie takes his place.

"You are going to owe me big Mac" Richie grumbles as Liena drains him.Over the next five minutes Liena drains the Immortals.

Slowly Liena regains conscience. Groaning she takes a deep breath inhaling the taste and smell of blood and opens her eyes to find everyone watching her nervously and worriedly. Looking down she sees the chains and Luca crouches before her. "Luca" she says tiredly

Luca touches her face gently, "You OK baby?" he asks

Liena nods groggily, "Luca what happened?" she asks looking around

"You don't remember?" Giles asks

Liena shrugs, "I remember bits and pieces. Thats what usually happens when she takes over. Can you unchain me?" she asks, "I need to get cleaned up."

Giles unlocks the chains, "Why don't you go get cleaned up and then we'll talk" Nodding Liena slowly walks out of the library to the girls locker room. "She is taking these events calmly" Giles notes

"For now she is" mutters Methos watching the doors close behind Liena

In the locker room Liena gazes in the mirror her mind goes over the past two days events. Rinsing her mouth out Liena notices that her clothes have blood on them. Revolted at the sight and smell she quickly strips off her clothes and turns on the shower. Stepping in she stands under the pouring water trying to wash away her fears and memories. She begins to cry sliding to the floor she rocks back and forth.

In the Library Luca feels a sharp pain hit his heart. "Liena" his heart calls. Turning he walks to the door.

"Where are you going?" calls Methos

"I'll be back" Luca answers. Hurrying he heads into the girls locker room. "Liena" he calls. Hearing the soft cries he goes towards the showers and there he finds Liena on the floor of the shower her back to him crying. His heart is saddened by her tears and angered at the sight of the wounds on her back. "Liena baby" he says quietly as he picks up a towel he enters the shower and turns the shower off. Crouching Luca wraps the towel around Liena. "Come on baby I need you to stand up." Listening to his voice she instinctively follows his orders. Luca picks her up and sits down on a bench with Liena on his lap holding her as she cries.

"Luca I hurt" she sobs, 'my whole being is in pain...I don't know why...I don't know why"

Luca holds her rocking her comfortingly, "Shh baby I'm here. Its OK nothing bad will happen. I promise you. Your safe here"

"No I'm not. I won't be safe until he's gone" her voice muffled by his shirt. "I won't be safe until he's gone for good" she clutches his shirt tightly.

Smoothing her hair Luca holds her tighter. "I promise baby if I have to do die to keep you safe I will" he says fiercely

Hearing that Liena looks up shocked. "No Luca. Promise me you won't leave me" she begs

"I won't my love. I will never leave you" He promises kissing her.

*****In the library***

"So what do we do now?" questions Richie

Giles rubs his temples, "Somehow we need to stop Kurlec and Cassandra before they do any damage."

"How much could they do?' asks Xander, 'I mean we have the book and we have Liena"

The library doors open and in Luca walks with Liena holding his hand tightly. "They can still do damage. With or without me they are planning to use force to take over Sunnydale" Liena says softly

"Are you OK?" Angel asks concerned

Nodding Liena answers, "Yes. Thank you all of you"

"Bloody hell stop being so sappy" groans Spike

Liena looks over at Spike and Drusilla. "Thank you Spike. You know you aren't that bad a fighter for kid" she digs

"KID?!" demands Spike, "Bloody Hell mate I'm 200. I'm not a kid."

"Kid" Liena mutters

"Well we know your back to normal" Methos remarks with a smile. Liena releases Luca's hand and goes over to the couch and sits down beside him and lays her head on his chest. Liena finds comfort in the familiar sound of Methos's heart. Methos strokes her hair in the same comforting way he had done when she was a child.

"So what do we do know?" Faith asks

"I say we go in and take them all out" Buffy says hotly

"You can't' Liena states lifting her head, 'They will have moved by now since I haven't returned"

"They will most likely set up a plan to fight" Angel remarks

"We don't have school tomorrow.' Buffy states, looking at her friends she suggests, 'Why don't you guys do a round robin. Mom's out of town so I don't have to worry about her" They nod their heads in agreement and take turns calling their homes. "Now we can figure out a plan"

"well its all up to us" Amanda remarks nodding at Liena. Everyone looks over at Methos and sees that Liena is asleep.

"If you want to go put her down there is a couch in my office" offers Giles

Methos looks down and his sleeping friend, "No she's fine. If we move her she'll wake up."

Buffy looks over at the couch and frowns, "Is she humming or growling?" she asks

Luca looks at his lover and grins slightly, "Yes she's doing both. Liena does this when she is trying to calm herself to sleep"

Duncan looks around at everyone else. "So does anyone have any ideas?" he asks

"I have one' Richie answers, 'Nobody go on vacation with Mac" he suggests with a grin

"I agree mate" says Methos stroking Liena's hair gently as she burrows her head closer and mutters unintelligently to the human ears. Spike and Angel chuckle

"What did she say?" asks Buffy

Angel answers, "She said 'Want Methos Bear"

"Methos Bear?" asks Amanda

Methos squirms nervously, "About 20 years ago I gave her a teddy bear for Christmas because when she first became immortal she lost the bear I had given her. She named that first bear Adam considering that is the name I usually go by. This time she wanted to name the bear after what she called the real me so she called the bear Methos Bear."

"She's very attached to that bear' grumbles Luca, 'she's made me sleep on the couch for insulting that bear"

"You got kicked out of bed because of a stuffed bear" laughs Spike

"You've gotten kicked out of bed for threatening to bash Mrs. Edith's head in" Angel smirks

"Its not like I meant it" whines Spike. They then hear a low growl coming from Liena.

"Uh what was that?" Willow asks nervously

"Either she's having a dream or she's going to wake up" Methos answers. Liena opens her eyes momentarily her eyes golden she growls lightly then burrows closer and closes her eyes. "She's warning you not to wake her up" Methos explains stroking Liena's hair.

Luca chuckles humorlessly, 'Take that warning to heart' he rubs his neck. 'She's bitten me more times than I can count. She does it instinctively" he grimaces

"OK say what do we do now?" asks Xander

"I think we need to find a way to stop Kurlec for good" Luca remarks glancing at his lover as she sleeps.

"You are correct.' agrees Giles, 'If we don't I fear that because of Liena's return Kurlec will be even more volitile." He rubs his temples painfully.

"Spikey the stars are screaming at me' Drusilla whimpers placing her hands over her ears.

"What are they saying pet?" Spike asks tenderly

"Man of dreams wants sister back. Sister wants to stay here not go with him. He's wants back." Drusilla whimpers. They then hear a angry growl coming from the couch. "Sister blocking him"

Liena keeps growling in anger. She's running. Not in fear but towards the light. "Liena" Kurlec sings, "I told you what I'd do to you if you betrayed me"

Liena stops running and turns around, "Leave me alone.' she growls, 'You don't scare me anymore. I'm safe. I'm where I belong you can't hurt me"

Kurlec grins cruelly, "But you are dreaming. As you know I am the Dream Master. Here I rule. And since I rule I can do anything"

"Katherine Liena wake up right now" Liena hears Methos order her

Slowly drawn back into the real world by her friends voice Liena opens her eyes drowsily. "Great' she mutters, 'More nightmares" she groans sitting up

"Welcome back midget" Methos greets tenderly

Liena grins slightly and looks at Luca who is watching her his face showing his concern. Standing up she walks over to Luca and jumps up wrapping her legs around his waist and burrowing her face in his neck. "You OK baby?" Luca mumbles into her hair

Liena nods, "Better now" she mumbles. Luca sits down with Liena on his lap. Looking at the others around the table she asks, "So anyone have any plans?"

"Nope' Richie answers mournfully, 'The old people can't come up with one"

"Richie I am not old" protests Amanda

"I say we wipe 'em out" Xander adds

"Duh' Cordelia says, 'But how moron"

Liena closes her eyes momentarily and tries to recall things she heard while with Kurlec and Cassandrahad said. Lost in her thoughts Liena begins to mutter out her memories. "Mortals. Loud Many. Massacre. Revenge. Blood death" Liena hears the shocked gasps and shakes off her memories

"Uh Massacre?" Willow stutters

"Uhh death" Xanders stammers nervously

"Did she say blood?" Cordelia demands, "Do you know how hard it is to get blood out of clothes" she asks

Amanda nods, "I know Cordelia after 2000 years I still have a hard time getting blood out of my clothes"

"Cordy who cares if you can get blood out of your clothes.' Xander says nervously, 'I mean blood with vampires usually means death. OK isn't anyone else even a little freaked" Xander demands

"Calm down Xander. We have dealt with worse before" Buffy reminds, 'We'll be fine. After all we have reinforcements."

"Liena what do you remember?" Kassandra asks calmly

Liena shrugs, "I overheard Kurlec and Cassandra say something about an all you can eat buffet."

"But where?" Giles asks

Liena shrugs, "I don't remember" she admits, 'I wasn't exactly alert"

"Why am I not surprised" Richie rolls his eyes

Buffy looks at the clock, "We have time to figure it out. Angel why don't you and I go chat with Willie the Snitch.' looking at Giles she suggests, 'Why don't you find out what you can about what the deal is.' looking at Willow she requests, 'Will why don't you Xander, Cordy, and Oz look for some sort of connection to what kind of major event could result in a massacre.' looking at Faith Buffy suggests, 'Faith why don't you patrol and see if you can beat some info out of any demon or vampire you see.' Looking at the Immortals Buffy says, 'You guys do what ever you would normally do." Buffy and Angel leave the library.

"I have some sources I can call" Joe remarks as he stands up. He moves off to make some calls

"Mac why don't you go with Faith" Methos suggests, 'She'll need the back up."

Giles heads towards his books, "I could use some help" he calls

"Research Boy to the rescue" Xander announces following Giles into the stacks.

Chapter 26/?


Buffy and Angel are on their way to beat information out of Willie. "Angel?" Buffy says tentatively to her brooding boyfriend

Hearing his love's voice Angel stops and faces her, "I'm fine Buffy" he promises seeing the worried look on her face. "Really I am" he insists. He starts walking again when Buffy grabs his arm and forces him to stop and face her.

"No Angel you aren't' Buffy insists, 'I can tell Angel. You are hurting."

Angel pulls away from her grasp. "Damn it Buffy. Just leave it alone"

"I can't Angel. I won't leave it alone. I love you Angel I want to help you' she walks closer to him. Reaching up her hand she touches his face tenderly. 'Please Angel talk to me" she begs

Angel warily sits down on the bench. "Buffy I don't know what to do."

"About what?" she asks confused

"About Cass. If I have to face her I don't know if I can kill her' he admits, 'again. Not just because of our past together but because we have a child. I need to know why she never told me that she was pregnant. I need to know why she left before I returned"

"Returned from where?" Buffy asks confused

"My father sent me to take care of some business for him. When I returned I went to look for Cassandra, I couldn't find her. When I asked my mother where Cassandra was mother said she left the county with some farmer. I never questioned what I was told. I need to know Buffy"

"But Angel Liena said Cassandra's memories were wiped clean after she was born" Buffy reminds

"The Slayers right kid' they turn to find Whistler coming out from the shadows, 'She has no memory"

"Whistler I need to know the truth' Angel insists. 'How can I get it?"

"The only way for the truth to be found is for the heart to want it" Whistler hints

"But how?" Angel questions

"You need to figure it out" Whistler says walking away

Buffy stares at the demon as he walks away, 'He is really beginning to annoy me"

"You get used to it. Now time for us to go see dear Willie." Angel pulls Buffy up

"Angel can we finish this conversation later?"

"Yes Buff." The two head to Willie's. After about 10 minutes of trying to threaten the information out of Willie the two give up trying to get the information out of him.

"I can't believe that he had no info.' Buffy complains, 'I mean he's Willie he always has gossip"

"Buffy there's a first time for everything" Angel remarks. "We should head to the library and see what they found" The two lovers return to the library to find everyone researching.


"Did you find anything?" Buffy demands as they enter

"Not yet' Giles replies looking up from his book. 'What about you?"

"Willie was useless" Buffy answers depressed.

"Thanks Aura' Cordelia says excitedly, 'I owe you one" she hangs up the phone excitedly

"Did you find something out?" Xander asks

Cordelia says offhandedly, 'Just the party of the year'

"Where?" Liena asks entering the library

"At the Bronze. According to Aura it is a welcoming home party for Tommy Garvins" she says excitedly

"Tommy Garvins?" Buffy questions

"Yeah he used to be Sunnydales best quarter back about five years ago' Willow answers

"I heard he was in jail for gambling" Xander remarks

"I heard he was arrested for drunk driving" Willow says

"No he was arrested for murder' Oz tells them quietly

"Whoa and they are having a party for him?" Buffy asks

"Around here as long as your a jock or rich it doesn't matter what you do wrong." Willow replies

"OK get to the point" Giles says frustrated

"Aura told me that the whole school is invited." Cordelia tells them smugly

"That makes it to be about' Willow counts, '70 people"

"Man talk about a dinner party" Xander cracks nervously

Liena glares at the mortal, "It'll be more than a dinner party. After they take the area with the most people they'll work their way through the town. By the time their done the whole town will be gone humans and demons alike. They'll then leave Sunnydale and work their way through the rest of California."

"How do you know?" Cordelia demands

"Because its what I would do" Liena answers regretfully

"Say what?" Xander questions

"He scanned my mind for past simulations. Over the years I have gained extensive military tactile skills by gaining that knowledge I have a simulation for all types of battle situation filed away in my mind. By scanning my mind and memories he knows almost all that I know. Except one big thing"

"What?" Buffy questions

"Liena don't play by the rules. That and never threaten my family or friends" she says her voice deadly calm

"So we need to come up with a plan" Xander reminds

"Who's up for crashing a party?" Buffy inquires seriously

"What's your idea?" Liena asks the Slayer

"To crash the party and once they attack we fight back"

"That can be the only part of the plan" Richie remarks

"Hey I'm in highschool I may be the Slayer but planning is not my thing. Thats what Giles is for" Buffy whines

"I have an idea" Willow says excitedly. The others all look at the red head, "How about we return all of their souls"

"Bloody Hell Witch if you do that then I am bloody gone" Spike states

"Willow thats a little drastic" Giles states

"No I'm not saying we actually go through with it.' Willow explains, 'If they are anything like Spike then they would totally freak"

"I'm not freaking" Spike growls

"I'd say you are" Xander replies smugly receiving a growl from Spike

"You know Willow is right' Angel states, 'That could make them run."

"See Willow had good idea" Willow remarks gleeful

"Down girl you make it sound like you never have good ideas" Buffy states

"And your the one who always gets us out of big thinking trouble" Xander agrees

"Well its usually your fault we're in the trouble" Cordelia remarks

"Hey am not" protests Xander

"Might we remind you mummy girl, the praying mantis, the love spell' Buffy counts

"ewh' Willow says excitedly, 'don't forget the hyenas"

"The dead principal" adds Giles

"God you guys I thought we agreed to never mention that' Xander whines

"Hey Buffy do you remember the look on his face when we told him he ate the principal" giggles Willow

"Oh yeah"

"Remember the time you threatened to kill him at teachers night" Spike asks Angel

"It was kind of funny" Angel smirks

Kassandra looks thoughtfully at Willow, "Do you think you could pull it off?"

"I'm pretty sure. It would be a big con to pull off" Willow frowns

"We better get to work" Liena says. For the rest of the day they plan and take turns sleeping. Finally around five that night their plan is mapped out.

"Does everyone know what do to?" Kassandra asks

Xander nods, "When Buffy and the others start fighting Willow, Oz, Cordelia, Giles and I will get everyone else out."

Duncan glances at Richie, "Remember Rich do not take the Immortals heads."

"Right Mac." nods Richie

"So Buffy, Angel, Willow, Xander, Cordelia, Faith and Oz will act like its a normal night for them.' Giles says. 'When Kurlec and the others enter Spike, Richie and Amanda will block them in. Kassandra, Duncan, Luca and I will come through the back. Then Liena and Methos will make their presence known. Xander you and the others will get the kids out."

"Kurlec is mine" Liena states her voice deadly calm.

"How?" demands Luca

"His one weakness' Liena says, 'his ego. He thinks he can manipulate anyone. He's about to learn I don't take to well to being manipulated"

"You can't handle him" protests Methos, "Your strength is still deminished."

"I'm fine. Can we just get this over with? I am getting really pissed off" Liena snaps standing up. "Besides I need a nice long nap and I won't get one until he's dead" she gets up and walks out of the room.

Luca looks around at the others and says, "We better get to work. She's starting to get stressed. She'll be better when this is over" The others get back to work.

Buffy sitting next to Angel takes his hand and squeezes it. Angel smiles slightly at her and then stands up and leaves the room. Walking down the hallway he comes across Liena sitting on the alcove window ledge staring out at the sky. "Liena" he says softly

She looks at him briefly and moves her legs so he can sit down. "When I had my nightmares I used to stare out the window at sky from what ever room I slept in. We moved around a lot but everytime we moved they made sure that I had a window in my room. I enjoy the night the only time I ever feared the night was when Kurlec was around"

"Soon you won't have to fear him anymore" Angel reminds

Liena smiles slightly. "No I won't." The father and daughter sit there watching the night sky silently until Buffy calls them back to the library. They get up and meet with the others in the library near the weapons cage.

"So Liena what weapon would you like?" Giles ask

Liena scans the weapons and then says, "Luca honey do you have my blades?"

"Yes babe. Check the bag" Luca answers

Liena nods and goes over to the bag and pulls out her blades. Putting her leg up on the table she straps a knife to her ankle. She does the same with the other ankle. She then hooks sheath to the back of her pants. Liena then calls "Meth toss me the short" she raises her hand catching the saber. She twirls the blade in a circle.

"We should get going" Kassandra remarks


Twenty Minutes Later at the Bronze*****

Buffy and the Scooby Gang all walk into the club. Looking around on the alert to people who do not belong. They sit at the table. Buffy sits next to Angel "You OK?" she asks softly

"I'm fine. I'll be better when this is over" Angel states

"So Buffster anyone not belong?" Xander asks nervously as he glances around

"Not yet Xander" Buffy answers

They sit there silent as they look around. Suddenly Angel, Faith and Buffy all go on alert as they sense vampires enter. Xander recognizes the look on Buffy's face. "Their here aren't they?" he asks. Buffy nods

Outside Liena is with Luca and the others. She has a feeling of dread as the time comes closer. "Liena' Luca calls softly. Liena walks closer to him and wraps her arms around his waist. 'I love you" he whispers kissing her head. "Forever"

"Luca promise me you'll be careful. Promise me you won't leave me. I have this bad feeling."

"I promise I'll be careful. I'll never leave you." he says

"They're here" she says softly pulling away from his arms, "I love you" she mouths following Methos

Luca joins Duncan. Turning to Duncan he says quietly, "Watch her for me Mac." Duncan looks at Luca puzzeled and nods.

"Hello Angelus" greets one of the vampires when he notices Angel.

"don't call me that" Angel growls

"Aww Liam oops Angel.' a female voice purrs. Angel notices Cassandra walking towards him. Standing infront of Angel she touches his chest. 'So good to see you"

"Cass" Angel greets

"So beautiful" she purrs

"Do you mind?' Buffy growls, 'I may be a little possesive but hands off my boyfriend"

"Oooh little Slayer jealous" Cassandra smirks

"Liena" calls Kurlec as he enters the club, "I know your here child. I can feel you" Up in the rafters Liena is trying to stay calm. She listens to Kurlec call to her.

Below her Angel and the others block Kurlec and his gang inside. "Hey Willow what do you think about cursing these morons?" Buffy asks

Willow takes the orb out of her bag. "I was thinking along the same lines Buffy.' she smirks at the vampires gathered around Kurlec. 'So how many of you would like souls? Come on don't be shy raise your hand.' she notices none of them do. 'OK since none of you want to admit it I guess I'll curse all of you." The vampires all look around nervously then slowly start to move away. The closer to the door they get the fledglings run leaving the elder vampires behind.

"You won't do it" Kurlec growls advancing towards Willow. From the rafters Liena watches the look of panic cross Willow's face. Fearful for the young witch Liena does a flip off the rafters landing between Willow and Kurlec.

"Picking on a child again are we?" Liena growls her eyes flashing. She does a round house kick to his face. Causing Kurlec to spin. Angel hits the nearest vampire and Buffy starts trading hits with Cassandra. Willow and the other mortals move the teens out of the club. Duncan and Amanda slow down the two Immortals after them by killing them. Luca is fighting a vampire while he keeps an eye on Liena. Spike is taking out as many vampires as he can with Kassandra's help.

Liena is fighting Kurlec her attention set on him. She takes her blade and turns on her heel tossing it at one of the vampires sneaking up on Buffy. She then turns her attention back on Kurlec. Liena and Kurlec are fighting hard.

Luca glances over at Liena only to see her fly across the room and hit the wall with a thud. "Liena" he yells. He throws the vampire off and starts to rush towards her. As he gets closer he sees Kurlec pull out an ancient knife that he recognizes. He sees Kurlec head closer to Liena adrenaline rushes through his body as he moves in to stop Kurlec and to protect his love. His back to Kurlec he looks down at Liena and sees a horrified look pass over her face. He feels the knife enter his back.

Liena watches in horror as Kurlec stabs Luca with the only weapon that can kill them. "LUCA" she screams in fear as she watches him fall blood pouring from his body. Liena moves over to Luca's side, "Luca' she whispers tearfully, 'why?"

"I told you I wouldn't let anything happen to you. After all you have more to accomplish in this world.Your going to be a part of something bigger"

"You promised Luca."

"I'll always be around" he says then he dies. Liena wipes her tears away and pulls off his ring and sticks it in her pocket and stands up. She picks up the knife Kurlec used to kill Luca.

Growling low Liena rushes Kurlec and slams him into the wall. "This is for Luca.' she growls ramming the knife into his chest and pulling it out. 'This is for Toby.' she stabs him again. 'And for me" she says pulling the knife upward. Leaning her forehead against the wall for a moment she moves away and watches as Kurlec slumps to the ground dead. Looking around she sees that the others had finished fighting and Cassandra is gone. Her numb fingers drop the knife to the ground.

"Liena' Angel calls tentatively. Angel cringes when he sees the distraught look in her eyes. Liena looks back down at Luca's body and then at her bloody hand. She walks towards the nearest exit and once outside she runs. "He's dead" Angel says to the others.

***To be continued in the Sequel.....****
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