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The first day of summer vacation was muss less eventful than Miles had anticipated, and he was determined to make the second more interesting, he decided as he got dressed, pulling on a white Hollister tshirt and blue board shorts. He was out to find Emma.

Yesterday had been unbelievable boring. He had finished his last hours t the aquarium, he and Caitlin had gone on a walk, had McDonald's for lunch.

Oh god. He couldn't believe it. He had kissed Caitlin.

What had he been thinking? Oh, he hoped that she wouldn't tell Emma.

Why would he do this? It was probably just all the drama of his parents and Nim catching up with him. Caitlin had liked him, and for a while, he had liked her too. He was an idiot. But now- God. He was so confused. And he had slimed all over her. Whatever Nim had done to her, she now knew.

He was an idiot. A freaking idiot. Not that Emma liked him like that. Not like Caitlin did.

What was the matter with him? Why was he acting like this. He had kissed Caitlin, sure, but he wanted Emma, and that was just the end of it.

As he walked down to the marina his black flip flops weighing heavily on the sand. He found what he was looking for.

There was Emma, putting gas into a jet ski, her hair tied back in a messy bun, skin burned by the sun, blue mesh shorts clinging to her legs, bruises and bandaides covering them.

"Hi" He said, speaking behind her.

"Oh. Hi Miles." She smiled as she pulled the spout out of the Jet Ski, placing it back on it's stand. "How's your summer been?"

"Well, considering that it's only the second day, I would say that it's going pretty well-"

"Heard that you finished all of your time at the aquarium yesterday."

"Oh. Yeah." Miles said. She knew.

"Why do you say it like that?"

"Like what?"

"Like you hated your work. From what Caitlin told me, your pretty awesome with the animals and fish and stuff. You'd think that you'd miss it-"

"Well, I like it. It's just, you know The chlorine can get to you sometimes. You don't always know what you are doing-"

"How so?"

"Well, you just do things that you sometimes regret-"

"Like what?" Emma said, looking at him oddly. Maybe she didn't know.

"Just things-"

"You know Miles, your pretty confusing. And that's good. It's pretty Boring, having everything laid out in front of you all the time."

"Yeah, well. Your pretty confusing, yourself." Miles said half heartedly. Gosh, it was hot out. Was that why he was sweating? Or maybe it was because he was so nervous. He was always so nervous around her.

She stared to talk about something, but his mind drifted. He would have to find Caitlin- find her and tell her that that kiss had meant nothing to him. Let her know that he was hurting, and that seemed like the best way to deal with things at the moment. That was what he had to do.

But what if her hurt her? He still liked Caitlin as a friend. She was cool to talk to, and they had a lot in common. Especially with her knowing about Nim. What if she went to the newspapers or the TV stations. What is they wanted to take Nim away. He had already been through that once, and he couldn't go through that again.

But one thing was for sure. He couldn't tell Emma. No way in hell. "Miles, are you alright?" Emma asked, looking at miles. That kid was goofy, just staring into space. "Miles?"

"Hmm...Yeah?" Miles said, refocussing his vision towards Emma. "Just drifted off for a second. I'm good." He couldn't believe he had worked up the nerve. "So.. Do you want to do something later.. Like, as a date?"

She wasn't saying yes- Why wasn't she responding. Had he gone that far over the edge. He knew he had

"I'd really love to, Miles, but I have a lot of work to do-"

"I could help," Miles said hopefully, his face showing the ultimates of desperation.

"Isn't cleaning toilette's and gassing up boats a little trashy for you-"

"It's better than feeding pureed intestines to fish-"

"That's disgusting-" Emma said wrinkling her nose. "Alright" she said a few minutes later. "Alright. If a boat comes, just gas it up. I am going to go and give the John's one more scrub. It should only be about twenty minutes-"

"I think I can handle it-" Miles said, laughing at her insecurities over the whole thing, though he knew that if it was his job on the line, he would probably act the same way. Emma walked off, as she grabbed her mop and a bottle of all-purpose cleaner and she quickly finished her job, returning to Miles.

"Mind if I grab a quick shower?" She asked

"Be my guest-" Miles said "I am not going anywhere-"

Emma let out a long sigh as she let the hot water pour all over her body in the locker room at the marina. God. What was she getting herself into? Miles knew nothing about her. Nothing, but at the same time, she wanted to hand around him so badly. It was obvious that he wanted to be more than friends with her, too. Girls were always good at telling stuff like that. Would she even have time for a boyfriend? With four jobs, working forty hours a week, constantly working her ass off.

All of a sudden, the stress got to her. Thinking back, Emma was glad she was in the shower. That was, the tears didn't show that bad.

The hand dryer worked remarkable similar to a hair dryer she noted as she held her head under it, putting on a pair of Hollister jeans and a light pink 3/4 shirt a sea throughout white sweater over it. She had been a bit chilly lately, almost feeling sick. She sopossed that what she got for sleeping in life guard stands. It was better than home, though. Hell, a Vietnamese prison was better than home, and the last thing she needed was to be sucked into that garbage again.

Miles saw Emma walk out of the locker room looking as beautiful as ever. He was so into her. It was so not cool. He had to stop this. He had never felt this way about a girl before. He had never been this much for it.

"Want to go for a walk?" Miles suggested as they walked along the shore.

"People are a lot like the sand-" Emma said serenely.

"How so-"

"Everyone's all warm and happy on the inside, but when you begin to dig deeper, they become cold and desolate-" Emma said, the wisdom of a 400 year old speaking through her. "I wonder what makes you cold, Miles."

"Who says I have to be cold?" Miles said sitting down. "Why can't I be warm and happy sand. Sand in Africa or something-"

"Because no one is all happy all the time." Emma smiled. "What could be so bad about Miles's life? That's probably how everyone around you thinks. But I see you Miles. Your sad. Why?"

"It's a long story-"

"I have time."

"It's not that. I wouldn't tell you even if I could. A lot more is involved than just you and me. Someone might get hurt, and I am not willing to risk it."

Emma nodded. "I really hope you can tell me one day, Miles."

"Yeah. Me too"

It was still light out as Emma said "So- are you pro-bush?" and those five words started it. One of those four-hour long conversations that you heard about only in bad romantic novels, and love songs. They talked about everything from the war in Iraq, to the X- games, to what exactly was in those energy drinks that made then so damn addictive. It was so corny, so unusual for Miles, but as he talked to her, he slowly found himself falling in love with her. Not that sappy love, that puppy love, but hard core I-want-to-jump-your-bones love. And he was pretty sure that she felt it too.

That night's sky was dark as Emma lay her head on Miles's shoulder s they looked out onto the ocean front. This is where they seemed to spend all their time now, looking out there.

"Look at that." Miles whispered as he heard thunder rumble in the distance, and a green, acidic lightening hit the water.

"It's beautiful" Emma said, staring at it.

"Yes, it is-" Miles said, looking at Emma as her eyes were focused on the lightening. The lightening blended with her eyes, it being the same color, an exotic green.

"Miles?" Emma asked


"I feel scared." she said. Her voice sounded childish and quiet. Miles sort of felt it too. A new silent feeling. He put his arm on her back as the lightening struck the water again.

"Miles- I think we should go" She stated, as she clutched her hand.

Suddenly, there was a loud crashing noise, a flash of green light, blinding him. It was so hot, and then it faded. It took his a moment to refocus. He felt the heat radiating from near by. He backed of of Emma, when the lightening stricking had protected her. He noticed a sharp pain in his hand, not the one that Emma was squeezing so tightly he feared it would fall off, but the other one. His right hand.

"Miles?" Emma said, her voice cracking, obviously scared out of her mind. "Miles- your hand, it's bleeding."

Bleeding was an understatement. His whole had was burnt to it's fullest. All that was on his mind was the flash. He saw all of them in the flash. All of the Nim's. He felt what they were feeling, and they were pissed. He could feel it, deep inside him. Something was going down.

"I've got to go-" He said, suddenly getting up.

"Miles?" Emma asked again, sounding more like, well, a girl than she ever had before. She looked terrified and close to tears, almost shaking in her tiny body frame.

"Something bad is going to happen-" he said as he pulled away from her, starting to walk away, but turned around when she didn't let go.

And suddenly, it happened. As she looked deep into her eyes, his chocolate brown meeting his emerald green as she placed her warm hand on his cheek. When their lips met, it was if electricity shot through their bodies, and as they explored the layouts of each others mouths, Miles wanted nothing more than to stay- her body pressed against his, dangerously close, his hand on her waist, hers in her hair. He wanted her so bad, but he had to go.

He almost kicked himself when he pulled away from her warm grasp that he craved so badly. "I've really got to go" Miles whispered as she kissed him one more time, deep and passionate, carnal, almost as if she was daring him to stay.

But he couldn't.

He took off running where the monsters had told him too. To the place he had found himself not to long ago. Where four mounts ago he had found Nim, just off the coast. Back to the very place that made him feel alive, but now he feared it would be the end of him.

When he got to Williamton Bay he was surrounded in chaos. Guns being fired, dozens of baby sea monsters lay dead and then popping back to life. Screams filled the air, one standing out, bloodcurdling. It came from a red car, he seeing the father of Jake, the boy Caitlin had introduced him too hand through a shattered window.

"NIM STOP!" he said seeing the friend that he held so close to heart attacking the grieving father. As soon as Nim heard Mile's voice, his expression changed from one of ferocity to one that looked regretful. Shameful of what he had done.

His attention moved to the voice that he dreaded to hear. That of Caitlins. He looked up, she standing maybe ten feet away, the sea monsters coming close to her, looking angry.

"Caitlin, take my hand" Miles said, looking at her, the creatures coming closer.

"No. No- I can't" She said, so scared that she could barely function.

"Hey" Miles said, trying to level with her. Trying to make her feel good, anything to get her into safe hands. "Hey. Don't look at them, look at he. Alright. Right here at me-"

Caitlin's eyes looked at Miles, not nearly as intriguing as Emma's. Her's looked warn down. As soon as she grabbed his hand, he jerked her towards him, the creatures immediately stepping back, as he knew they wood. They looked at Miles, as if waiting for his directions. Tears were in her eyes. "You look so beautiful right now-" he said as his lips met hers. He just wanted to make her happy, safe and content. He just wanted things to be how they were, before Caitlin began throwing herself toward him, but that kiss was nothing. Not like he and Emma's. That one was dead, almost like he wasn't kissing her. Something made him him look to the side when she pulled away from him, and he saw Emma, from fifteen feet away.

"I just wanted to see if you were alright. You ran away so quickly- But it looks like your just fine." And with that, she walked away. Miles looked down. His hand was healed, but his heart was broken.