Yay, this is my story called Across the Distance! It is between Sasuke and Gaara and the hard lives that they both lead. In a cold world where you must give up everything to hold on to a stable life. When love comes only from those whose hearts are strong and willing to try against all odds...

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A distant echo of footsteps in the freshly fallen snow sounded on the edge of the icy wind. The steps quickened in pace as it would seem that every snowflake was destined to bring the runner down. A heavy breath accompanied the steps as they soon began to reach their destination. A large cedar stood in the pathway ahead, the echoed pace dying down to a mere shuffle. Seafoam eyes peered out from the black surrounding them, and lifted to gaze upon the area of resting.

Gaara sat down in the snow with his back up against the trunk of the old cedar, this had been his place of hiding ever since he could remember. It was far enough away that no one would even think to follow, and close enough to where he didn't feel quite as exiled.

He felt sick of running away, it seemed that it was the only thing he could ever do. Simply keep on running until you find the answers you are looking for, but what if they never come, and you are on an eternal journey that never seems to fade. It would seem that as of late he wasn't even sure what he was running from, weather it was those around him, or was it himself. There was no one in the world that understood him, and if there was, they sure as hell were taking their time in making themselves known.

Gaara watched silently as the snow fell around him. The frozen crystals so symbolic of what he felt he was. They were cold and unfeeling, yet so very fragile. His thoughts were soon interrupted by the sound of footsteps in the distance. A dark figure was walking rather slowly through the brush, apparently someone else had a rough day too. The figure obviously didn't know he was there, for it was not heading in his exact direction. Gaara hadn't seen anyone around here in a while, so naturally this intrusion made him curious. He got up from his current position only to realize that his pants were now soaked all over the place from the snow, but at the moment he didn't really bother to care. He made his way through the trees as quietly as possible to gain a better visual on the figure. Gaara watched as it stopped by a small and half frozen stream, it was a sudden movement that puzzled him. That is, until he realized that the figure had already known he was there.

"Why are you following me?" Came the harsh, but rather familiar tone. Gaara blinked a few times in sheer confusion, was that...Sasuke? It had to be, but why?

"Hey! If you are going to stalk me, I should at least have the right to know who you are?" Came Sasuke's clearly agitated voice. Gaara shook his head quickly and moved out from behind the tree branch. "Sorry, I didn't mean to follow you. It's just not very often I see others around here." Gaara's voice was quiet, he knew Sasuke only from school, but then again, who didn't? He was the pretty and popular guy who was good at everything he does, and had the attitude to match. Though he did seem a bit different than the rest.

Sasuke jerked his head to the side, now facing Gaara. The voice was familiar to him, but he still wasn't sure. "You still didn't answer my question. Who are you?" He said testily, his vision was obscured due to the snow and a few stray tree limbs for him to even see Gaara at all.

"I thought that would have been obvious." It seemed he was reluctant to say his own name as he took a few steps closer to irritated teen. Sasuke's eyes widened a little, he wasn't exactly expecting this follower to be Gaara Sabaku. 'What is he doing here?' Sasuke thought to himself, then again, he would probably ask him the same question.

"Oh, so it's you." He said raising an eyebrow. "So this is where you go to when you run away from school." Sasuke stated flatly.

'Is he mocking me?' Gaara thought. It was so hard to tell even what mood the popular kid was in most of the time. He seemed so monotone it was unnatural, even for Gaara. "Don't give me that Sasuke, I don't feel like hearing about it here." Gaara said looking away from the ebony haired boy's face. "What the hell are you doing here anyway? I thought you weren't the type to skip school." His voice was becoming annoyed at what seemed to be only arrogance coming from Sasuke.

"Dude, I didn't even say anything, just chill alright. In case you haven't noticed, I'm not in the best of moods either." Sasuke retorted, his dark eyes settling back to the trickling stream. It was apparent that something had happened, and though it made Gaara curious, he decided to keep his mouth shut.

"Well, why are you out here anyway?" So much for keeping his mouth shut.

Sasuke didn't bother to look up, but simply sighed and prepared himself. "What does it matter to you? It's my problem is it not?" He stated flatly. The scarlet haired loner never seemed to want to talk to anyone, let alone show any concern. Why all of a sudden did he care?

"It doesn't matter to me, just thought that I could help. I have nothing better to do." Gaara remained calm, it was true that he didn't really care as to why Sasuke was here. It just gave him someone to talk to for once.

"You..are the strangest person I've ever known." Sasuke muttered, turning his head up to face the loner. "You are always alone, and no one seems to acknowledge you at all, unless of course they run in fear. People always ridicule you, but as far as I can tell, you don't let it bother you. You can accept that you're different, even though everyone else can't. Such a mysterious person..." His voice trailed off.

Gaara walked closer and sat down beside the Uchiha on the bank of the stream, watching the snowflakes fall on his hands. "I'm not that amazing. People don't like me because I'm different, and I don't like people because they are too caught up in their reputation to accept me. So I do the only thing I can, I make it on my own. What's so special about that?" He murmured in such a soft tone that it almost made Sasuke's heart fall. Which was an amazing achievement considering that the kid never even seemed to smile.

"I admire that about you. How you can just turn around and deal with everything that goes on in your life. You think that it's not a big deal, and you don't say anything to anyone. You don't like to draw attention to yourself. Unlike me, I could trip and fall on my ass and people would make a shrine out of it." Sasuke didn't expect to get a reaction out of the redhead beside him, but apparently he did as he heard a slight chuckle emerge from him.

"I'll agree to that. People do seem to worship you." He paused for a moment. "But I don't see why you admire me. Personally, I thought you hated me, everyone else does." Although at the moment Sasuke did seem to be a lot more open than he would be usually. Gaara still wasn't sure as to what the reason for it was. The Uchiha was popular, that much was clear, but he didn't let it go to his head like everyone else. It always seemed like he didn't like the attention, that he just wanted to be left alone. He wasn't judgmental of anyone he was around, which for Gaara was a good thing. Though there was a mysterious aura about him that the redhead just didn't understand. Perhaps no one really did...


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