Title: Beautiful Blood (this is the prolouge)
Fandom: Harry Potter SLASH
Pairing: Harry/Draco, 'course
Warnings: Slash, Veela!Draco, Possibly yaoi in the future
Disclaimer: Harry Potter is not owned by J.K Rowling and a bunch of companies, NOT ME. But golly gee, do I wish.

It was without a doubt, they were all beautiful. With their flowing blond hair, swollen pink tinted lips, and pale blemish-less faces, they were the admiration of witches and wizards everywhere. Many thought there wasn't anything that could be done to make a Malfoy more perfect.

Except, of course, make one the son of a half-veela.

The Malfoys were not without perfection. They were far from it, actually; they were a family that sat atop a history of lies, murder, greed, and sex. They got what they needed using any means necessary.

Although everyone knew this, no one suspected that their proudest quality, the very thing that made them so elite, would be false.

The youngest Malfoy is not a pureblood. He is in fact the product of a night of passion and seduction, committed by his very father Lucius. He was on a business trip to Bulgaria, summoned there to help represent Hogwarts at a worldwide Meeting of the Witchcraft and Wizardry Schools. An attendant of the meeting was a young woman who caught the eyes of every man in the room. She was too beautiful to be human, and she wasn't.

Anyway, it was unfortunate that she sat next to Lucius. It was doubly unfortunate that she took a liking to him. It was devastating that she decided to hit on him and feel up his leg. It was the absolute unluckiest event that he woke up the next morning with her in his bed.

Nine and a half months later, Lucius was back home in London, this incident forgotten to him. He was eating breakfast in his enormous black and silver dining room with his new wife, Narcissa. There was a ring of the doorbell. Lucius grunted, wondering what petty thing could distract him from this breakfast. But when he opened the door, he thought ever so much otherwise.

Lying there next to the door was none other than a brand new baby, entangled in a green blanket inside of a wicker basket.

Thousands of thoughts went through the man's head as he broke into a frenzied sweat. Who is this baby? Where did it come from? I must look for whoever dropped it off. Wait, what if this baby is mine? Impossible. This baby couldn't have been born more than a month ago. And I haven't had- Wait. Oh shit.

When he decided to bring the baby inside, it took a lot of shouting, apologizing, persuading, and possibly a little bit of threatening to calm down Narcissa. Possibly some of this could have been spared if they had found the note inside the basket earlier. As they opened it in a panic, it read:

Dearest Lucius,
Remember me? Well you should, after the night we spend together!
Sorry to break it to you, but we made a little bit more than love that
day! Isn't he beautiful? It really is too bad that I am too young and
sexy to be a mother, I would have loved to keep him. Hope you are
a good father!

P.S. I almost forgot to tell you, I am half veela. When this little boy
first becomes sexually attracted to someone, his veela phermones
will kick in. Say hello to Mr. Hot Shot!

That bitch! Was the only thought that came to Lucius in his surprised state.

"Y-you... You had sex with a VEELA?" Narcissa spat at her husband after finishing the letter.

Lucius steadied himself to keep from fainting. He couldn't believe this.

"No no no no no, Narcissa... She used her veela charm on me! I couldn't control it! She-she seduced me!" Lucius was really panicking.

He thought hard. What else could he do? This was his son, and the woman was an obviously irresponsible person. He couldn't let a child with Malfoy blood be raised elsewhere... Maybe...

An idea hit him. "Narcissa, you're blond and beautiful. No one will know this boy isn't our son if we don't tell them. They won't realize he's part veela either."

"A-are you suggesting that we raise this baby as our OWN child?" Narcissa pointed angrily at the peacefully sleeping boy.

Could that work? We've just been married, hide the baby for a few months, no one will think anything of it... And if they do they can be threatened out of it... We can do it! This will be our son!

"Yes, I think I am."