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This chapter has the slightest bit of Draco/Snape in it (non-mutual), but don't worry, this is still a H/D fic! My chapters will be pretty short. I don't know how long the fic will be though.

WARNING: The rating will probably go up. Sorry if this inconveniences you, but hey, I need to do it, for my own sake...


The sun rose beautifully on the Hogwarts grounds, all traces of the darkness starting to disappear. The dew on the grass shone with the sunlight and the forests rustled and yawned awake.

The students were waking up cheerfully also. The morning breeze welcomed it's way in through the window and a beautiful bird landed on the windowsill to sing a gleeful song and-


-it burst into flames.

"Annoying disease-ridden filth." said a young Draco Malfoy with a yawn. Unfortunately this bird had landed on the window of the Slytherin dorm, right at the platinum-blond's bedside.

"I happen to like it when birds sing, Draco." said Blaise Zabini, as he sat and stretched on the side of his bed.

"Well then you might as well be a Hufflepuff." Draco said carelessly as he neatly folded his expensive green satin pajamas.

"Oh, like I'm the sissy one," Blaise said with a humph. "You're the one who walks around like this." Blaise stood up and pranced around the room with a hand on his cocked hip.

"Oh, fuck you. You're just jealous!" shot Draco as he chucked a pillow at Blaise and walked out the door to the sound of the older boy laughing.

As he entered the common room, all eyes were on him, as they should be. Everyone fell silent as they watched him gather his goons Crabbe and Goyle, smirk, and step out the portrait hole.

Draco knew that he was doing the right thing. As long as he kept everyone intimidated of him, his father and therefore Voldemort would approve. Draco had to get power above the weaklings- show them that he could crush them.

It was the way to success in life.

Just as this thought was leaving Draco's mind, around the corner of the corridor came the one thing that could get in his way.


Oh how he despised him. All because he is "the boy who lived". Yes yes, that was quite amazing. But it happened thirteen damn years ago! Now, the most frustrating thing is that every single year that Potter has to pull off another amazing stunt. He just can't get enough attention! He doesn't have to do anything to have everyone fall in love with him, while Draco tries so hard to please everyone. It makes him sick.

Despite the anger boiling up in Draco towards the boy, he passed him with just a shove and a glare.


Harry gathered himself and glared back at the blond and his sidekicks walking away. Oh how he despised him. He would have been glad to be his friend but he just had to so nasty! Harry had done nothing wrong, but he was instantly resented.

"That nasty little prat." spat Ron who was holding onto Harry's arm. "He deserves to be stewed alive and eaten as ferret meat."

Harry laughed and started walking towards Potions again. "I hate to be so violent but I kind of agree..."


Draco sat in potions looking annoyed. He knew this stupid potion, he didn't need to go over it again. Draco ran a hand through his hair and sighed.

"Bored, Malfoy?" accused Snape. Draco snapped his head around to look at Snape but kept his cool.

"Of course not, sir, your class is always interesting." Draco purred.

"Good. Make sure to pay attention." Snape turned around to demonstrate how to grind unicorn hair. Draco kept his eyes on the professor. How old was he? Around his father's age.. He was sure in good shape. But of course Draco expected nothing less from a fellow Slytherin.

Draco watched as Snape flicked his wand with his strong, slightly bony fingers and swung his silky black hair. He noticed for the first time the way Snape's face was shaped, with it's dominating sharp corners and stilted eyes. Draco watched as the man flew around the classroom, speaking harsh words with his small, tight lips. Draco's eyes couldn't leave the professor when he lifted up his arms, making his black sweater under it cling to his body. His eyes got huge when Snape cut his finger and then decided to lick it. Lick it, for you-know-who's sake! Draco practically moaned when he saw the red muscle flicker ever so slightly and-

Draco gasped and scooted his chair back a little. What was happening? He felt sweaty. His heart was beating faster than it ever had before, not to mention a certain annoying tightness in his pants.

"Malfoy?" asked Snape. The whole class was looking at him. Draco brushed himself off and scooted back into place with a red face.

"Sorry, sir, I just got the chills." Draco coughed.

"Don't make me take points away for distracting the class, Malfoy." Snape replied. "Class is dismissed. Tomorrow your four-inch essay on the uses of bitterroot is due, remember."

Draco shuffled out of the classroom quickly, quite distraught, to find the nearest lavatory.


Harry watched as Malfoy practically apparated down the corridor.

"What just happened? He didn't keep his snooty cool-guy appearance just then." questioned Ron.

"It happens to everyone some time, boys." responded the all-knowing Hermione.

"What?" asked Ran and Harry at the same time.

"You'll see..." Said Hermione as she walked out the door, leaving two confused boys in the doorway.


That night it took Draco a long time to get to sleep. He lied there for a long time, just thinking. It was the first time Draco had ever looked at anyone like that. Draco never really felt attracted to anyone. Sure, there was Pansy, but she was more like a sister than a friend. There were plenty cute Slytherin girls at Hogwarts, like... Like... Pansy... No. Well who did Draco look at? Snape. No, besides that. Who did Draco think about constantly? Well, Potter. That thought made Draco laugh. Sure, he thought about the boy a lot, but not like that. He felt nothing but hate for him.

Draco turned into bed with a sigh. Tomorrow he'll try and figure out what made him look at Snape that way.

Potter better not be responsible for this.