Sacrifices Made For Love


Rune Wolfe

Disclaimer: I own none of Kyou Kara Maou. I'm sorry that this first chapter is short. Please forgive me!

Chapter 1: Are You Happy?

Wolfram watched amused through the swirling throng of dancers as his husband was continuously dragged around by young women of all shapes and sizes. At times Yuuri would shoot him a look desperately saying "help me" but Wolfram would just avoid his gaze and pretend that he didn't notice. Why not let him suffer just a little bit?

It was finally after a final waltz that the king was able to break free, triumphantly making his way towards the shrewd blonde and smiling. But instead of complaining about how tired he was, he bent and reached out his hand in a very formal manner almost out of character for him. "May I have this dance?"

"Hennachoko," Wolfram smiled, "finally using your last resort?" But he stood anyway, allowing himself to be lead into the crowd. The song was slow and romantic, and a content grin grew upon his lips as Yuuri's hand on his waist pulled him closer. "Yuuri…"

From where his head was tucked beneath the Maou's chin he could not see the beam on Yuuri's face. The boy had become far more than fond of his chosen companion, although the engagement had originally been a sad misunderstanding. A few long wistful moments passed by before Yuuri finally responded, "yes?"

He frowned as Wolfram stopped and pulled away, "can we go someplace private? I need to talk to you alone."

"Ummm…sure, Wolf," Yuuri assured him, somewhat confused. This was an odd change of events. Wolfram just nodded and guided him away from the grand ballroom. No words were spoken as the queen searched his mind for a place where they wouldn't be disturbed. Ahh, The music room! Deciding that this was good enough, Wolfram pulled them inside and quickly shut the door behind them, assuring their privacy.

"Wolf, what's…" the king asked.

"Are you happy?"


Wolfram remained facing the door, his back to Yuuri, "are you happy?"

"Sure, I guess. It's a party isn't it? We're supposed to be happy."

He flinched as Wolfram's head dropped, those green eyes he had become so infatuated with watching the floor intently. He guessed this wasn't the answer Wolfram had wanted. The blonde sighed, "You know that's not what I meant, Yuuri."

"You mean about us? Of course I'm happy, why wouldn't I be?"

"Hennachoko, I meant is this what you want?" Wolfram had now stridden over to him and was staring him straight in the eyes. "What's the point if this isn't what you want? I don't want to be the reason you're unhappy"


"Tell me, Yuuri. I don't need protecting."

The Maou just sighed, a soft chuckle escaping his lips, and shook his head, lifting a hand to Wolfram's pale cheek. "Is this what I want, that's what you want to know?" He took a moment to think, "I used to ask myself that. But I haven't since I was 16. Am I happy? Yes, Wolfram, if you need to hear me say it, I am."

"But-," he was cut off by Yuuri's delicious lips pressed tenderly against his own.

"What did I tell you when I was 16, Wolfram?"

The blonde head turned away for a moment, almost as if he were ashamed of even starting this conversation. "You said that you…loved me."

"Yes and nothing has changed."

Yuuri kissed Wolfram's cheeks and lips, running his hands methodically over the man's thin frame. He smiled inwardly, his husband's body always felt so warm and welcoming. The taste of Wolfram's skin was delicious, sweet, like chocolate, yet smooth and velvety.

Wolfram gasped as he felt Yuuri remove his shirt, revealing his pale body to the moonlight trickling in through the windows. Almost instantly the boy attacked his neck, nipping here and there as his slender fingers toyed with Wolfram's pink nipples.

Slowly he leaned in close to the small ear framed by blonde hair, "what do you want, Wolf?"

"I…Yuuri…please," the queen panted, gripping Yuuri's black hair as a warm mouth engulfed one of the hard nubs, licking and scraping it softly with his teeth. He knew what he wanted, he had always known. He wanted that beautiful sensation of Yuuri filling him, of his king claiming him.

Yuuri tried to resist laughing. Wolfram was always so dominant; he could help but find it cute when he became utterly helpless. That is to a certain extent. Only he was allowed to toy with Wolfram like this, and he rarely did so.

Just then a hand gripped his shoulder signaling him to stop. "Wait," Wolfram whispered out of breath, "there was another reason why I brought you in here."

Yuuri looked at him confused, yet still entranced by his ivory skin now littered with small beads of sweat. His confusion only increased as Wolfram pulled one of Yuuri hands to his stomach. "Yuuri…there's something I need to tell you."

Gazing deeply into those gorgeous emerald eyes the young king became lost, excited yet nervous, not comprehending what Wolfram was trying to say. "Wolf…., I don't…" A finger to his lips silenced him.

"Yuuri, I'm pregnant."