a/n: okay, so the first entry's pretty overt and ruins the psychological drama, but it's Johnny's first entry oh, and the third entry is written strangely because he's on a jittery bus

August 29th 1988

Dear Diary,

My name is Johnny Chavez and this is my first entry.

I am fourteen years old, but I'm going to be fifteen in November. I live in Los Angeles with my mother who is currently at work. Tomorrow, we plan on going back-to-school shopping. I hope I make some friends this year cos I never really had the courage to be sociable in middle school. Mainly because the kids hated me, but let's not get into that now.

September 1st 1988

Time: 1: 00 A.M.

Dear Diary,

Well, today's the day, my first day of High School! I talked to my cousin who's in New Hampshire. He's a sophomore and says that it's actually rather easier in that they cut you some slack. I'm gonna be wearing a black and white striped sweater and dark formal pants for the first day. I really hope that no one tries to harass me on the bus.

Time: 7:50 A.M.

Dear Diary,

I.. Am.. On.. the b-us.. as you can tell.. So far, no one's laughed at me, at least anyone that I know of because I'm listening to classical music wearing headphones.