Another depressing one to add to the collection. Teen Titans, I know. Who would have ever thought that I would step out of TP's Happy circle. Well I did, and here is the story.


Foolish mortals.

They bring me into their home, they call me their friend.

If only they knew. Then they wouldn't be so keen to fight alongside of me. They are so clueless. I put all of the evidence right before them, yet they still do not heed. I sit with them, biding my time. I will not give myself away. No, the rewards I will reap are far too precious to give up.

I will have to withstand some nuisances such as Beast Boy. It is far too tempting to strike him down. To put an end to his sheer ignorance. I doubt that he's ever taken a hint of my dislike for him.

There is another girl. She goes by Starfire, and she is weak. I almost enjoy seeing her trounce around, trying to fit into the customs of this world. Her happiness and vigor make me want to hurt her.


But I will remain in control. I always do. Never have I allowed my emotions to get the best of me.

And I have no intention of allowing them to do so now.

I sit meditating, plotting, and heeding my father's instruction. The time to strike is near. I feel apprehension flowing through my veins. I meditate, conserving energy, waiting, watching.

The one who calls himself Cyborg. He takes some thought, some practice. Once man, now machine. But he has his faults, his weaknesses. These weaknesses, they will take careful exploiting. He is careful of himself, watching out. He could easily suspect me if I make a wrong move. He guards his secrets and mind carefully.

A challenge.

Mother always said I was good at mind games.

But all is not perfect in this serene world that I have shaped out of nothing.

I have made my mistakes.

I underestimated him, shunned his as useless. I picked out his feelings for another, and I deemed him invaluable. But then, I allowed him to see me, making me twice the fool.

But not to fear Robin.

I have special plans for you, O wise leader.

Yes special plans indeed.

I was once part of an elite force known as the Teen Titans. A team of youths with far greater power than that of an average human being.

But they made a mistake. A terrible mistake.

But it is not a mistake I am willing to allow them to repeat.

For they will soon feel the full force of Raven's Rage.

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