Kate Swann looked up, the sky shining a turquoise blue back at her. The sun shone all about everything and there were no clouds in the sky. She sighed as she looked out of the window of her family's suburban. This would be the last vacation they all had before she left for college, she thought, looking back over her many years of school. How she would miss them, all the plays she had been in, the books she had read, and the friends she had made.

Pulling on to a ferry, Mr. Swann shut off the engine of the vehicle and turned to her. "Would you like to get out and take in some of the 'ole sea air?" He asked in an excited voice. Kate nodded and unfastened her seat belt before opening the door. The air had tropical warmth to it, but the cool sea winds kept the heat from being unbearable. She made her way among the other cars and trucks to the railing, and looked out, over the bright blue Caribbean waves.

Closing her eyes, she leaned over the railing and let the wind take hold of her hair. Listening to the water splash against the side of the ferry, she sighed. "Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me..." sang a sweet childish voice. Kate's eyes opened warily...there was nobody there beside herself. She looked across the platform of the ferry, trying to catch sight of the child that had sang. Shouts rang out, and she made her way back to the car, confused by the incident that had just happened.

A few moments later, the car started back up again, and the Swann family was on their way, once again. Palm trees covered the landscape and instead of hard packed dirt, sand covered the sides of the road, and the sky only got bluer. Kate watched the waves splash against the beach as they drove along the winding road. Before long, they reached a town, Port Royal. Her father slowed in front of an older building that read "Port Royal Inn and Tavern" in scrolling letters. The engine sputtered to a stop and Kate eagerly hopped out of the car.

"Dad, it's beautiful here! Why did you ever want to leave?" She asked, looking about her father's hometown. Everything seemed to have its place, and all seemed relaxed and as beautiful as ever.

"Well, I needed more of an adventure." Mr. Swann replied, looking at his wife, who had just woken up from a nap. She smiled at the view, and yawned sleepily. Opening the door, Kate rolled her eyes at her father's meaning, and took a step on to the old cobblestone road...Cobblestone? She thought suddenly...it was a smooth drive in, though...she reasoned. Taking a second glance, she was surprised to see regular pavement beneath her feet.

"Come get your stuff!" Her father called, taking her away from her perplexed thoughts. She turned and retrieved her duffle bag and suitcase from the trunk. Looking around, it seemed like everyone was staring at her as she walked by. She shuddered for some unknown reason and walked into the tavern behind her parents. While her father checked in, she went over to a wall containing a large oil painting of a young man and woman. The man had a bleached look to his dark hair, and yet his face was quite fair. He seemed outwardly happy, but a look in his eyes suggested a deeper sadness. The woman looked almost like an older version of Kate. She nodded in reading the inscription "Famous pirate William Turner and his wife, the governor's daughter, Elizabeth Swann" that had been tacked on to the bottom of the frame.

"Miss Swann, may I take your baggage?" Asked an employee. Kate turned and smiled, her brunette curls softly flowing around her face. She nodded as the man took her things from her and led her up a flight of stairs. "I take it you like it here, Miss Swann?" He asked her, turning to look back as he still trudged up the stairway.

Kate nodded "It's the most beautiful place I've ever been!" She exclaimed in her melodic voice. "My father said there was a museum about William Turner being built, is it done?" She continued, thinking over the picture she had just seen.

"Yes, actually it opened just last weekend...it's a fine addition to the mansion!" He replied enthusiastically as he reached the fifth and top floor. Opening a door with a gleaming key, he nodded to Kate, allowing her in first. "Here it is the VIP suite!" He smiled as he closed the door behind him. Kate looked around. The room itself had been remodeled to look like a high class British apartment. The crown molding and colors brought elegance of the 18th century into the room. A blue color tainted the walls with white molding, making the room look spacious and inviting. I chandelier hung from the ceiling, and near a small chair were the rest of their belongings. In itself, the room contained only a phone sitting on a table beside a couch, with two chairs facing the couch. Through a door, was one of the bedrooms, and opposite of that door was another one, leading to an identical room. Leading straight, a path wound into a small kitchen space and another living area, this one containing a large plasma screen TV. A large bay window showed a view of the island and the surrounding ocean.

"Thank you very much, sir!" Kate turned to the man, smiling wide at the luxurious suite. He nodded and left, politely smiling as he closed the door. She walked back to the main room and took her bags to one of the bedrooms. Sighing happily, she opened her suitcase and pulled out some neatly folded clothes. She opened one of the drawers, and laid her bathing suits inside, then put her shirts in another, and did the same with the rest of her clothes. As she got to the top drawer, she noticed that the bottom was very dusty. Reaching in to sweep the dust out, she was surprised to hear a hollow noise as she tapped the bottom. Pushing down in the back, she was even more surprised to see the bottom lift up. An even dustier bottom held only one item, a golden chain with a medallion hanging on it. Picking it up she was amazed by the design engraved on it...it was so familiar, and yet so odd. She shrugged and slipped it on, enjoying the feel of it, and admiring the look.

She turned back to her bags. Pulling some dresses from another bag, she opened the wardrobe to slip them in. She hung them up, filling the rod. Going back to her bag she slipped out a couple of pairs of shoes. She walked back over to the wardrobe. Petticoats, fancy dresses and underskirts filled it up. Corsets and fancy shoes and slippers adorned the floor. She quickly shut the door only to see a candle burning on her dresser and no light above her head. Turning back, she opened up the wardrobe again, to find her clothes all there, once again. Depositing her shoes to the bottom shelf, she closed the door softly, her breath still quick. What is happening? She thought, as the incident ran through her head. What is it I'm seeing?