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Lady Eli

"Kate, I'm sorry...I'm sorry it had to turn out this way, I'm sorry we had to move here, I'm sorry I pulled Will out of the wreckage...we've had nothing but bad luck since then...Kate?" Elizabeth stopped and looked at Kate's hands which had flown to her neck. A golden chain, with the metal medallion strung on it was still around her neck, hidden from the eyes of anyone who wasn't looking for it, but entirely familiar to Elizabeth.

"Of all the wretched things to do!" Elizabeth gasped as she watched Kate gently holding the medallion. "Katherine, how could you? How did you find that? How can I trust you now? Is it all about James? Are you that steal the one thing I never told you about to try to steal the love of my life from me?" With that she grabbed the medallion from Kate's hands and yanked it from her neck, storming off to her room and slamming the old wooden door as she left.

Kate stood there, motionless, as if nothing had happened. She was still thinking. Will...she thought, over and over in her mind. When her sister had said his name, memories leapt up towards her. Suddenly she had known Will Turner all her life and vivid memories of the blacksmith's shop danced in her mind. She knew what she had to do, so as quickly as she could, she took the dress that was hanging over one of the chairs in her room and quickly put it on. It felt natural, and she seemed to know the seams and patterns of it like she had worn it many times before.

Opening the door to the hallway, Kate glanced towards Elizabeth's room. She couldn't talk to her right now; she had to go find Will. Running outside, the same Caribbean breeze caught her hair as it had only that morning when she had entered the mansion. It seemed so far away if her life were fading into this one. She kept running, not really knowing why she turned right or left, but letting her instinct guide her to the small blacksmith's shop in the depths of the seaport.

"Will?" she called as she knocked once on the door before opening it. She could hear the banging of metal upon metal, a sure sign that Will was not only there, but hard at work as well. As she shut the door, Will looked up. His face was covered with sand and sweat, but his young handsome features made Kate's heart flutter.

"Miss Swann, what a nice surprise!" He said, with a voice filled with both respect and friendliness. He set down the sword he was working on, still glowing red, and looked into her troubled face.

"It's Kate!" She said, with a voice that told her that she had to remind him every time. "Will, I believe Elizabeth is a bit upset at me right now. I just needed to can keep working if you want" Kate added the last words as she looked around the shop. Familiar sights jumped out at her, and she could remember every time she had come here, to talk with Will.

"Kate, Elizabeth is just worried about your father and worried about you. She has a lot to think about...I'm sure it wasn't your fault." Will replied with a caring tone that made Kate smile despite her inner doubt about Will's words. She told him about her talk with James and her argument with Elizabeth. She told him everything, everything short of her past. Before she knew it she had spent three hours unloading her conscience.

"Oh, it's getting dark!" She exclaimed as she remembered that she needed to get back home before her father missed her.

"Wait a while longer and I will escort you home, Kate" Will replied in a gentleman-like voice. Kate nodded in approval. Just then a muffled noise caught her attention.

"Did you hear that noise?" She asked Will, her voice hushed as she listened for it again. Will stopped hammering as he listened. Again the noise sounded, followed by a faint but distinct crash. Will's face paled and Kate looked into his eyes, hoping to find an answer there.

"Stay here...I'll come back for you later...we're under attack!" He told Kate as he picked up a few makeshift weapons that had been lying around the shop. Kate ducked down within the wheels used to heat the furnace. She waited and waited, listening to the boom and crash of each cannon and the growing mayhem that seemed to be surrounding the shop.

Suddenly she woke up. It was quiet. It was still. Kate didn't know what time it was, but she could see light streaming in from the sides of the shop. Walking over to the door, Kate listened for any sign that the fort had fallen during the night. Opening the door revealed a mess of rubble that was strewn around the streets. Bodies of animals and people alike also adorned the quiet streets. In the distance someone groaned.

Kate looked everywhere, trying to find Will in all the mess. Finally she was relieved to see him walking towards her, rubbing his head. He smiled faintly at her to reassure her that he was alright, but she could see the worry in his eyes as he looked her over and she smiled back at him. He reached her and she hugged him, glad to see that he was one of the lucky ones...the few lucky ones that had survived.

"I have to get home! My father, he will be worried about me!" Kate told Will as she pulled away from his warm embrace. He nodded and mumbled something, but apparently he had been knocked on the head and hadn't really gained a sense of speech yet. Kate and Will walked slowly back to the mansion, which had been looted as much as the town had. Nobody was home, and there was no sign of Elizabeth. Kate's eyes welled up with tears at the sight, and Will pulled her into another embrace.

"Let's try the fort, perhaps your father never came home last night, and Elizabeth is with him" Will said in a comforting voice as he finally gained his full senses back. They walked to the fort at a quick pace, and once they got there they could see the full extent of the damage. Cannons had ripped the sides of the fort to pieces and the town was in run almost. There wasn't much remaining of Port Royal.

"Katherine! Thank heavens you're alright!" Kate turned around to see her father's relieved and tired face. She ran to him and wrapped her arms around him, feeling how tense he was and hoping that everything was going to be okay. Letting go of her father, Kate looked into his eyes and sensed something was wrong.

"Where's Elizabeth?" Kate asked in a shaky voice. She looked past her father, hoping she would find her sister coming to greet her, but she wasn't there, anywhere. Her father shook his head before he spoke.

"She's gone...they took her..." He managed to say. Kate couldn't believe it...was this supposed to happen? Have I done something wrong? It's all my fault...thoughts ran through Kate's head at lightning fast speeds. She couldn't think of anything to say, she didn't know how to tell them what she knew had to be done. Elizabeth can't die...she has to marry Will! Kate thought frantically.