Hikari is original all else belongs to FY. Warning: Chichiri is passionate in this but I believe he has it in him to be so! Another warning: pretty intense make-out scene and erotic poetry. Enjoy this sappy thing!

Hikari sighed as she watched the dancers sway in the street, the shadows of the fires creating moving silhouettes of their graceful forms. Their colorful outfits swirled together in a rainbow of brilliant colors, first one darting here, and then another. Mostly reds and blacks, but with a few greens and blues, the flowing skirts and thin blouses, pressed against the limber bodies of the dancers. The musical beat of the taiko drums mixed with the hypnotic shakuhachi flute and violin like stringed instruments, made Hikari's spirit want to get up and dance with them. The music claimed her senses, almost lulling her into a trance-like state of awareness. Part of her was already with the others, twirling and swaying sensually to the rhythmic music, the other part remained silent and unmoving.

She took another sip of the spicy tea that one of the gypsies had given her, relishing the warmth it created as it soothingly trickled down her throat. Even though she was surrounded by boisterous music and smiling dancers, she was sad and alone. Hikari politely smiled and shook her head when a nearby woman offered to refill her glass. One of the reasons the tea was "spicy" was due to the small amount of alcohol they included in it. If she drank much more she would end up tipsy, and who knew what she might do if that happened. Probably something stupid with Chichiri, like stir up her heated emotions again.

Hikari groaned as she remembered the night when she kissed Chichiri. She really hadn't meant for it to get that out of hand, or even to have confronted him in the first place. Now, as she remembered all that had transpired between them, she blushed scarlet. She could not believe she responded so wantonly to his touch and caresses, his fervent kisses and warmth. She had been like a common hussy, moaning and gasping with pleasure. If only she could go back in time and erase that moment, no matter how wonderful it had been, and how much she had enjoyed the sensations he had given her.

Hikari frowned suddenly as she thought more on all that had been said and done. If there was ever a moment in her life that she both regretted and adored, it would have been that moment. She looked on it with mixed feelings, unsure of what she truly felt towards it. She knew that all that she had said was true, her reactions to him brutally honest, but she also knew that he was unsure of her, and how he felt. That moment had probably awakened feelings in him that he had not known existed, at least that is what it felt like from the rough way he had responded. Now that he knew what her touch could do to him, and how she felt towards him, surely he would reach a decision soon!

Hikari stomped her foot in frustration, not really noticing when the people around her looked at her in surprise. The silly man had not said anything remotely polite to her since then-almost TWO weeks! He was even more distant now than he had been, and even more irritable. Every time she tried to get close to him, he would jerk away as if burned; every time she spoke he tensed as if waiting for a blow. She was at her wits end with him!

"It is not good to keep the emotional turmoil inside oneself." the same gypsy woman from before suddenly sat down on the bench beside Hikari, "When one feels, one must show these feelings, or else one will dissipate into nothingness."

Hikari grimaced at the woman's words, knowing them to be true and yet wishing they weren't. She was all about showing her true emotions and not being superficially happy when she was really sad, or superficially anything really. But with Chichiri…she'd learned to guard her emotions and not always reveal her true self. She wanted to but it scared her as to how Chichiri would react. She could stand his cool tolerance, but she didn't know how she would take his blatant refusal.

"What if one fears to express these emotions?" Hikari spoke almost absently as she continued to watch the dancers. "What if he rejects me and all my emotions? What then?"

The woman didn't reply right away and Hikari took this moment to think more deeply. She knew she could live without Chichiri, as hard as the thought of it was, she knew she could. Her life did not depend on his acceptance, but a large part of her happiness did. She could learn to smile and laugh without him, and she could go on living without him, but that did not mean she wouldn't want him to be there with her or that she'd forgotten him. He would always be a part of her, and she would always love him.

"He feels the same." Hikari jerked at the woman's words, wondering if she could read minds when she remembered her questions a few moments earlier.

Hikari looked over to the aged woman, searching her face for truth and a reason to hope, "How do you know?"

The woman smiled before standing up, pulling Hikari to her feet. She led Hikari into the middle of the dancing, never giving Hikari a chance to protest or jerk away. Hikari was too puzzled over this woman's actions to give much of a reaction other than raising her eyebrows. When the woman stopped, she turned to face Hikari, taking both her hands into her own.

"Imagine him here," the woman looked around at the dancers then back to Hikari and placed her hand over Hikari's heart, "And dance for him, here and here." She again looked at the fellow dancers then tapped Hikari's chest. "Dance for yourself here." She reached up and smoothed the hair on Hikari's head

Hikari gave a lopsided smile, "How will dancing help me?"

"You will know." The woman pulled away, leaving Hikari in the middle of a circle of dancing.

Hikari stood still, not at all knowing what to do. All around, the dancers kept swaying to the beat, and the music kept vibrating in the air around her. Everything was as it had been before the gypsy woman had spoken, and yet it was all different. Almost as if, it was all happening for her, to help her.

Hikari sighed in both frustration and confusion, stomping her foot again. She honestly didn't know what the woman was talking about but what did she have to loose by dancing? Her pride? Well she had lost that long ago when she had bared her heart to Chichiri and he didn't reject or accept her—she wished he had done either because then she would at least know where she stood with him.

"Dance," Hikari murmured to herself, "Dance for him here and here." Hikari swept her left arm out to encompass her surroundings as she reached across her chest and laid her right hand on her heart. "Dance for yourself here." She raised both hands up to her head then reached beyond it, stretching her arms high above her shoulders in an arc.

"Dance for him here," she swept both arms out, slowly and sensually, "and here," she brought both of her arms in, crossing them over her chest, "Dance for yourself here." Hikari kept her arms crossed as she slowly raised them up then uncrossed them in front of her body.

Hikari kept repeating her movements, and her words, as she slowly worked herself into the music, into the rhythmic beat of dancing. She carefully started to move her feet and legs, first dipping low then standing on her toes, first swaying and twirling to the left, then doing the same to the right. As she gained more confidence and comfort, she began to move her hips in circles, first one way, then the other, all the while keeping up the slow but steady rhythm.

She wasn't dancing at all like what a proper young lady should, but when had she ever been a proper young lady? She was dancing with her emotions, through her emotions; slowly learning to express her inner feelings through her movements. By circulating her wrist and unhurriedly letting her fingers follow through with the circling motion, she could show one emotion, while bringing her arms against her chest then throwing them above her head in a sensuous snake-like movement she could express another emotion. Her body was now her language, her way of communicating.

As she moved the words of the song began to make more sense to her, they touched her where they had not before. It was not a rhyming song, which was a first for her, but it was emotional, and erotic, rhythmic and alluring. The words just helped her move, helped her express her pain and love, her frustration and her happiness. She was unaware of her surroundings, her entire world narrowing down to the music and her movements, her heartbeat and breathing.

Sensuous music echoes through the streets,
Fire light softens the presence of all things;
Alluring scents permeate the warm air,
Pulling you into a deep reverie,
As your heart keeps pace with a provocative beat.
Just sit there; set your mind at ease, I will take care of you.
Keep your eyes open and keep them on me,
I want to see your eyes burn as they follow my motions.

I am going to go slow, taking my time to draw out this moment,
Take a picture with your mind, store it away for all time,
As I show you all that I can do.
My hips pulsate, my arms beckon, my legs stretch and raise, my torso sways.
Sweet sensations flow through you, as I sway and dip down low,
My body brushing you, my skin fiery against yours.
Raw emotions radiate from us and fill the room with tension,
Rhythmic movements tempt and call.
Rising chest, bare legs, flashing eyes, circling hips.
My warm body moves in erotic ways, sinuous and free.

Chichiri was slightly out of breath when he reached the marketplace. His eyes quickly scanned the outer reaches then traveled inwards, hoping in vain Hikari was not in the middle of the dancing gypsies. However, he stopped all movement, and breathing, when he eyes fell on her. He had seen sensuous dancing before, but none had ever really affected him. But this, this passionate display of hers shook him to the core and without meaning to, he moved closer, finding himself standing beside an older gypsy woman before he even realized he had moved.

Hikari was oblivious to his presence, she was too wrapped up in the music and dancing to even notice that most everyone had stopped dancing and moved away. They paired off and disappeared into the dark shadows, the couples clinging to one another in passionate embraces. All that was left were the fires, singer, and two musicians, a drummer and a stringed instrument player. The elder gypsy woman still stood beside Chichiri, but Hikari did not know that. She was in her own world, expressing her love to the Chichiri in her mind.

"Why do you stand here and watch?" Chichiri turned to the woman beside him, his face a mask of emotions. "Why don't you accept your future and move beyond your past?" He looked down at the ground for a moment before returning his gaze to her face. "There is your future," she pointed to Hikari, Chichiri's gaze moving with her motions, "your past is here." she placed her hand on his chest over his heart, "Let your future heal your past."

After she spoke, she gestured towards Hikari again, smiling when Chichiri looked again, his gaze never wavering from her body. When he looked out of the corner of his eye, the gypsy woman was gone, and he was left virtually alone with Hikari. He moved until he could lean against the side of a building, keeping himself in the moving shadows to keep from being detected by Hikari. He didn't want her to stop. But he needn't have worried though; she was lost to all reality. He was too, once the words started to make a connection with him, and he too was pulled into the erotic world of rhythmic music and sensual dancing.

Your eyes and quivering body beg me to come to you.
What a temptation to reach out for me,
To take my in your arms and have your way,
But stay still and you'll be satisfied, you'll be in another world.
You know what I can do, you know my captivating skills.
Anticipation infiltrates you, as you watch my every feature:
My wild hair, my glistening skin, my rolling muscles.
My victory comes through in my dance for you.
What sweet torture, for you and for me,
To yearn and to see, to stay and to move, to be tempted and to be a
Let us swim through this exotic haze of passion,
Loosing touch with reality and time.
Shut your eyes now…and think about what I am about to do.

Chichiri found himself standing beside Hikari as soon as the music stopped. Her eyes were still closed, keeping his presence hidden from her. His expressive eyes took in the way her skin glistened with sweat, how her breathing made her chest rise and fall quickly, and how her hair was wild about her face. The words of the song had described her perfectly, and him as well. Without waiting for her to open her eyes and know he was even there, Chichiri slipped her arms around her and drew her close. He inhaled her sweet scent, closing his eyes and leaning his cheek against hers.

Hikari's eyes flew open in shock. She had completely forgotten that she was really dancing; it had all felt like a dream to her, and so she had forgotten that she was not only in a public place, but also that people she knew could happen by. Her cheeks flushed even redder when she realized it was Chichiri who held her. She couldn't quite tell what he was feeling; she was trying her best to keep her eyes averted from his face. She didn't want to know what he thought of her now; more than likely found her display disgusting.

"I'm sorry, Hikari, no da," his voice was husky and his words were whispered near her ear.

Hikari looked over at him in surprise. His face was closer now, his lips right by her ear. She could smell him, and she could feel all of him pressed close against her. She could happily melt right here and now, but she knew it would do no good on her part. She sighed and closed her eyes again, soaking up the moment and keeping her mouth shut.

"I have been a fool and mistreated you." Chichiri let one of his hands drift lower on her back until it rested just above her bum. "You've been so forgiving and understanding." he moved his other hand until it nearly circled her completely, his fingers brushing her ribs, "You haven't complained and you haven't pushed too hard," Chichiri dipped his head lower until when he spoke, his lips brushed the skin on her shoulder, "and you have loved me all this time, no da."

Hikari let her head droop backwards a little when Chichiri moved his head to the crook of her neck and then up to her widely beating pulse. She was in another world, completely lost to reality. She couldn't believe Chichiri was actually saying all these things, and willingly touching her without her begging him to.

"Why do you love me?" Hikari barely registered his words, she was too lost.

His hand on her lower back had her hips pressed tightly against his hips, and she could feel him against her, his firmness sent shivers down her spine. When he moved until he fit comfortably in the V of her legs, she nearly purred with pleasure. She felt him gasp slightly and held on tighter when he slowly ground his hips into her own. Her eyes glazed over and her head fell back even more until the hand that had been on her ribs moved to cup one of her breasts. Hikari felt like she was going up in flames.

When she opened her eyes, she nearly gasped at the passionately possessive way Chichiri was looking at her. His eyes traveled from her eyes, to her lips, to her neck, to her breasts, and then slowly back up again. Hikari wanted this to go on, she wanted this to keep going and never stop, but she also wanted to know if what he felt for her was more than just lust. She disentangled her fingers from his hair and put them on his chest, pushing away slightly. Chichiri's eyes slowly cleared of their aroused fogginess and he immediately let go and put some space between them.

"Chichiri, I love you because of who you are," Hikari wrung her hands in front her body, "Everything about you is why I love you. Your intelligence, your willingness to help others, how you've evolved into a man over the years, your strength, your honor; Chichiri, the easiest way to say this is to say that I love you because you're you."

Chichiri did not quite know what to make of Hikari's words but he kept quiet, listening intently and mentally figuring out where he stood in this situation. He knew he loved Hikari in many ways, but did not know for sure if his love for her was really what she needed, he was after all, scarred and broken. His past still haunted him, even though they had talked it out, and he knew to a certain extent, his past would always be with him. He could never forget his past and so it would always be nearby. Chichiri sighed, he knew though, deep within himself, that this would not hinder Hikari in the least.

As a friend, she was everything he would ever need or want. She was a wonderful companion, who was both intelligent and beautiful, and she not only knew how to fish, but she loved to fish as well. She made him laugh, she surprised him, she kept him on his toes, she knew how to ease his sorrows, and she was very talented at distracting him…physically. Chichiri grinned to himself; in the physical department, he definitely would not mind being with her. Moreover, mentally he would not mind being with her, she was witty and smart. Emotionally he was already attached to her, a part of him looking for her when she was not near and missing her when she was gone. However, what he was cautious about was why she wanted HIM, and if he was good enough for her.

As if sensing his fear, Hikari stepped forward and put her hand against his heart, "I know I'm in here, Chichiri. I know it, and you know it." She tipped his chin up and smiled into his eyes. "Just like we both know you're in here," Hikari took his hand and placed it over her heart. "You just have to accept my love as it is, human and imperfect, and let me love you, human and imperfect that you are as well."

Chichiri felt a part of him start to heal over, like a wound that had long been open and filled with salt, suddenly washed over with cooling water. He closed his eyes and leaned forward, his forehead resting against Hikari's. What was it about her? She seemed to always know what to say and what to do to catch him off guard, or completely deflate him. He sighed and opened his eyes, reaching up with his other hand to place it over Hikari's own.

"How can you love me after so much time and pain?" He looked at her as he caressed the back of her hand almost absently.

Hikari smiled and stepped closer, "Because I knew I'd get you in the end."
Before Chichiri could laugh, Hikari stepped closer and kissed him. The kiss was soft and sweet, almost shy and tentative. He smiled against her lips as he pulled her closer, keeping her hand over his heart, and his hand over her hand. He wrapped the other arm around her and held her close, caressing her back slowly, and softly. There was nothing hurried about this embrace or this kiss. They held onto each other as if they had forever.…

Tasuki almost snorted his beer out his nose at the sight of Chichiri holding Hikari in the middle of the marketplace. Tasuki wiped his face of the spilled beer and shook his head. The man certainly knew how to make up publicly! Tasuki started to turn away and make his way back to the tavern to celebrate the coming wedding, and he knew there was going to be one, when he suddenly grinned mischievously and turned back to look at the kissing couple. He waited a few moments before yelling loud and clear for all villagers, and possibly anyone within a twenty-mile radius, "Name the first one after me!"

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