Hey All! He's a strange parody rmance kind of story. This takes place like right after the Chunin exam. Hope you enjoy.

Chapter 1- Sweeping Mystery

The rain had been pouring all week, except the sun had finally come out on this day. The sun was shinning happily but water puddles were still scattered around the area of Konoha. A young pink haired kunoichi stood outside of a small, dainty café with a broom. She and her blonde friend, Ino, had been helping out at the café as an odd job. Sakura was looking up and admired the endless light blue sky.

After a few more moments of sky gazing Sakura finally snapped out of her trance and continued to sweep up the leaves.

A young ninja with raven hair was walking down the busiest street of Konoha out of boredom. Today was another day off, and everyone was doing something. His white shorts swished as he continued to walk through the crowds of people. He disliked places like these, there were way too many people for him. Sasuke decided to more off onto a street that was more secluded.

He continued to walk and he remembered that his team mate, Sakura would be working at a café not far from his current location, and it was a very secluded place. A smirk appeared across his face and he decided to go and spy on her. Sasuke jumped onto the roves and ran towards the café. When the café came into sight he stopped and squatted on a branch to that he was hidden in the tree.

He saw her. Her short pink hair was, well, pink and pink. But he always liked her hair for some strange reason. He thought that is was seductive and soothing at the same time. She wasn't wear her usual red kunoichi outfit, instead she wore a short pink dress with blue flowers on it and a couple… Uchiha fan symbols? He raised an eyebrow at the sight of the fans.

If Sakura were to look up about four yards away, she would probably notice the handsome Uchiha spying on her in a tree. But Sasuke made sure that his chakra was undetectable as he watched her sweep up leaves.

She hummed a soft tune that she didn't know, but it seemed familiar to her. Sakura couldn't help but be happy on a bright and peaceful day like this, so she smiled. She continued to sweep, but she stopped when she heard a noise. She looked behind her and saw nothing unusual, so she continued to sweep. She continued to smiled until she heard the noise again. Sakura turned around and again saw nothing. She felt like she was being watched but she dismissed the idea, yet she felt very uncomfortable as she continued to sweep.

Sakura closed her eyes for a few seconds as she swept. When she opened them she saw a shadow looming over her. She turned around and saw nothing. Her heart was racing. She dropped the broom and quickly turned around.

"Who's there? Naruto! This isn't funny!"

Sasuke watched her, he was thinking that she was going insane. She kept turning around and then she turned around and told Naruto to cut it out… but Naruto wasn't even around. It was just Sakura, and himself.
Sakura was very uneasy. She picked up her broom and continued to sweep up the leaves. Sakura was sweeping up leaves near a small puddle of water and she looked down at it. Her heart stopped at the reflection. Someone was behind her. She did something to her eyes and she looked back at the puddle. That person was getting closer to her.

Sakura could take it, she turned around and with her eyes, she saw it. Sakura screamed.

Sasuke blinked and during that time he heard her scream. By the time he opened them, she was gone and the broom hit the ground. He blinked again in confusion; his heart was racing because she wasn't anywhere to be seen. There was no way she could disappear so fast. He thought about how she was acting. Maybe she saw something he couldn't.

He activated his Sharingan and stopped dead. There was chakra residue by where Sakura was standing, but it wasn't hers. He jumped out of the tree and went to the spot. When he looked at it more closely, he noticed that it was two people. They had kidnapped her.

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