It had been a great night. Nick, Warrick, Catherine and Sara had all been out for a meal and were heading back to there cars. They walked along the sidewalk, laughing and having a great time. Nick saw his SUV parked on the other side of the road.

"Well," he managed to get out between the laughter, "this is me."

"Okay, see ya tomorrow." Warrick laughed. They all waved. Nick looked both ways and began to cross. But suddenly, as if out of nowhere, a car came swerving towards him. Sara saw this and ran toward him.

"Nick! Watch out!" she shouted as she ran. He turned, seeing the car. Sara launched into the air, pushing him out the way, causing the car to narrowly miss him. Nick and Sara sat up and watched the car accelerate off. Warrick and Catherine ran to them.

"Nick, Sara!" they shouted, "Are you okay?" They kneeled next to them. They looked from Nick to Sara and then back to Nick. Warrick grabbed Nicks' arm and Catherine grabbed Sara's and they pulled them up.

"Oh, no you don't," Warrick said, as Sara and Nick began towards their cars, "You're too shook up to drive, you're coming with us." They didn't refuse. They all got into Warricks car, Catherine and Warrick in the front, Sara and Nick in the back. When they started driving, Nick looked over at Sara.

"Thanks," he said, "you saved my life." She smiled.

"You don't need to thank me." She replied, "I just didn't want to loose a friend who came so close to dying before." Catherine looked at them and then turned back. Grissom had to know about this. even though it could just be a random hit-and-run, two CSIs almost got killed. This was too important to forget.

Earlier that day

As Grissom walked past the desk, a lady approached him. She handed him a letter.

"Thanks Tania" he said and he headed back to his office.

When he got there, he closed the door and opened the letter. Inside, it read:

Dr. Grissom,

7 years ago, you put my brother in jail, and now you're going to pay. With your friends lives. I'll start with Nicky, then Warrick, then Catherine and I'll end with something special for your little girlfriend Sara.

Watch your back.

Grissom looked up from the letter in shock. Should he tell them? No, he thought, they can take care of themselves.

He could only hope they'd survive.