Here it is! The sequel to Past, Present, and Troy! And to those of you who like Rascal Flatts in the last story, I will try as hard as I can to incorporate them and other country artists into this story. I too am a country junkie. Jessy will be making a few appearances as well.

Chapter 1. Should I, Should I Not...


"Troy, concentrate! The city playoffs are in two weeks!" Chad said handing Troy the ball.

It had been three years since Troy and Gabriella had gotten together. She was working alongside Taylor at a local chemistry lab. He and the rest of the team, even though graduated, still kept playing with Troy's dad still as the coach. And he and Gabriella were as close as the night they had made up. If not closer.

"Alright, Troy! Remember to go left then pass!" Jack shouted from the sidelines.

"Troy did just as he was told, passing it to Jason, who then landed it in the basket right before the buzzer sounded.

"Troy, Why are you spacing out all the time now?" Chad asked after practice.

"You think I should?" Troy asked staring into space.

"Should what?"

"Ask Gabriella?" Troy asked still staring into space.

"Dude, if there's one thing that fate meant to be, it's you and Gabriella." Chad sad smiling as he collected his gear.

"I don't know. I mean, I know she feels the same way. But I don't want to ask her at the wrong time! It might ruin everything!" Troy said hysterically.

"Chill out, man! You'll do fine! So, how are you gonna do it?" Chad said as they walked out of the gym.

"I'm gonna do it tonight. And I know the perfect way." Troy said smiling.

I'll bet you've guessed by now what it is! If not, then you'll just have to wait!