I was always a fan to War of the Worlds, so I decided to write my own little story.Just in case you want to know, some of these characters are real live people. And the movies I talk about are real, too. If you don't know what happens in War of the Worlds, this will give you a good overveiw.This chapter may be short because its only contains one day.

"Finally!" I said as the bell rang. I hate math, I thought picking up my stuff to go homeroom. When I got all of my things together, I headed out of my school. But suddenly I turned to the left into the orchestra room. Inside I ran into Eric (not literally "ran into him") who is short but smart.

"When did you start getting your violin?" he asked.

"Since I felt like it," I answered him. I walked to the room in the back and saw Bryce and Joseph. Bryce is like Eric but he is a little different. He's in sixth grade with us but he is only ten years old. Joseph is not as smart as Eric or Bryce but he is more athletic. We talked a little, I got my violin, and I left. On my way out, I once again swerved to the left. There was the water fountain. I took out my water bottle and filled it and took a drink. Then I finally left the school.

Outside I waited for my seven year old brother, Chet. He came out with two of his friends and we went to our mom's car while his friends waited for their parents. We continued our daily schedule by trying to persue mom into stopping at 7/11 to get a snack. It didn't work. She dropped us off at our house (a two story house, just moved in), and went to pick up our sister. I ran into my room and got a movie for us to watch. I put it in and my brother sighed. "Not this again!"

"Yes! War of the Worlds." The movie we were watching was... War of the Worlds. The version made in 1953. This was only the first movie movie in my collection of five. I would have six but I don't have enough money for the last one.The movie I don't have isn't really a movie. In 1988, there was a television series of War of the Worlds as a runoff of the 1953 movie. On the internet I heared that the reason only the first season is out is because it was good but the second season wasn't.

"Can't we watch something else?" Chet asked.

"Sure. We can turn out the lights and watch the Boogeyman."

"This is good." We watch the show until mom got home with our sister, Chelsea. And I was very odservant and saw Chelsea chewing something.

"What are you eating?" I asked her.


"Where'd you get gum?"

"Bought it."

"Where and how because I destinctly know you don't get an allowance."

"Mom got it." I turned to mom.

"What did you get us?"

"Its on the table in the front room." We entered the front room and saw a sack. Inside the sack was some sodas and candy (for Chet,Coke and Skitles. For me, Pepsi and a Herseys bar.) "Hey Jean (as in Jean Luke Picard in Star Trek), I heard that Mars has gotten the closest to Earth as it has ever been."

"Yeah, I've heard in science class. Since we're starting biology, Mr. Roe was talking about the chances of life on Mars."

"Really? What are they?"

"We haven't come up with an answer yet. In the War of the Worlds book its a million to one. But today with the probes sent up there, it is probably a lot larger than a million. And speaking of War of the Worlds, can I have an allowance this week? I really want that movie."

"We will have to see." That's a no. After finishing my snack, I went upstairs to finish watching my movie.

A great light suddenly flashed right in front of the window. I jumped up and looked at the light was. It was a meteor. I ran down stairs and left the house.I went to the meteor. There was a huge crowd around it and a man was in the pit. Then something came out of the meteor. It looked like a satilite with a mirroron the end.It shot out a light and a man turned to dust. All that was left of him was dust covered cloths. Everyone turned and ran. The ray was shooting everywhere and I felt extreme heat.

"Jean. Wake up or we aren't taking you out to eat." It was Chelsea. I must have fallen asleep, I thought, getting my shoes and socks. I put them on then went downstairs to meet my family. But this time my dad was there. My dad likes sports and technoligy. He has a T.V. as his computer moniter and hanging from his wall and you can find at least three computers on his desk alone. He also has a P.D.A., a M.P.3 player, and a cell phone with internet that he carries with him everywhere except theme parks or swimming pools.

We ended up going to Applebees and my dad asked for them to change the channel to football."I am sorry, But to many people want to watch the news for Mars."

"Oh well." he sighed and went on eating.

When we got home my dad got out the telescope and adjusted it to look at Mars. He let me look through it and I saw the planet perfectly. Then my dad asked me what happened in the book War of the Worlds."Its simple. Martains come to Earth because their planet is about to die so they come live on our planet and kill us until they die of bacteria which we are amune."

"Tell me something I don't know because I saw the Tom Cruise version."

"When they come down from Mars, they look like this." I let him look at what I saw. There was green flames shooting from the planet as the light in my dream. My dad was amased. But even not looking in the telescope I could see the green flames. I counted ten then it stopped. I seemed to jerk back to reality and saw we were not the only ones looking at Mars. The whole block seemed to b outside. Even the rest of our family were behind us. I looked at my watch and it struck 12:00.