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We were walking on a road filled with people. Yet with all the other people around, I felt alone. And for aome reason I couldn't get the song Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day out of my mind. "We must be getting close to the ferry," I said.

As we were walking, we saw army men directing our path forward. I saw one man that looked fairly young to be in the military. We kept walking past the still burning buildings of the city and at the end of the day, the army men sent us to a first aid center. There they gave us food and led us to our beds.

The next day, we were back on our way. Around noon we sat by a building to eat lunch. The soldiers gave us food and we sat back and ate. I wasn't really hungry then (I snuck extra helpings at breakfeast) so I was just nibbling at it and watching the crowd pass. All of a sudden, a girl tripped over my streched out legs. I helped her up and she looked up desiringly at my sandwhich I just left alone on my plate not even touched. I took off a tiny piece for myself and gave her the rest. By her face, I could tell she was eight to ten years old. A boy (at least five years older) came and grabbed her by the arm. He ran off with her but it wasn't something mean. Something wrong.

I saw an army man run to another and whisper something then they both ran off. In the opposite way of the boy and the crowd. More men joined the two clutching their weapons until they were out of site. The site of the running men with pistles and rifles kind of scared me. "I think we should leave," I said.

"Why?" the others asked. Obviously they weren't paying attention.

"I don't have a good feeling."

"That doesn't mean anything bad will happen," Alex said.

"My dad says to always follow your instincts," said Zoe looking at Alex.

"Fine," Alex said grumply. She really wants to stop walking, I thought. We got up and looked ahead. I noticed I still had the chunk of a sandwhich. I did something I'm still working on (throwing it up and catching it in my mouth). I tossed it up (it was perfect), I placed myself between it and the ground, and it obliviated. I ran. The heat ray seemed to hit some man in front of me, because I just got knocked in the head with bunches of bundles of bones (say that five times fast). I took a quick look back and saw the tripod. There was something different about it. I wasn't quite sure what it was, because who would stare at there mortal enemies long enough to kill you? I also saw that the girls were right on my tail. The tripod was getting closer t us and when it was in tentacule range, it pounded it in the ground making the street move up then back down like a wave. The wave forced us off the ground and toward a building. The order of us flying was Alex, me, then Zoe.

Alex crashed through a window in a building and shattered the glass, I took on some falling glass, and Zoe passed through saftley (don't want her to get hurt) and landed on the ground. I sat up, bleeding in many places, and saw a tentacule crash through the ceiling and into the ground. There was a basement and we fell into it.

That night, I gained conciousness. I first noticed I was on a mat and covered with a blanket. Then I noticed that Alex was sleeping (knocked out, same thing) beside me to my right and to her right was Zoe. They were also covered with a blanket. I then noticed there was a fire. And by that fire was a boy and a sleeping girl. I moved over to the fire because even with the blanket I was cold. The boy looked up to glance at me then looked down at his little projected, carving a block of wood. There were more untouched blocks to his left and three finished ones to his right. I picked a finished one and looked at it. The boy didn't mind much. I studied it and was amazed by it. It was a man that was perfectly made. If I ever met him in person, I would notice him right then. I looked at the figure's arms. They were arched with his hands attached at his sides. I looked at another. It was a woman with arms like the man's and as much detail. I set them down so they were standing up. Then I picked up the third and examined it. It was a boy. His arms were arched also but they weren't the same. His arched foward with about a centimeter of room between them. I looked closely to it and was shocked. The wooden boy was a mirror image of the boy who was carving. I put the figure on the ground so it was standing between the two adult figures. They all had the same eyes, nose, and smile. They're a family, I found out.Then I found out a pattern in their arms. The boy's arms went in the adults. I put them like that and looked at them. "A happy family," I mumbled.

The boy placed the one he was working on down and said, "The family's not complete." I saw the figure he was working on. It looked complete to me, but I guess to a great artist like him, it wasn't. It was the girl that was sleeping by him. The arms were like the boy's and easily fit into the adult's so it made a circle. He detatched the girl figure to work on it more. About an hour later, he completed the last figure and attached it back on and kept it there. "Now its complete." He picked up another block of wood and worked on it while I watched the fire.

Soon we were joined by his sister. I reconized her but not by the wood figurine, by some time and place. I tried to work on it but couldn't figure it out. And for some reason, it was very cold. In fact, something cold touched my nose. It was snowing and I looked up and saw the sky. I remembered the tripod that smashed the house and we fell into the basement. Great, I thought. I grabbed my blanket and put it around me. I slowly fell back asleep.

When I re-awoke, Alex and Zoe were up and sitting around the fire. There was about three inches of snow on the ground and to us Texans that's a lot of snow even if ya'll don't think so. I remembered the last time I sat through snow. We got a centimeter of snow that caused the backup of the centery here and I sat by the fire eatin' tamayters (tamatoes) and playin' cowboy. : ) I had to go to the bathroom but there wasn't one. That was a problem. I climbed out of ditch known as a basement and found a still standing car shop. I went inside to find a restroom and I was relieved when I found one. I walked back out and toward the "basement" when I hit my toe really hard on a rock. When I looked down, I realized that the rock was a motorcycle that would have looked very cool on the road if it wasn't destroyed and if it was me riding- I'm getting off subject again like with the Texans never have snow comment aren't I? While I was in pain I looked up and saw wierd cloud formations. I kinda looked like a large tornado was forming but those clouds aren't different colors. Then I could have sworn that the ground shook. That scared me. Than there was a great flash of lightning that casted a shadow of some great thing on three legs. I ran to the basement and told them what I saw.

"We better leave for shelter then," said the boy.

"But I just situated myself by the fire!" I complained.

"I would think you would want to move to safety if you saw the beast on three legs." Ohhh, like Alex but fighting for the oppisite. He's rooting for the 'let's leave', I thought. His sister got up before me and tryed to pass me in front and tripped on my legs. I helped her up then remembered something. She was the girl from the beginning of the chapter. I also stood up and followed the boy which took us to a food storage place that was underground that had a small window that I could look out to see the tripod perfectly. I could also see the weird cloud formation. The tripod seem to go to the cloud formation and waited off to the side. All of a sudden, a bolt of lightning shot down into the earth. Then another, then another, then another, then another, then another, and so on in the same place(sounds familiar, don't it?). Then everything stopped after about thirty flashes of lightning (we weren't counting). We would have come out but there was still that tripod standing guard and I've seen the movie. I knew something was going to happen. Something then moved. Well, it wasn't really something. I was more like an earthquake. The hole that I could see seemed to get bigger and bigger then seemed to lift. Rubble and ground fell, showing the ghastly shine of unknown metal. Then it rose on the legs that were supported by three tor things, as for the other one standing guard that was from a meteorite were pointed at the bottom. When this new machine rose to full height, it seemed to tower over the old one and seemed newer for some reason, maybe because the old tripod seemed to be rusty.

Great. What can go more wrong? There were only ten tripods before because only ten came from Mars. Now there can be hundreds! I was starting to get mad for some reason, most likely because I knew the chances for survival now seemed to just fall into an endless pit. But then I thought of something else. But there can't be as many as before because the only way for these to be here are they were buried. Some must have been found by Area 51 (if such a place exists) and the only way for Spielberg to have created a movie along this story line is for to have been an invasion with them meaning they died and the machines are useless. That made me smile. The rates rose like an angel. But then I thought of something else. But if that movie was made after a real invasion, the other movies could have been also. Like the 1953 version, or even the broadcast and the book! Back in the abyss. The others saw I was having mood swings so they dragged me from the window. And little did I know, that I discovered the true secret of the Reginites. We slowly fell alseep even through we were in terror of these new and better machines.

Hope you liked that chapter. In the next chapter, there is going to be a weird dream, and more new tripods.