A Secret Under a Blood Red Sky

Disclaimer: Sam and Dean do not belong to me…except on nights and weekends. (Small joke, really…)

Author's Note: This is my first double drabble (literally 200 words, yay) and my first real attempt at something remotely funny to place in the humor genre. I thought, albeit short, this might induce at least one reader's laughter…and that is my goal. Okay, maybe my goal is making two people laugh. All right, three people laugh, one person smile. I'm a liar. My goal is limitless, read and giggle like crazy and let me know if I should completely give up on humor or just try harder.

Summary: Slight spoilers for Bloody Mary. Sam wonders why his brother's eyes bled, and of course…he'll never get a straight answer.


"Why did your eyes bleed?"

"Well, I was on a hunt, tracking this girl I thought was being haunted. And I ended up following her to…" Dean suddenly looked physically sick, and Sam stared at him worriedly, placing a comforting hand on his brother's shoulder. "I went to…an N'sync concert," he practically threw up the words.

Sam looked baffled. "And how'd that kill anyone?"

"Um, hello," Dean pointed to himself, "That was virtual suicide,"

Sam then smacked his brother upside his head and grimaced.

"You really had me freaked out,"

"Yeah," Dean laughed, "And you almost had your Chick-Flick moment," he added, tauntingly.

"Thanks, jerk,"

"Anything for you, bitch,"

"So really, why did your eyes bleed?"

"You really want to know?"

"That's why I'm asking,"

"Before I answer, I need to ask you something…so I know that things won't change between us after I share my secret,"

"Okay, of course," Sam said reassuringly.

The older Winchester turned utterly serious. "What would you do for a Klondike bar, Sammy?"

Sam glared at Dean with disappointment.

"Sometimes, I hate you,"

"If only you could, little brother," Dean said thoughtfully. "But I don't think we're ready to take on the Apocalypse just yet,"


Thank you for reading and I hope it was enjoyable (and hopefully somewhat amusing). In case it was confusing, yes: I implied it'd be the start of the end of the world if Sam hated Dean…and I found it difficult to stop writing this, but I figured it wouldn't be a drabble if I went on with it…Anyways, feedback is awesome. By the way, I have no idea why I decided to title this story what I did…it just sounded kind of interesting, lol. One last item, I mean no offense to fans of N'sync (I used to like them, actually) but I figured Dean wouldn't care too much for them. Thanks again for reading!

Silver Kitten