The Black and White Guardian

Chapter 1: What?

Kisa's POV

Six months had just past after I last seen Tohru. She had always been loyal to us Sohmas, but ever since Akito forced her choose between for her to leave the Sohmas or for us to get hurt. Not to mention so much happen just for the pass few days.

Flash Back

The whole Sohmas who possessed the curse were at the Sohmas Estate, seeing Akito for the last time as he is nearly at his death point.

"You guys won't even survive without me, for I'm your…God. Heh heh…heh" Akito laughing on his last breathe

"Akito just passed away," said Hatori as checking Akito's pulse.

"Well at least he's gone, the world is better with out that hag," said Kyo

"He doesn't have the right to say stuff like that to Tohru," said Momiji.


"Hey what's with this?" asked Rin

"Why the hell are we in our animal form?" asked Kyo

"Wait how come Kisa, Hiro and Haru are still in your human form?" asked Ayame.

"I…I don't know" said Kisa.

Suddenly the door knocked, entered one of the inner circle member.

"The Head left a message saying as he passed away you Sohmas are to leave the Estate at this minute" spoke the lady.

"What…we can leave in this form!" yelled Kureno.

"Sorry it's the Head's Order… Please don't make it hard for me" as she said it she point the way out. As all the Sohmas left they were all standing in front of the entrance.

"Oh great, what's going to happen next?" complained Hiro.

"The only place we can head is Shigure's house," said Hatori

"But it's far from here" said Kisa.

"The Dojo is near here," said Kyo.

"That's out in the street," said Haru.

"There's the back way… we just have to be careful," said Yuki.

End of Flash Back

As they got to the Dojo they snuck into the back. Suddenly a voice spoke, a voice that was familiar to them.

"Can I help you?" there pop out a head, they was surprise it was Tohru.

"Tohru!" they both shock seeing her at the Dojo.

"Sohmas!" She stared at them.

"Ok… um come on let's get you guys inside," said Tohru leading the way.

"What happened to you guys?" asked Tohru.

"We don't know. As Akito passed away we were in our animal form apart from Kisa, Hiro and Haru for some reason. Next we got kicked out the Estate by Akito's Order, so we had no choice but to go here" explained Shigure.

"Mentioning that why are you doing here?" asked Rin.

"As I got kicked out of the house, I met Kazuma out on the streets and I told him everything so he let stayed with him, very thoughtful of him" explained Tohru

" Where's Master?" asked Kyo.

"He's out for the moment," said Tohru.

"I'm back from my walk" as the master of the Dojo came home. Tohru stood up and went calling him.

"Master, the Sohmas are here," said Tohru.

"Here?" asked Kazuma.

"Let's say most of them are in their animal forms," said Tohru.

"Huh?" Kazuma was confused what Tohru meant by that. As Kazuma entered he understood what Tohru meant.

"Now what is this all about?" asked Kazuma.

"Akito passed away, most of them in their animal forms, got kicked out of estate and so we came here to stay," explained Haru in short sentence.

"Ok, nice specific answer" said Kazuma.

"Tohru would you mind fetch Kimitsu and tell him to cancel the rest of the class that I'm having later on" said Kazuma.

"Of course Master" said Tohru getting up to fetch the Secretary.

"Wait did she just call you Master?" asked Kagura.

"I accept her as a student, because she was starting to have an interest in learning marital art" said Kazuma.

"Told him" as Tohru came back telling Kimitsu.

"So what do we do now?" asked Kyo.

"I think I know what is happening. If there is no head in the family you are to stay in your animal form, as he possess something. But Kisa, Hiro and Haru not in their animal form is still a mystery," explained Kazuma, as he stared at Tohru and Haru, both of them standing side by side, he was thinking if they were capable.

"Haru, Tohru come here and stand for a moment as the rest of you stay here for a moment," said Kazuma.

As both stood there, Kazuma got a long stick and threw a hit towards them. Both of them were quick enough to dodge.

"What the hell are you doing, Master?" asked Haru, as Kazuma threw continuous hits towards them.

"Your very capable," said Kazuma.

"Capable of what?" asked Haru, confused what he meant.

"What I meant is that you two are capable to break the Sohma's curse?" explained Kazuma, as both of them stared at him.

"US!" Haru and Tohru were surprises what he justsaid.

"THEM!" yelled the Sohmas as everyone stared at Kazuma.