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Chapter 3: The First Encounter

After two weeks later Tohru and Haru realising they are guardians for the Sohmas, they were now capable to encounter any of the Zodiac Demon spirits. Tohru and Haru are now at the dojo, training with Kazuma as their master.

KA-CHING! Tohru and Haru training each other with their swords.

"Very good you two" commented Kazuma.

"Are we ready to face those demon spirits, yet?" asked Tohru.

"Yeah, we have been training for two weeks now" sighed Haru.

"Your fully trained now, so I don't see why" answered Kazuma with confident.

"Yipee! Look out demons, Tohru and Haru are fully pump and here to kick your butt!" yelled Momiji.

"Right" scoffed Kyo.

"So how do we look for the demon spirits anyway?" asked Haru.

"Well this year is the Lunar year, they only come out this year to search gems in 13 people. However after defeating the demon you need to get the gem out from those people" answered Kazuma.

"Oh tell us two weeks later" scoffed Haru.

"This could be more difficult than I thought it would," said Tohru.

RUMBLE! The whole Sohma's tummy growled.

"I guess everyone is hungry," said Kazuma.

"We hadn't eaten anything for the whole day" said Shigure.

"Here" Kazuma handing money to Tohru and Haru.

"What?" asked Haru.

"You two go and order take out for us" said Kazuma.

"Master, you do know we've been training for the pass three hours," said Tohru.

"Oh well, how much more could it hurt?" asked Kazuma.

"Ok, ok we go," sighed Haru.

"Bring your sword along with you just in case for emergency" said Kazuma.

"Isn't it illegal to carry those on the streets?" asked Tohru.

"Don't worry, nobody wouldn't even care as long you have a license" said Kazuma as handing them each a license.

10 minutes later they both left.

"What a day, don't you think?" asked Haru.

"I know, but I have to say that there is more to guardians than it looks" said Tohru.

"I reckon," agreed Haru.

While both of them walking, Tohru was remembering how both of them suddenly became guardians for the Sohmas. Even though being a guardian could be hard, but the adventure that awaits them is going to fun. By thinking that Tohru giggle, Haru thinking that was random.

"What's so funny?" asked Haru who is very curious.

"Nothing, just a stupid though that's all" answered Tohru.

It made Haru more curious, so he stopped her by putting his arm in front of her.

"Let me hear it then" aid Haru.

"Ok… I was thinking that even though being guardians could be hard work, but think of the adventures that awaits us, not to mention that we finally get the chance to use our skills against those zodiac demon spirits," explained Tohru, trying not to laugh.

Suddenly Haru broke out a laugh, made Tohru surprise because it is her first hearing him laugh that loud.

"Ha, ha… hey I though the same, but tell that to the Sohmas and they think we're nuts" said Haru, both of them still laughing.

"I have to say Tohru, that you're not panicky and dense that you used to be" commented Haru, as both of them clam down.

"I guess learning martial arts kinda makes you a little more confident" said Tohru.

"True, true" agreed Haru.


"What the hell?" asked Haru as both of them stop to see where the noise came from.

"Please let go," begged the boy, as held up on his collar.

"You got something that I want" spoke the dark figure man.

"What do I have?" asked the boy.

"I want the gem within you," answered the man.

"Wait, wouldn't that means his one of the demon spirits" said Tohru.

"I think so, you ready?' asked Haru.

"You bet ya," answered Tohru.

Tohru threw razors to the man, letting go the boy who was unconscious.

"Why you brats! Who are you two?" asked the man.

"We're guardians and we're here to seal you" answered Haru.

"So a fight you two are looking for, so a fight you shall get" as he spoke he transformed into a huge dark ugly dog.

KA CHING! CHING! Tohru and Haru sliced his face giving him a cut on his face.

"Why you BASTARDS! I'm blind!" yelled the dog falling down.

"TALISMAN BARRIER POWER!" as both of them yelled, the dog disappeared as it was sealed into their talisman.

"Yeah, our first demon sealed," cheered Tohru.

"Hey what are we going to do with this dude?" asked Haru.

"Oh yeah we need to get the gem out from him" said Tohru.

"How are we going to do that?" asked Haru

"I don't know but I want to try something," said Tohru as placing her hand on to the boys fore head

"Talisman power withdraw the gems within the mine," said Tohru as retrieving the gem.

"Hey how you did that?" asked Haru.

"No idea" answered Tohru.

As both of them got back to Sohmas with lunch, they explained everything what happened to Kazuma.

" However, it puzzled us that how come Shigure isn't in his human form after we sealed the dog demon," said Tohru

"I think I know why, you need to seal the demon to eternity, by doing that you need to search the Prince and Princess" explained Kazuma.

"Prince and Princess!" Haru and Tohru was shock what he just said.

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