Cold Fusion

All the events portrayed in this Fan Fiction is fictions, any similarities between events are purely couinedetial.

All characters are legal copyright to Rockstar Games, (Except the ones I made up). Therefore all rights are reserved to Rockstar games.

Chapter 1: Over The Waves

"Okay, thank you caller, and no I do not agree with the Carrington real estate destroying Bellveiw park to build a parking lot, I will be protesting! See you later SAM listeners, I leave in the faithful hands of DJ Lazlow, ex-Chatterbox FM host and ex-VRock host, Bye!" Theo said into the grimy mic, that was now covered in spit.

Theo got up from the brown wood chair. The whole room smelt destingtivly of urine and ciggerete smoke. The murky windows loomed out into the dusty derelict streets of Liberty City. At 2:30 AM not many people were out, except drunks, hookers and the odd taxi.

Theo, was a tall Colombian. He had a fit physic, and a mustache that looked like a great big black slug, that had crawled across his pheltrum. Apart from his bulging mustache he was quite attractive. He was dark, wore the right clothes and had dreamy blue eye's. He looked almost out of place here, in this dingy apartment, run by a drunk. He often wondered what he was doing here, working on an Amateur radio station. When the most listeners where 13, and that had been when the Love Media mast had fallen, and SAM radio had been the only radio available.

"Take it away Lazlow", Theo said in his thick Colombian accent.

"Guess I'll see you tomorrow Theo, I'm going play some Love fist, then I'll proberly leave early, the boss ain't gonna know, he's proberly sleeping in some alley", Lazlow mumbled.

"Love Fist? Oh that washed up band, that idiot Paul owned it, you have to get yourself a new CD, you being playing 'Fat chicks all day all night' for nine weeks now! Later Lazlow", Theo said, he turned on his heel and headed for the door.

A black Rumpo speeded round the corner of Kazel's Casino, formerly Kenji's Casino. It pulled up by a block of dirty looking flats opposite the Casino. The two rusty back doors flung open and four armed men dressed in black suits burst through the main doors. They ran up the winding stairs, towards the eighth floor.

The four men took positions. Two had they're guns pointed at the door, the other two were up against the cold gray wall next to the door.

The door opened, something the men weren't expecting. The two guys fired, unleashing the lead capsules. Theo dived out of the way, they missed him and hit the wall, next to Lazlow.

Lazlow screamed like a girl, as Theo tried to take down one of the men. He tried to tackle him, by hitting his chest. But, as he ran through the door, he was hit by the other two men. They dragged him back into the dingy room.

"Alright, girlie, stand next to Rambo over there. Move it...NOW! Or do I have to shoot this thing!" One of the men wailed.

"Please I'm to sexy to kill, just let me go!" Lazlow cried.

One of the men, pressed the cold barrel up against Lazlow's head. Lazlow lay whimpering, on the stained floor. Salty tears of fear rolled down his check.

"I said, go over to Rambo!" Another man screamed, showing bits of flaky silica over Lazlow.

Lazlow staggered to get up, and ran clumbserly to Theo, who was lying face down on the floor. Obviously the blow to the head must have knocked him out.

One of the gunmen, grabbed the dirty mic and began talking into it.

"Good morning Liberty City. The news I bring you is not pleasurable. There is a nuclear missile, far away, in our possession. We are not afraid to launch it into the heart of your City. The only way we will hand the missile over is if our demands are met.

"Our demands are simple. Number 1: We want the man called Hijin released from the state prison. Number 2: We want all the patrolling officers looking over the airport to leave, for thirty minuets. And finally, Number 3: We want $600,000, to be delivered to the Portland docks.

"You have one week. If our demands are not met, then we will launch the missile, and Liberty City will be no more. That is all. Good bye." The man put the mic back down.

He started to talk to the other men, in what seemed to be Japanese. Now and then, the four men would glance at Theo. Lazlow was stilled rolled up on the floor, not crying now, not even moving.

One of the men, looked at Lazlow, he laughed triampuntly. He then grabbed Theo's body, and started to drag it out the door, behind the other men.

Down derelict street, they threw the now gagged Theo into the back of the van. One of the men got in the front, and the other two joined Theo in the back. Watch of them had their gun's pointed at his head.

The pulled out into the road, where they zoomed past Kenzel's casino towards the Stauton Island docks were two huge posh looking condo's were.

Theo, just lay still on the van floor. He had no idea of his fate...