Chapter 4: Cold Fusion

The green and silver Bobcat whined as it trundled along the dusty road of the Las Venturas dessert. Theo had been at gun point since they reached the plane at Francis International Airport. Then, he had just been thrown into this run down Bobcat, and been hurled through the boiling dessert sand. He was sweating badly. Black patches were forming under his arms and down his chest.

"Okay, Mister Theo", one of the Yackuzas said from the passenger seat of the truck, he could barely speak a word of English, "We nearly at site, you get ready".

"Whatever", Theo said. He knew the Yackuza didn't have a clue what he was on about.

Theo could almost make out a truck in the distance, that must be the camp site he thought to himself.

Finally the Bobcat pulled into the site. There were large tent's pitched up, and a huge Flatbed truck with a white cover thrown over it. Parked on the calm sea was a silver Sea Sparrow guarded by four Yackuzas. The whole camp was swarming with them. They marched around like drones. Wandering around with their guns thrown over their shoulder.

But as the Bobcat pulled in, suddenly all the Yackuzas were alert. Their beady eyes flowed Theo as sat nervously in the back of the truck.

Soon, it came to a halt. The two Yackuzas who at been chatting away in Japanese at the front were silently watching Theo and gesturing him to get out of the Bobcat. Theo reluctantly did as the two men said. One of the Yackuzas kicked Theo in the back of his leg. Theo collapsed to the floor, his face was pressed against the hot sand.

All the Yackuzas laughed and one shouted, "Gaex Ze Hinjy American!" Which meant 'Eat sand you American pig!'

Theo struggled to stand back up. The heat was over welming, Theo thought he was going to faint in the sweltering sun.

After a while he had been roughly thrown into own of the tents. It came to a relief, as the tent had shaded him from the sun.

Finally night came. And Theo had been cooped up inside this tent all day. He could here the Yackuzas outside shouting Japanese to each other, but he dared not peak his head out of the tent door to see what was going on.

The night was cold and the temperature had dropped as low as -2 degrees. It was amazing how cold the dessert's were in the night.

Theo pulled his smelly, sweaty shirt back on. He cautiously undid the tent zip, and peaked his out. The camp was silent except for a weird buzzing noise coming from the old shack he seen on the way up.

He moved swiftly and silently across the sand towards the flatbed. First off he wanted to knew exactly what he was suppose to be guarding. He carefully lifted part of the sheet. He could just see a lump of gray metal. Then, as he lifted a pierce further down he realized what it was. The words CF-090 was imprinted in bold white letters on the side.

Theo dropped the sheet and put his hand to his dropped jaw. CF-090, he knew what it meant. When he was five his farther had worked for the army, and now and again he was instructed to assist convoys of nuclear torpedoes. They would usually travel by boat, but now and again it would be a land convoy.

As Theo's mother had died and he and his farther had lived far away from anyone in the Colombian countryside away from anyone. This meant that when Theo's farther had had to escort a convoy, Theo had been lucky enough to tag along.

Theo knew allot about these nuclear torpedoes. And he knew what he was dealing with here. CF-090. The CF stood for Cold Fusion. This is when materiel's are fused together at room temperature, instead of high temperatures. This was because, if a spark ignited the whole thing would go off. So the CF told him that this torpedo had been made using Cold Fusion. 090 stood for the serial number. If the torpedo needed to be tracked the, they could recognize the number 090 and immediately know this was the missile they were looking for.

Theo tried to run to back to the tent but as he did, two Yackuza guards came round the corner, Theo dived under the truck. Luckily they didn't see him, they just wandered by. One of the men was smoking and dropped half of the cigarette into the sand near the missile. Theo thought of how the Yackuzas didn't have a clue what they were doing.

Theo sprinted back to the tent. Once he had dived in, Theo yanked a mobile phone from his pocket. He punched the numbers into phone. He then put it to his ear. He could hear the ringing tone.

Wayne fumbled about what looked like a heap of metal. He had the torch shining a thin beam of light over the metal. He light a match and put it to the fuse, of the metal, the petrol covered fuse light instantly. Wayne scrambled about a big grin across his face he jumped behind a pile of dirty cardboard boxes. Then there was a huge explosion. Wayne chuckled insanely, he made hooting noise's and started waving his hands in the air.

Wayne Herman was a short slightly overweight man. He was wearing a combat jacket and green trousers, and huge black boots to match. He was nearly bald with ginger parts around his ears.

The police sirens grew louder, and Wayne run out of the alley opposite Cafe Robina. He sprinted on his pudgy legs down Little Havana. He was still laughing madly.

Then his phone began to ring. He glared at his pocket and pulled it out.

"Yo, who's there", he said in a slightly Irish accent.

"Wayne? Is that you?" The voice said.

"Wayne the Irish pain speaking! Who's this?" he answered.

"It's me, Theo. You remember me?" Theo asked.

"Theo! What you calling me for? of course I remember you. You caught at a bit of a bad time tho," Wayne chuckled, " I been testing fuel for my home made cannon, so what you up Theo?"

Theo explained the whole situation. From being kidnapped from SAM radio to seeing the Nuclear missile.

"Wayne", he added, "Can, you have a look around Vice City. Im desperate. I gotta get away from here, but first I need to make sure my family is safe".

"Wow", Wayne gasped,"Sure, yea I will".

"Thanks", Theo said and hung up.

He just sat there, in the dark tent. He knew something bad was coming, and he would have to face it when it did.