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The Invisible Woman.

Quite an ironic name in my eyes, she's impossible to avoid. Trust me, I tried. From the moment I saw her on my old television set in my bedroom, I knew she was the one. I often dream of the day we meet. But I'm also a realist. It's only a dream. I knew from that split second that she probably didn't give a damn about me. Had no idea who I was. And even if she did know me then she still wouldn't care. Her heart belongs to Reed Richards. The oh so clever scientist who has it all. Even my Sue. I could tell how she felt about him when I saw her for the first time. The way she looked at him with a sense of pride and admiration. Of longing and loving. So I tried to ignore her. Wipe her away from my memory; I didn't want to get hurt. It was actually quite easy, a lot easier than I thought. I just turned off my TV. But it only lasted for two hours. When I logged in on my favourite chat room her and her friends were the talk of the day. I hated it. Males spoke about her in a disgusting way, chatting enthusiastically about her body as if she were an object, while females immediately looked at her as competition and bitched about her like there was no tomorrow.

I can understand their obsession. Susan Storm is a very beautiful woman. The way she walks like a princess, so precious and promising and the way she talks like she knows you. The power she has to empathise with anything that has a story to tell. The way she thinks is amazing and every time she blinks I find myself extremely content.

But like I said, I'm only going to get hurt. Maybe it's too late, I don't know. What I do know is that it pains me to see her and know she doesn't feel the same way, mainly because she has no idea I exist. That's why I'm going to try. They always tell me the same thing. 'You never know until you try.' Because maybe, just maybe when she meets me she'll fall head over heels in love. Maybe she will leave her life of crime fighting behind to come and join me here. And even if she doesn't leave the one she loves she will remember me. Remember my name.

I have it all planned out. My first step is to let her know I'm happy if she is. Recently she gave birth to a baby boy. A card will show her how happy I am. But not an ordinary card. Not like the one every other male will send. No. I have an extra special thing to make her gasp and make her wonder. Wonder who her mystery card sender is, so when she meets me she'll be so full of gratitude she shall reward me and fulfil my fantasies.

Only a dream, but what's the harm in dreaming. And what's wrong with trying to make those dreams come true no matter how impossible they are because like they always told me. 'Nothing's impossible.'

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