Disclaimer: This poem is inspired rather heavily by Danny Phantom, which I do not own. So please don't sue me- I'm just a starving college student, you wouldn't get much.

Bound Witness

By: Firefury Amahira

Watching, waiting, hoping, praying

Witness to a battle fought

His safe return her only thought

His enemy with strength most daunting

With razor wit and powers flaunting

The odds against him, this she knows

This one who's worse than all his foes

That have come before and been defeated

She knows how often Fate's been cheated

She fears this time his luck's run dry

This time he'll lose and they'll all die

She saw the terror the future wrought

The desperate measures, and all for naught

Now times collide with a violent air

His desperation shifts to shouted prayer

As past meets future, a chaotic clash

Defiance shining, an emerald flash

A desperate battle, of that there's no question

But the tables do turn, a steady progression

The enemy beaten but still victorious

The explosion looming already notorious

For causing him such untold pain

He's won the day, but all in vain

With his strength depleted he cannot save her

She blinks back the tears, her vision a blur

As smoke fills the sky, she hears a strange shout

Before the end of it all, a voice calling "TIME OUT!"