Disclaimer: Hrm. Still not actually ripping anybody off, nor am I making money off this stuff. Granted, my wallet could certainly benefit from a cash injection right now, with Anime Expo looming in under a month. This rhyming remix should be patently obvious.


A frantic chase, a desperate race

With nowhere to run and nowhere to hide

All havens denied, tears left uncried

The lie exposed, the truth unveiled

No room for error, no option to fail

So much at stake and hope so frail

The situation dire, he must prevail

Or else all falls to chaos

Disarray reigns supreme

Dreamscape split by a mother's scream

Hope torn to pieces, a nightmare anew

Lives poised on the brink of painful doom

When seen in new light, the battle's rejoined

Strength is no measure and speed no reprieve

A sneaky plan must be conceived

Wage war on the mind, the vulnerable soul

Words are the weapon, the only one at hand

Until the nightmare makes a mistake so grand

In a flash it's all over, the power his now to command

But from it all he understands

The temptation is deadly, best to set things right

With a wave of a hand the nightmare fades from sight

All turns to normal, the blight now gone

The chaos is over, and summer is on!