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Many people believe that our live has been planned before our birth. That everything we do, is already predicted and written in the book of our life.

Many believe that it's quite the opposite. That it's coincidence, which is guiding us through life.

Many believe that everyone has their special "someone" in their life. That all you have to do is find him/her.

Many believe in "soul mates". As if, there's one soul in two bodies. And those two are made for each other, in order to complete the soul.

There are lots of beliefs on this world. But, the two newborn babies didn't know it. And no one cared if it was fate that they were born in the same hospital and in almost the same day.

The boy was first. He was quiet, calm and didn't cause any troubles. He was sleeping almost all the time, with a frown never leaving his face.

The girl followed the next day. She screamed a lot, announcing to the whole world that she was just born.

They were born at the same hour, only one day difference.

Their hearts beat at the same pace.

When she was carried the delivery room, she was placed just by the sleeping boy. The boy's frown was replaced by a lopsided, very small grin.

Their beds stood very closely to each other. At her first night in this world, when there was no one except the two babies in the room, she started crying.

She didn't scream as she used to; no, this time it was a quiet, pitiful sob.

The boy, already named Shikamaru, didn't wake up at her deafening screams.

So, it was really weird that after first sob escaped her mouth, his eyes shot open.

Shikamaru looked with his dark eyes to the little bundle on his right.

Blue eyes looked back at him, tears forming and falling without pausing.

One chubby arm reached to pat her hand.

Her hand reached to his.

And the crying stopped and both of their eyes closed as they lie really closely to each other, their hands holding.

The only thing that separated them were wooden bars.

When the nurses and their parents came next morning, they didn't see it.

They saw their connected hands but they failed to notice the red thread that linked their fingers.

Only a few years later, it will become visible enough for them to see it.

Since the babies were brought home, they often met. Because only in Ino's presence Shikamaru seemed more lively.

Only in Shikamaru's presence Ino seemed less energetic, more calm and at peace, which was very appreciated by her parents.

Slowly, the babies started to grow and develop new abilities. Shikamaru was first to talk.

It happened on a bright day. They were almost a year old now. Ino was crawling through the garden, going further and further from Shikamaru's still form, lying on his mothers' lap. When she was out of sight, very young Shika gave a tired sigh and managed to say in an unsure and cracked tone:


That startled both of their mothers. It was then when they noticed Ino, very close to the rose bush.

Her mother got there just in time to spare her many bruises and cuts from the thorns.

After that, Shikamaru rarely talked. Either it was because he had no one to talk on his level or he was just waiting. Occasionally, when he was alone, he kept saying "Ino" all the time.

Although Shikamaru was first to talk, the blond girl was first to walk. It happened once again, in the huge Yamanaka garden.

After the accident with the thorns, their mothers became very careful. They constantly kept their eye on two year-olds, even when they were deep in conversation. The little girl, being very energetic and lively, couldn't sit in one place all day. So she stood up.

Everything went quiet.

She tried, putting all her child heart, to take steps just like she saw mama did all the time.

It proved to be more difficult than she anticipated.

Her first shaky step had been followed by a terrified squeal and a frightened yell of her mom.

Both women closed their eyes instinctively, waiting for a howl of pain from the little girl. It never came. They peeked through their fingers, only to open their eyes fully.

Ino was still standing although a little too unsure. She was balancing on her right foot while the left was still in the air.

Behind her was Shika sitting, with his hand outstretched, preventing her from falling hardly on her behind.

Slowly, very slowly he lowered her, now both his hands supporting her weight on his hand, placed on her back. When she was close enough to his lap, he let go.

Which made Ino fall right on his legs.

The same position they would later use on their missions when Ino fought with her Shintenshin no Jutsu.

They looked very comfortable with each other. Shika was a little bigger than her, so she didn't crush him.

It was this day, when the two stunned mothers started to slowly understand the connection between their children.

Whether it was fate or pure coincidence, it didn't matter. Their lives were so closely connected and that's what really mattered. Whether Their Story was already written in the book of life and they only fulfilled the unstoppable or they wrote it themselves as they went through life, it doesn't matter. One thing's for sure: They were born to love each other.