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It's really interesting how marriage works. In a matter of minutes, many things change in your life. Sometimes for worse, sometimes for better.

In his mind, changes were troublesome. In fact, the whole wedding thing (like parties or such) were one of the most troublesome things in the world. He saw what marriage did to his father and he didn't want to follow his dad's path of being whipped. Besides, it would be another date to remember. He already had troubles remembering the date when they first gone out, first kiss and so on. The only date he didn't have trouble remembering, was her birthday. And that's because it was day after his.

He was content with his life as it was.

And yet...One day he went to the jeweler. He was thinking about a perfect ring for days, if not weeks. He had to buy two identical-one for him and one for her. It was really difficult. It had to be something that would remind him of her and her of him. Since they were as different as spring and winter, night and day etc., you can imagine how hard it was.

But...when he entered the store, his gaze fell on two rings. And, in instant, he knew that those rings were made only for them. They looked perfect with each other-just like dawn and dusk, together creating a whole day.

Both of them were made from both, gold and silver, mixed together. It created a great effect. On one of them there was a silver moon graved, on other gold sun. There was also a snowflake next to the moon, and a rose next to the sun.

He bought them; though it cost him his month salary. And it wasn't little-after all, he was the top strategist of Konoha AND a special jounin, on top of that. So, it was quite a lot.

But he never once regretted.

She always wanted to get married and have a big and brilliant wedding. With lots and lots of flowers. Now, she is an adult, so she looks at it in a different way. First of all, such big parties consume a lot of money, time and effort. Especially money was important to her. Not that she was cheap-it's just because after the wedding, she wanted to live with him in their own house, not with their parents. He earned quite a lot- the problem was, that she wanted to have a big garden, full of flowers. And he wanted to have some of his favorite deer's with him. They both needed a lot of ground and other things. For example, some kind of a fence to keep the deer away from flowers. And the soil had to be rich too.

When he proposed to her, blushing slightly, but determinedly keeping his eyes locked with hers, she wordlessly kissed him.

Of course, they kissed before. There were many types of kisses they shared:

Their shy, uncertain first ones. Nothing special to experienced couples, yet to them they were something that's not so easy to forget. Because they helped in making something that lasts for such a long time. And it doesn't seem to fade.

Apologetic ones, that took place after every fight they shared.

Goodbye kisses, when he had to go on a longer mission.

Welcome back kisses, all the joy she felt expressed, when he returned alive and unharmed.

Pecks on the cheek-She really liked kissing him on the cheeks. They were especially used in public, since he was rather shy with girls and not used to express his feeling so openly. It was also some sort of her way of saying: "Thank you". And he liked it a lot.

Pecks on forehead-Except his tight hugs, it was his way of ensuring her that he's with her always, to protect her.

This was a new kiss, however. It was kiss full of happiness, longing, excitement and a little fear. It was a kiss for a beginning of something new.

His response was the same.

None of them felt hesitation.

When he slipped the ring with the moon on her hand, he showed her his-the one with the sun-and she looked him in the eyes and wordlessly understood what he wanted to say to her.

So, she told him the same with her eyes.

"You're perfect with me, so please, don't change."

And none of them did.

After a while, they were both laying under a tree, looking at the sunset. She asked him the most unpredictable thing ever.

"Can we have a quiet ceremony, only with our families and friends?"

He was so stunned that he didn't ask. It was so out of her character. But still, she understood him. She said that it will be much more memorable, personal and they will be able to afford their dream house. She said that since he was special, the wedding didn't matter-only the promise they will make.

He hugged her tightly then, not saying a word.

And the wedding was just like they both wanted. Not troublesome at all; no party after, only a quiet celebration with their families and friends. And yet, to everyone it was the best wedding they ever experienced.

To Ino and Shikamaru, because they were now bonded together with such sacred bonds that no one could break.

To Chouji and Sakura, because they were able to witness their beloved friends happiness.

To their parents, because they saw their children's future in very bright colors.

And all of them could feel the newlywed's happiness and love so no words were needed.

And no one, not even Sakura had the slightest doubt whether they'll be happy together or not.

It was just so obvious. And that was the one of the things that made this ceremony so enjoyable. The atmosphere of love and promises that'll never be broken.

They both stepped into their new house, Shika carrying Ino just like a proper groom would do.

Shikamaru didn't drop her in the hallway. He went straight to the bedroom, just like he planned.

They made love to each other for the first time.

And then, Shika, slightly panting, looked down at Ino with passion filled eyes and whispered such words that even her foggy brain registered forever in her memory.

"Now you're mine, just like I'm yours. We belong to each other. That's why I'm never letting you go."

All she could do, was look at him, all her love and devotion written clearly in her eyes.

And he understood it perfectly.

They both didn't hesitate to take one step ahead. They never regretted it. True, they had their falls and ups, like every relationship has, but as long as they belong to each other, it was perfect. And they didn't plan on changing that, ever. Because, as he would put it, changes were troublesome. And, just as she would put it, because they loved each other so much.

As for the writer, she would put it in a simple, yet very true phrase: "Why change something that's perfect?"


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