TOTAL AU! There will be no Sorcerers´ Stone, no Basilisk, no escape from Azkaban (and Sirius has never been sent there) and the Triwizards Tournament may be around later, I´m not sure yet.

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Mumbling softly, Sibyll Trelawny studied the crystal orb in front of her. "Yes I see darkness…oooh darkness, maybe I should use blue curtains tonight, that will protect me…" Her musings were cut off when she suddenly sat up rigidly in her chair. The crystal fell from her lifeless hands and shattered on the floor unnoticed. Eyes staring blankly at the wall, she ground out words that described the great changes destined to occur to the magical world.

"Lightning in the night….. At the tenth stroke She shall triumph over the Darkness….And the shadows shall cherish her.…..Do not turn her away, the child of magic, for She is the key…Destruction or Peace she shall bring….Creatures of Magic prepare for your student…."

Blinking owlishly the seer looked at the broken artifact on the floor. She let out a shriek of dismay. "Seven years of bad luck! I knew I should have used the blue curtains." Wailing at her bad fortune the woman turned to check her teacups for signs how to avoid bad luck, her prophetic words easily forgotten. She never noticed the house elf that stood frozen in a corner of the room, frantically trying to understand his Mistress´ words. He was about to contact his Eldars for help when a feeling of wrongness filled him. He understood immediately. Magic herself did not wish for anyone to know these words yet. Nodding decisively Dinky went back to his cleaning determined to keep it a secret. He would not disobey his creator.

That same night at ten o´clock the Dark Lord Voldemort attacked Godrics Hollow and perished when his own attack was bounced back. The two children, a little boy and girl clung to each other, silent tears running down their little cheeks at the sight of the dead babysitter and the corps of the Dark Lord.


Very short I know, but I´ll post chapter one right away.