Title Young Love.

Chapter 1 Monica's Assignment.

Monica met Tess outside the Jackson family house. Andrew was waiting nearby.

" I hope we dont have to meet you later " said Monica gravely to him.

Andrew nodded. " Fate has it's own ways Monica. I can only abide by it's laws. It is your job to try and change it's course".

"This is the Jackson family Monica " said Tess. Sharon Jackson is married to Ted and they have a son Todd". Sharon works in the bank, Ted is a laywer, Todd is seventeen and is Captain of the school basketball team".

" They sound like a happy family said Monica. Everyone one of them seem to have their own acheivements."

" You would think that wouldn't you said Tess. However every family has their own secrets. Watch and observe".

Todd threw down his bag as he ran inside. Sharon smiled as he walked in , but her smile faded away quickly as it had appeared. Her Son was covered in bruises.

" Todd , what the hell happened to you. Todd can you hear me".

He looked at her and turned away. " It was them Mom.".

" The Carrols did that to you."

" Mom leave it please. I know you dont like that family. Lets not get involved".

" Not get involved" she spat. They'v bruised you from head to toe. Which of them did this to you".

" It was Mark and Jack."

" Mark and Jack , why did they do this."

"We played them in a basketball game today. We won by a lot. They started a riot and cornered me Mom. I had no where to run".

" It's not fair Mom, they only did it because you and Dad dont get along with their parents".

Sharon threw the book she was holding down. She picked up a plate and marched outside. Todd rushed out after her. She ran out the driveway. The Carrols house was just down the road. She rushed over and slammed her fists against the door.

" Come out you cowards "she yelled. I know you are in there. Get out and face me now".

The door opened and Mrs Carrol stepped out.

" Leave my doorstep now ", she ordered.

" Your sons thumped and bruised Todd Angela". They must pay for what they have done".

" Really said Angela. I dont see anything wrong with what they have done , Sharon. Now get out of my doorstep".

Sharon screamed and lunged forward , grabbing Angela's hair she dragged her down. Angela's husband raced out and pulled his wife up.

" Get lost or I will call the Cops" he yelled.

" Thats what you should have done a long time ago Alex , cried Sharon. You will pay for this , and for what you did to my family years ago".

" It was your fault Sharon , yelled Angela. It's you who will pay."

Angela sighed and slammed the door shut.

Todd rushed over to his Mother who was crying hysterically on the ground.

" Come on Mom , they'r not worth it. Come on lets get out of here."

Monica sighed ," What happened all those years ago Tess".

" Welcome to your assignment."

" So I will be with Sharon and her husband , and Angela and Alex".

" No , you will be with Todd."

" Todd ".

" Oh yes. You see Todd is being affected by mess too ,as you saw his bruises. He doesn't know it Monica , but soon his life is going to take a sharp turn. Look up at the Carrols window and tell me what you see."

Monica looked up. " I see a pretty seventeen year old girl in her room."

" Correct said Tess. Todd is not aware of it yet. But soon they will meet and to their parents disproval , a bond will be created between them. They will fight against their parents and unless a solution is found , Tragedy will win at the end of the day".

Monica nodded and looked once again at the girl. " I'm not sure what I can do this time Tess".

" The best thing to do first is of course go , where the kids are most likely always to be."

" School Tess."

" Yes and of course their homes".

Monica sighed and disapeared, followed by Tess and Andrew.