Takes place after Conclusions. After years apart, the science club is finally reunited. FYI: Being that I live in America, Blake Holsey is also going to be in America, even though its a Canadian show.

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Five years.

It had really been five years since it happened. Since she had come home. Since graduation. Since Avenir. Since Blake Holsey High had shut its doors forever.

Josie Trent finished packing her bags. After college, she had done freelance science work for a number of different companies. She had just finished a job in Los Angeles and was now off to the airport. Her plane, however, was not bound for home. Flight 894 was destined for Clearvale, Maine.

After high school, Josie had lost most correspondence with her friends. She hadn't seen Lucas in over a year, since Corrine's college graduation. The last time she saw Z was a couple months before that, at her own graduation. The only person she really stayed in touch with was Corrine. The two spoke on the phone at least once a week and Josie tried to visit her friend whenever possible. Most of the time Marshall would be with Corrine on these visits.

And then there was Vaughn. Vaughn . . . Josie had last seen him at Corrine's graduation party. She didn't speak to him, just saw him in passing. They hadn't spoken since that last day at Blake Holsey High. The awkward tension between them only grew during college; the length of time they spent apart made it harder.

As Josie checked out of the hotel she thought about her current situation She had received offers from a number of companies asking her to sign on for a more permanent job. They offered any amount of money, any base location, as well a number of other perks. They all awaited her reply. But right now Josie was only thinking about the wedding.

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