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Lucas walked down the desolate halls of Blake Holsey High. "Hello?" he called tentatively. "Is anybody there?"

Lucas turned down another dark hallway. He thought he heard something in the distance. It sounded like . . . beeping? Suddenly he heard something creak behind him. He turned around quickly and saw a girl standing there. She was about 18 years old with long red hair. She was dressed in a Blake Holsey High school uniform.

"It;s you!" Lucas exclaimed, rushing toward her.

"Lucas," she said. "I knew you'd do it. I knew you'd find me."

Lucas embraced her, glad to have finally found her. Now if that annoying beeping would stop. . . .

Beeping . . . alarm clock. Lucas's dream faded and he was back in his apartment. He reached over and hit his alarm clock until the beeping stopped. He rolled over and glanced at the time before rolling over again. And immediately turned back and looked at the clock. 10:37? Lucas scrambled to find his glasses. He slept in. It was an eight hour drive to Clearvale and he wanted to make good time.

Lucas quickly changed his clothes and started throwing papers and disks into a bag. He had put most of his luggage into his beat up old car the night before, but he still needed to bring the data.

It had been five years since Blake Holsey High closed, but Lucas still worked on the mysteries that surrounded it, especially finding Josie's clone.

Josie . . . It had been over a year since they had seen each other. Lucas stayed in touch with Marshall. After all, they were best friends. Everyone else, however, seemed to fade aways Lucas dove head first into his work on the Wormhole. Give years after Josie had stopped Avenir, Lucas still tried to find her clone. Every time he thought he was getting close, he would find himself at another dead end.

Lucas grabbed a pop tart on his way out the door. After all, it was a long drive to the wedding.

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