Chapter One: This bond between us can't be broken, I will be here-don't you cry

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Notes: Terra second person POV (for this chapter only).

The pain came. Blinding, overwhelming. The prison finally breaking down, and the cold rushes in. Your clothes are of no use, they have decayed away months ago. The sound of rocks hitting the floor overwhelms your underused ears. You can't move your hands to cover them, and you can't cry out. You can't move a muscle, and it hurts too much to cry.

You are locked in your cross.

Gentle hands pick you up off the cold ground. You want to say something, anything, but can't. You can't even open your eyes to see what is happening-you have to keep them shut away from the light, that blinding light...

Then the hands bend your arms and try to move your legs and its been too long it hurts it hurts it hurts...!

Where are you? Where are you going? You have so much to ask, but you can barely breathe, let alone speak. You manage a whimper-at least it's something-

"It's alright," a familiar voice whispers, as you are wrapped in something that makes the cold somehow less cold. "It's going to be okay..." That voice, the hands caressing, you remember it from somewhere-it makes you want to believe him. You feel a pinch, something different from this real and true pain. THe voice speaks again, but now its fuzzy and far...

You want to...



You still hurt, but when you wake up again, you can actually move your eyes behind your eyelids. The lights here are brighter, but it isn't as bad as before. Still, it feels like a hot flame is licking away at your corneas.

Two figures are moving around you, from what you can hear. You try to talk again, but all you can do is whimper quietly. The little noise you can make is drowned out by the hum of machines. You still can't move (but what could you do, even if you could?) It feels like pins are jammed into every nerve in your body-and now you can hear voices...

"-exstensive, I'm surprised she's made it this far asleep. Speaking of, does she even need anesthesia? She doesn't seem to be awake, sir."

"She is. Her eyes just twitched." the familiar voice again-and you didn't even realize you could really move. You try to move again-and you are greeted with blinding light when your eyes actually open. If you could, you would scream for mercy.


"Very well, then." A mask is placed over your face, and it all disapears, leaving you in a deep, quiet slumbur again.


Shocks-running down your spine-muscles spasming-kicking-thrashing-arms hold you down as-

Screaming in some insane language-wordless yells-nonsense words-lips moving faster than your mind-

Memories fly through your mind-recognition is almost useless-

A blonde hared woman, standing over you-A hand sticking out from under a mountain of mud-A scorpian, ready to spear you-A green face-moving closer to yours-Slade's face-


A huge gasp of air-



Your eyes snap open.

The pain is finally gone, and you seem to be lying in a bed-but where?

You try sitting up, slowly, in case it's still too painful. There are aches, but nothing that would keep you from moving too much. When you end up sitting in the bed, you find that someone has you wrapped up in your old bathrobe-the faded blue one, with stars stiched into it. Doors shut outside your room, and you move cautiously to the door and out of the room-Can you really be where you think you are?

You stand and toss your hair, seeing that it falls nearly past your elbows. Its been far too long.

Now there are voices outside the small room. You push the door open to look down the hall. You still can't see too well as you shuffle down, following the voices to a set of double doors. The layout bothers you, something about a safe house...

"-sure that she's still asleep, sir? It is really all you can expect, at this point."

"I was worried it wouldn't work. You realize I basically had to rebuild all of her muscles?" (That was the familiar voice...)

"The damage was extensive, but I-"

"I don't even know if Terra'll even be able to function properly, now." At the sound of your name, you push the door open, but you end up wavering slightly. Its too much to keep standing, now you're dizzy. Someone gasps, then a shout; "Terra!"

As you feel his arms catch you mid-fall, and all you can manage to say is "How long have I been dead?"

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